Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 374: : Special monsters, ghosts of disgusting people (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 374: : Special monsters, ghosts of disgusting people (Part 2)

"Shoo, hoo..."
Just when Qin Luosheng had nothing to do and sat on wax completely.
There was a burst of sound.
Qin Luosheng stared at it.
I see.
Cyan wind blades, red fireballs, white ice and yellow soil thorns appeared one after another and bombarded the ghost.
is her!
It\'s them!
It was the magicians in the Rose Society team, they launched an attack.
The weak damage number floated from the ghost\'s head. The highest fire magic had nearly four hundred points, and the weakest earth magic had only a pitiful forty-seven points. It was terrible to bet.
Anyhow it hurts.
Prove that magic attacks are effective!
The magician hit the damage, and the ghost\'s hatred immediately shifted, moved away from Qingcheng Peony, and fell on the body of the fire-type magician, the blood-bath rose with the highest damage.
Bloody Rose:...
I am sorry.
Is it too late to apologize now?
next moment.
The ghost told her the answer.
of course--
That\'s too late!
The unique squeaking sound came from the ghost\'s mouth. In an instant, the **** rose\'s eyes turned red, and her pupils were full of violence. She held her magic wand and pointed it at the water magician who had the second highest damage. She would grow bloody. Qiangwei began to sing.
Scarlet Rose:? ? ?
What\'s wrong, old girl?
The vice president is not happy, now you want to kill the president and seek to usurp the throne?
"Long Wei!"
Seeing that the sisters anti-goal drama was about to be performed successfully, Qin Luosheng stood up, his eyes condensed, and the blood of the real dragon in his body boiled. In an instant, the mighty dragon swept away, covering the ghost that was controlling the **** rose. Went in.
The thin blood bar on the top of the ghost\'s head was directly empty by a fifth.
Up to 10,000 points of damage, coupled with Longweis compulsory hatred-attracting ability, instantly caused the ghost to shift the target, and looked away from the weak chicken girls who only caused him three-digit or even double-digit damage. Locked him tightly!
"Don\'t take physical damage, and have the ability to control the mind?"
Squinting and watching the ghost shift his target to himself, Qin Luosheng was not at all flustered, and looked at him with a sneer, "It\'s really abnormal. No wonder there are only 50,000 health points. It is estimated that the designer is also trying to balance. Unfortunately, you encountered it. It\'s me! Next, I will let you experience how ridiculous the ability you are proud of is!"
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
The ghost with only 50,000 health points has been reduced by 20% of all attributes again.
For the ghost, Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about the decline of his full attributes.
This goods, after all, is immune to physical damage, and its attributes are reduced, which makes no sense at all.
after all.
The physical defense power is a big boss with 0 points, how can it fall again, can it fall to a negative number?
Can\'t afford it! Can\'t afford it!
The reason why it is still turned on is because it needs the hidden characteristics of Longwei, which absolutely attracts hatred, so that the ghost will not notice the Scarlet Rose and the others.
And the gaze of the **** of death, this is just a simple attempt to weaken the health value of 20%, it has no other meaning.
"Dragon Fire!"
[Panlong Lishui] The sword\'s edge burns with fiery red light, which is the special effect of awakening by swallowing the true dragon essence of the fire type. It can attach a fixed additional 3000 fire type damage per attack.
This is the key to Qin Luosheng\'s victory.
In addition.
Qin Luosheng also has the passivity of the epic ring [Death Skeleton]
[Death Force] Passive effect, each attack will be accompanied by death force, causing a fixed 1000 points of death damage, there is a certain chance to trigger the corrosion effect.
Corrosion effects are directly ignored, but the fixed 1000 points of death damage per second is very powerful.
Even though the ghost doesn\'t take physical damage, it can fix the damage, isn\'t it?
Even if it doesn\'t take physical damage, it\'s absolutely non-eat, not even solid damage.
But the key is--
The [Death Force] of the dead bones is a death-based damage, while the [Dragon Fire] of [Panlong Lishui] is a fire-based damage, which is not considered a physics type.
This is very mysterious!
Qin Luosheng, who had been restrained to death, turned around instead and suppressed the ghost to death.
The damage of one sword is fixed at 4000. With the two weakening techniques, the ghost with only 30,000 health points can resist how many swords?
The biggest breakdown is that even though the ghost has superb magic attacks, the magic he uses is not elemental magic, but sonic magic, relying on invasion and control as the main means.
On Qin Luosheng\'s chest, there was a medal named Courage Medal.
[Medal of Courage] There is an ability called [Courage]
[Courage] The heart is like cast iron, the courage is like steel, the brave is kind and fearless. After wearing it, you will ignore all coercion and be immune to all negative mental effects!
This is completely gone.
Qin Luosheng could have the capital to harm the ghost, but the ghost did not have the capital to harm Qin Luosheng, and because of Long Wei, Qin Luosheng\'s hatred was pulled to death by Qin Luosheng, and could not hurt anyone else.
Really perfect restraint!
"You play at will, play as you want, attack and attack, don\'t worry about other things!"
After pulling the ghost to experiment, Qin Luosheng immediately discovered the situation, his gloomy face suddenly became sunny, and he ordered the girls, and then directly extended the gaze of Longwei and Death to the maximum range, like a mad dog Same, plunged into the strange pile.
[Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] were directly put away, Qin Luosheng only used one hand to fight after a long time. [Panlong Lishui] The sword was sharp and strong, and two meters of sword aura was slashed out. Explosive damage did not surface, only a pitiful 4000 damage.
This is fair.
after all.
[Hongqi Novel] The ghost also only has a pitiful 50,000 health points.
After confirming that the ghosts were completely unlikely to cause the slightest impact, causing the slightest harm, Qin Luosheng gave up his defenses completely, standing like a convulsive hand, just standing in place, facing the countless ghosts surrounding him, attacking wildly, without any intention to aim. , This level of intensity, casual attacks, you can cut accurately with your eyes closed.
More than an hour later.
There are also four to five hundred ghosts, all rushing to the street.
This time.
Compared to cleaning the necro zombies and the necro zombies, the time spent at least doubled.
no way.
It is really uncomfortable to force the designer to create such a disgusting monster.
If it\'s a monster, it\'s nothing but a little effort, and it can be solved after all.
But what makes Qin Luosheng most uncomfortable is that ghosts can\'t be collected!
Meow meow meow?
Are you kidding me?
The fangs of the undead zombies, the corpse poison of the undead zombies, these are all good things!
And the ghost, don\'t give any oil or water?