Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 373: : Special monsters, ghosts of disgusting people (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 373: : Special monsters, ghosts of disgusting people (Part 1)

"Oh, what a headache!"
Qin Luosheng was clutching his forehead, and his heart was extremely tangled.
The Undead Lich is not only powerful, but also extremely strange in its ability.
Because there was not much information, Qin Luosheng didn\'t know it well, but according to the analysis of the words from the grave digger, just the tip of the iceberg where the undead lich showed its power had already made him extremely frightened.
The deadly corpse poison of the King of Corpse had already been pitted and he didn\'t want it. If it weren\'t for the existence of the resurrection skills, he would have returned to the city for free.
As the boss of the corpse king, the horror of the undead lich is by no means worse than Juetian Corpse. As far as Qin Luosheng knows, the evil and evil ghost mother and evil infant are his masterpieces.
Take a glimpse and know the whole thing.
Can make ghost mothers and evil babies, with the purpose of conquering a country, slaughtering the temples of the Moon God, and blocking all news, killing all the spies of countless forces,...
This undead lich is absolutely a super ruthless person.
"Eh, what am I doing?"
Qin Luosheng suddenly recalled, "I haven\'t encountered the undead lich, who knows how he is? The message left in the grave-digger\'s hut said that he was seriously injured, otherwise he would not give up attacking a country. The plan is to hide in this little moon temple."
"Since the system is based on the sister of the Rose Society who received the task and judged based on her strength, this trip to the Moon Temple is confirmed, and the difficulty of the task has reached s level, then it will definitely only be s level, not too high. , It will not be too low."
"It\'s me. I have oversupplied my brain and completely demonized the undead lich. It is too imaginary. If it is as I just thought, then the difficulty of this task has already exceeded the scope of the s level, and has exceeded the ss level. , Headed directly towards sss."
Qin Luosheng let out a sigh of relief, a little relieved, but also a little funny.
"It\'s so funny, I scare myself."
"Am I the legendary thought dihua?"
Don\'t think about the threat of the undead lich for the time being.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t plan to change the strategy he wanted just now.
In the end, it is the boss behind the scenes, or to give some respect.
Today, we will finish sweeping this hall.
Take a good rest, recharge your energy, restore your stamina and energy to the peak, and let the resurrection skills cool down.
Going to find the unlucky spirit of the undead lich, one more life is left, and the confidence is naturally greater.
After his thoughts were clear, Qin Luosheng didn\'t frown, and resumed his previous look. With more than a dozen beautiful girls, big and small, stepped toward the depths of the central hall.
Did not take a few steps.
Qin Luosheng, who was walking in the forefront with a very long field of vision, discovered the guarding monster of this hall for the first time.
"This appearance is a bit strange!"
Looking at the monster, Qin Luosheng was surprised.
Wearing a white robe, he completely covered his entire body, only showing his eyes and hands. The body looks quite illusory, without feet, floating in the air, somewhere between real and translucent.
That\'s right.
This shape is absolutely a ghost in the legend!
"Peony, bring a monster here!"
Qin Luosheng tilted his head and gave an order to Qingcheng Peony.
Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s "kind" yelling, Qingcheng Peony\'s face turned red, and without a second word, he directly drew his bow and shot the arrow towards the nearest monster.
The arrow hits accurately, but a big "MISS" floated on top of the monster\'s head!
Even though he didn\'t receive any damage, he was still attacked. The monster that was wandering around immediately locked the Allure Peony, and his body came suddenly and quickly.
After entering the detectable range, Qin Luosheng immediately used detection technique to find out the details of this ghost-like monster.
[Ghost (Strengthen Samsung Elite)]
Level: 37
Health value: 50000
Magic value: 200000
Physical attack: 0
Magic attack: 6500
Physical defense: 0
Magic defense: 3000
Speed: 1800
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: A ghost born through a special secret method, life is extremely fragile, but the mental strength is extremely terrifying, the body is soft and almost no quality, the action is like the wind, swift and thunder, can easily overtake any enemy, because it is a spirit body, so Immune to physical damage. Sonic is his most powerful weapon. It can lock the enemy, invade his brain, confuse his spirit, make him lose his mind, and fall into absolute chaos, regardless of whether we are foe or foe.
This is really a ghost?
Qin Luosheng suddenly felt that the whole person was not good.
Especially when I saw the phrase "Immune to physical damage", it was messed up directly in the wind and completely confused.
Dog system.
You can really play.
Immune to physical damage, so let the physics department play a hammer?
Isn\'t this cheating?
The physics department can\'t cause damage, so the shield warfare, the rogue, etc., can\'t pull the hatred at all. Is it possible to let the magician these remote outputs directly and the ghost hard?
Can it work?
You know, the magical attack of the ghost is as high as 6,500 points, which can be compared with the ordinary golden BOSS. It is strange that the little crispy magician can handle it!
Especially this ghost doesnt play cards according to the routine. The magic attack is not elemental magic, it is rare sonic magic, and has the ability to control and invade the spirit,...
The design is so abnormal, is it deliberately making things difficult?
Why don\'t you go to heaven?
"MD, it feels so real!"
Even though the ghost can\'t see his face clearly, it\'s better than the undead zombies and the undead zombies. It has either blue-faced fangs or a rotten face.
But the ghost\'s unique evil gaze, and the coldness that makes people feel like an ice cellar, makes people feel shuddering.
Rao is Qin Luosheng and other courageous big men who can\'t bear it, and have a numb scalp, let alone girls who are naturally courageous? All of them were just shivering with fright, without screaming on the spot, they were already considered to have a strong psychological quality.
"Brother Crying Soul, save me!"
The other girls didn\'t matter, they were just scared, but they attacked. At this moment, sister Qingcheng Peony, who was locked by the ghost, was about to be scared and crying, sobbing to Qin Luosheng for help.
"Sword energy!"
The ghost speed was extremely fast, and Qin Luosheng was also a little anxious. He didn\'t care about other things. After the ghost entered the attack range, he slashed it out with a single sword. Within five meters, he accurately hit the ghost.
A big "MISS" rose above the ghost again, as if mocking Qin Luosheng.
This product is really immune to physical damage!
Qin Luosheng absolutely didn\'t believe that this MISS was a normal trigger, and that was the case, it must be that as the introduction of the ghost said, he really did not take physical damage.
"What should I do?"
Seeing the ghost directly ignoring himself, passing by, and heading towards Qingcheng Peony, who was almost paralyzed, Qin Luosheng suddenly panicked.
Could it be.
The famous name of Lao Tzu I, is going to be destroyed here, by this funny ghost?
She brought her sister but let her be killed by a monster.
This is a very proper stain, it can\'t be washed off.