Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 372: : Qin Luoshengs two shortcomings
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 372: : Qin Luoshengs two shortcomings

"Ding, the transaction is successful!"
"Ding, you got 3700 gold coins!"
The gold coin transaction was successful, and Qin Luosheng got his own gold armor from the **** rose again, and took a glance. There was no identification, but the level required 35.
How is this different from that unidentified gold one-handed sword?
Dute can only eat ashes in a backpack.
Forget it.
If you can\'t use it, you can\'t use it. Anyway, the current equipment is enough, and it can last a while.
"Go, continue walking up the middle palace, today we must clear these three palaces!"
Taking the second part of the combination key from the hands of the **** rose, Qin Luosheng was so proud, and with a group of girls, strode towards the last palace in a stride.
The central palace.
This is the last of the three palaces.
Originally, after solving the left side temple, Qin Luosheng went along and planned to solve it first, but was told that he could not enter.
Now, after clearing the side halls on the two wings, I return here again.
The temple door opened.
This time, the system finally stopped getting in the way.
It seems that the regulations are left and right first, then middle.
If the conditions are met, it is naturally feasible.
"Today\'s game time is running out. Just clear this palace and gather the three parts of the key combination to start the next stage, and then go offline."
Qin Luosheng thought secretly as he stepped into the hall.
In fact.
There are still two or three hours away from the current ten hours of game time per day.
Judging from the efficiency of cleaning the side hall where the Blood Moon Zombie and the Zombie King are located, it takes about an hour at most.
Although I don\'t know what the next stage will be, at least some information can be found in one or two hours, right?
Maybe it is possible.
Waiting in the next stage is the undead lich behind the scenes.
If it had been before, Qin Luosheng would naturally have no fear and would be done.
After the battle with the corpse king, Qin Luosheng converged a lot, and would no longer think that the combination of Longwei + Death\'s gaze was weakened, and he could be invincible vertically and horizontally, and completely crush the dark monsters.
Dark creatures, their abilities are so strange that they can\'t be guarded against. If you don\'t pay attention, they will plant a tumble, and this tumble is a deep pit, the kind that you can\'t get out again.
[Life\'s Prayer] The attached resurrection skills can only take effect once a day. Todays is used up and its gone. In case of any emergency, there is no chance of saving it. If you die, you will die. Now, drop the level, drop the equipment, why is it so terrible?
With a one-month appointment with Long Yuan, Qin Luosheng\'s requirements for experience points are especially huge, let alone level? If you are really careless and drop one level directly, then you will die. Upgrading from 28 to 29 would require a full nine million points of experience!
There is.
Now that Qin Luosheng carries so many treasures on his body, he is really not at ease.
Even the corpse king broke out and killed himself instantly. The BOSS behind it must be even more treacherous and unpredictable.
For safety reasons.
After cleaning the hall, I sent Scarlet Rose and the others off the assembly line. After a while, they came up quietly and sneaked back to Xingyao City, collecting materials, formulas, drawings, etc., all Put it in Curie of Luoshen, take care of that Nizi Mengmeng, and promise that there won\'t be any problems.
Isn\'t this fragrant?
"Well, just do it!"
Qin Luosheng is not a procrastinator. Once he thinks about it, he will decide on his idea and implement it.
"What do you think about the next level?"
At this time, Scarlet Rose suddenly strode up, shoulder to shoulder with Qin Luosheng, and asked him: "In this ghost place, the BOSS is getting more and more weird, and the ability is getting more and more weird. We are not able to help you much, we can only rely on it. You are fighting alone. I think you were meditating just now. Did you have any ideas? Speak out, please refer to them for details? If you need us, please speak up and we will cooperate if we can cooperate."
Qin Luosheng:...
Big sister.
you misunderstood.
I was just thinking about how to slip the account and trick you off the assembly line, and then I can return to the city to save my own things, that\'s it, not what you think, thinking about the next strategy.
Can you say this?
Certainly not!
Don\'t be too honest. Sometimes, white lies can make people full of love and harmony.
"I have a little idea, but it\'s not mature yet."
Qin Luo ascended a moment, followed the words of Scarlet Rose, and accepted the words, "When we finish cleaning this hall and gather the three parts of the key, we will be here today? Everyone has a good rest, I also need Take a moment to think about what to do next."
Scarlet Rose had a pair of beautiful eyes that looked into the fire, as if she wanted to see Qin Luosheng through. It made Qin Luosheng very embarrassed and a little guilty. Her eyes wandered involuntarily and she didn\'t dare to look directly at her.
For a while, the atmosphere was a bit awkward.
Qin Luosheng squirmed his lips, burned his brain cells frantically, arranging the reasons, and just as he was about to explain something, Scarlet Rose suddenly smiled and responded, "It\'s up to you!"
Damn it!
Does this girl see anything?
Qin Luosheng felt even more guilty.
Judging from the past few days, he is very clear about how sensitive Scarlet Rose is and how terrifying her wisdom is. With such a delicacy, he wants to "pretend" in front of her, it is simply uncomfortable.
It is precisely because of this.
Qin Luosheng had to put on a paralyzed face all day, just to prevent too much emotion from flowing to the surface, was caught by Scarlet Rose, and then grasped the weakness.
"Forget it, thinking too much will not help."
Secretly worried, Qin Luosheng was relieved of distracting thoughts. At present, the top priority is not Scarlet Rose, but the mission of Moon Temple, but the known final BOSS Undead Lich.
Although no one is perfect, even if it is a god, there will be weaknesses.
Qin Luosheng is no exception.
right now.
He has two most obvious shortcomings.
One is magic defense.
The second toxin.
The magic defense is extremely low, even the high priest and other enhanced gold BOSS, after not eating the dark restraint set, made him very embarrassed, and almost overturned several times.
And the undead lich behind the BOSS, needless to say, just by this name, it is obviously a magical type of BOSS, no matter how bad, it is also a combination of magic and martial arts, and the magical attainments are definitely not low.
Compared with the chief priest, the lowest and lowest of the undead lich is also an epic BOSS. I don\'t know how strong it is, it must be a fierce battle.
"Just hearing the name makes me shudder, this undead lich is really an incredible existence! I don\'t know if I have the ability to kill him!??"
Qin Luosheng, who has always been fearless and fearless, finally felt a little unconfident at this moment.