Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 356: :The gods descend to the world and Qin Luosheng
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 356: :The gods descend to the world and Qin Luosheng

"Forget it, now is not the time to pursue investigations, but first think of a way to overcome the difficulties before you!"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth, angrily, but seeing the elegant Suhe who was trembling around him, holding a shield to resist the attack of the dead zombies, the anger in his heart dissipated a lot.
For three days together, Qin Luosheng is not a stone man, how can he be completely indifferent.
not to mention.
As a man, I am a little interested in girls no matter what.
He doesn\'t like Scarlet Rose. No matter her status, figure, or appearance, she is definitely a top-notch super-specification. In memory, the only one who can match her is Qingsi, the fairy who just can\'t eat fireworks, Lian Mumu. This little beauty is a bit inferior.
Scarlet Rose is beautiful, but it is too cold, too aloof, and too smart, too scheming, and too deep.
Qin Luosheng asked himself that his little cleverness couldn\'t help this kind of enchantress. He, who knew everything, had no idea about her.
Men conquer women by conquering the world, women conquer the world by conquering men.
Qin Luosheng had no such ambitions at all.
Even if he is now, in the world of Destiny, in the player community, he is almost equivalent to a god, but in terms of thinking, he cannot be changed overnight, and his ambitions cannot be formed in an instant.
For Scarlet Rose, this woman who can arouse a man\'s most primitive desire to conquer, he has no interest at all.
With that mind to fight wits and courage, does Lao Tzu use it to soak soft and cute girls?
In contrast.
Qin Luosheng still likes the cute and cute Lily girl, who is as elegant as his name is like a good wife and mother, and the lively, smart, voiceless and soft lime.
This is his preference!
I like Yu Jie\'s body, but the lovely loli and the gentle beauty of the wind are true love!
"Those necromantic zombies that are running over don\'t worry about it for the time being. I have dropped 40% of their all attributes. A group of girls from the Rose Club also listened to me and did not attack or pull hatred indiscriminately. Therefore, their hatred is still firmly locked. I will only come at me."
Qin Luosheng\'s brain began to run at high speed, analyzing the pros and cons of the battle, and weighing the current situation, "In other words, as long as the taunting skills of the two mad war girls are solved, the more than 20 necromantic zombies who have been hated are caught, and the root is broken. They all retreat, and I will return to the situation where I was besieged by one or two hundred undead zombies just now!"
"Dragon Soul Impact!"
[Panlong Lishui] The brilliance is shining, one red and one blue two real dragons are transformed into one body, and they emit a high-pitched dragon roar. Under the control of Qin Luosheng, they roar and rush forward, with lightning speed. Potential, Jedi break through.
In an instant.
Based on the direction Qin Luosheng was aiming at, within a straight line distance of 20 levels, an ice and fire road coexisting with flame and frost was formed.
The horrific damage of up to 1000% intensity, now that Qin Luosheng blessed so many boosting skills and knocked two bottles of potions, it exerted the ultimate explosion damage.
Just a moment.
The hapless guys on this straight line, at least thirty or forty undead zombies, died directly.
The corpses were everywhere, and the stars were everywhere.
It\'s dazzling.
The girls suddenly opened their mouths in amazement, their eyes widened, and they looked dumbfounded, unbelievable.
The skills attached to the legendary weapons, the energy produced by the convergence of the two dragons, are extremely lethal, no wonder they have never seen time.
Rao was Qin Luosheng himself. It was also after the evolution of [Panlong Lishui] that he performed Dragon Soul Impact for the first time, and he was shocked.
They are in a daze, but the unwise zombies are not.
Even in the blink of an eye, thirty-four of the same kind died tragically beside him, but the undead zombies were not afraid, and still jumped towards Qin Luosheng\'s direction, fiercely B.
"No, this won\'t solve the problem!"
After one blow, even if thirty or forty undead zombies were destroyed, it was still not enough for the huge number, and it was still in crisis.
This side hall is big enough, and the dead zombies are also scattered, fan-shaped in front of Qin Luosheng, chasing them.
The dragon soul impact just now was a straight attack, but it swept a line of undead zombies, and it didn\'t help. The first few are about to enter the front line of the twenty-odd ridiculed ones and join the battle group.
"The twenty-odd ridiculed necromantic zombies must be dealt with first, otherwise, the two shield war girls will be unable to withstand it and have to sacrifice."
Qin Luosheng had a cold expression on his face, "However, it will take time for me to deal with these twenty or so. This time is enough for the guys behind to rush up. At that time, even the two shield war girls will be freed. , Will still be surrounded by the necromantic zombies that come up later, but fall into a more dangerous encirclement."
The undead zombies in the front must be eliminated before all the girls can be saved.
Qin Luosheng soon thought of a solution.
The solution is thought of, but how to implement it is a problem.
There are only two range-based attacks that can achieve the desired effect, the water pulse attack of the Water Vein Spirit Orb, and the newly awakened invincible skill after the upgrade of [Panlong Lishui]-Forbidden Curse Ice and Fire Double Dragon Dance!
Water pulse strike, you need to hold the Water Vein Spirit Orb to release it continuously!
Forbidden CurseIce Fire Double Dragon Dance, this skill is too overbearing, and the cooling time is seven days, but this is the hole card reserved to deal with the undead lich, how can it be easily used here?
Not appropriate.
"In that case, you can only ask for reinforcements!"
Qin Luosheng spit out the word "Gan" with an unhappy face, and then took out a sign engraved with a dragon pattern, "MD, another trump card is to be exposed. Scarlet Rose, is this girl really my nemesis?"
"Dragon Lord Summon!" (PS: [Dragon Lord Summon] consumes nothing, can summon a dragon to fight for you (summoning formula: current transfer +1, current strength +1), maximum duration 10 minutes, cooling time: 24 hours !)
Under the [Dragon God Imperial Order] given by the Dragon God, the dragons of the dragon clan must not be violated, and they must all obey the call.
In the void, a huge summoning array of energy emerged.
"Ding, the dragon lord has been summoned successfully, you have randomly summoned a 30-level enhanced golden BOSS-iron armored dragon!" (PS: Qin Luosheng is currently at level 29, with a four-dimensional attribute breaking 1,000, and his strength is equal to gold, so according to the summoning formula, he changes his job. +1 is the second rank, so it is level 30, and the current strength is +1. Therefore, the golden strength becomes the golden boss. Note: The golden strength and the golden boss are different concepts, and the current strength +1 is not the current rank +1 or rank + 1. Don\'t be confused.)
A behemoth with a height of five meters and a length of nearly 20 meters quickly emerged from the summoning formation.
"Follow your call, the great Lord Dragon Lord!"