Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 355: : The layout is broken, in desperation
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 355: : The layout is broken, in desperation

"To understanding!"
The two shield warriors were also very angry, their brains were not working, and they used the skill "Taunting" at the same time.
In an instant.
Qin Luoshengs double combined attack is fully activated. The enemies identified within the vision and hatred have all decreased by 40%, and all attributes are reduced by 40%. The necromantic zombies who are firmly in control of hatred are probably more than twenty heads. Immediately, he was forced to change direction and hatred by being "ridiculed", and leaped towards a dozen pale-faced girls.
"Take it off!"
Dealing with a strengthened Samsung elite who is no worse than a black iron BOSS or even a bronze BOSS, even if it has a 40% drop in all attributes, you still have to be cautious. After all, this is more than 10 levels to kill monsters.
The number is one.
But now?
More than twenty? ! !
Even if one person singles out a necromantic zombie, there is not enough manpower.
"MD, what are these women doing?"
Qin Luosheng, who was falling into a strange pile and killing all quarters, did not notice the changes in the battlefield for the first time. When he saw it, more than twenty dead zombies had already approached the group of sisters, and the first few had even already And the two shield war girls who were scared and distorted, began to meet in hand.
"Fuck, it\'s too much blame, it blocks the back road and can\'t get out at all!"
Because of the sound of the killing, he had already left the large army and was too far away from the girls. Even the farthest assault skill, Instant Slash, was far from reaching another small battlefield over there.
Qin Luosheng had just killed him from there, and he had just walked past where the Qiangwei group of sisters were now.
"Space jump!"
Forcibly resisting the paws of five or six necromantic zombies around him falling on him, and taking a wave of attacks, Qin Luosheng used his spatial skills and jumped to the side of the explosive, tall and **** shield war girl whose ID was called Dan Ya Suhe.
"The others stepped back, the priest gave the shield war milk with all his strength, and the shield war used the shield wall and motionless like a mountain!"
Qin Luosheng held the dead zombie\'s attack on Dan Ya Suhe\'s claws, and shouted loudly at the same time: "Don\'t move the output for the time being, there are too many blames, if the attack is wrong and you attract hatred, then your back row will be wiped out."
"Shield Wall!"
"Not moving like a mountain!"
After three days, it was Qin Luosheng alone killing monsters most of the time. Except for a few words on certain matters, there was almost no exchange.
But at this moment, this man appeared at the moment of crisis, so that they found the backbone of the chaos. There was no resistance in their hearts, and they naturally obeyed the order and executed it immediately.
In an instant.
The skills of the two shield wars are simultaneously used.
The shield wall made a thin layer of earth-yellow energy shield appear around them, which can resist some damage.
Immobility like a mountain greatly improves physical defense and magical defense at the cost of being unable to move. Once moved, the skill effect disappears.
at the same time.
The next three priests, Healing, Healing, and Healing, were thrown over again and again. The skill connection was very good, and the timing was good. They are indeed the first-line pioneers of the Rose Society, and they indeed have two brushes.
"Powerful Rage Potion!"
Physical attack +20%!
"Potion of potent potential!"
All attributes +20%!
"The Heart of the Brave!"
"Holy Flame!"
Qin Luosheng took out the posture of beating the boss.
Now is not the time to take a leisurely stroll.
It doesn\'t matter to be alone.
The key is.
Now a group of girls are facing threats. To save them, they must clean up the monsters as fast as possible. Otherwise, over time, accidents will easily occur.
The most terrifying thing is.
The attack came not only because the two shield war girls turned on the "Taunt" skill and attracted more than 20 necromantic zombies, and he was too deep before, relying on the gaze of Longwei and Reaper to reduce the range of vision At least one or two hundred undead zombies inside, following him, the "source of hatred", rushed over.
"Is this tm self-inflicted?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help smiling bitterly.
He is not wrong, what is wrong is this world (funny), no, it is these girls.
Damn it.
Doesn\'t the strength work, and the brain is not bright?
Check it out.
What did you guys do! !
In a bunch of monsters whose strength is far superior to yours, directly start "sarcasm"?
Do you want to die?
"I\'m really a dog. Why are these girls suddenly ill? I knew this would happen, so I shouldn\'t have been so arrogant!!"
Qin Luosheng really regretted his death.
prior to.
Why is he so crazy?
After all, even if it is forced to be besieged by one or two hundred undead zombies that exceed level 7, it is difficult to clean up, and even difficult to protect yourself.
Of course it is to save time.
A monster is hunted by a monster, and a monster is killed by a monster. When does it have to be a head?
Now its more efficient, my lord!
Without the magical skill of shield warfare, Qin Luosheng wanted to pull monsters in a large area, so naturally it was the best way to let the monsters take the initiative to send them to the door.
How to do it?
Large-scale lethality can be achieved by the gaze of Longwei and Death facing all.
This pulling strange effect is really scary.
Walking all the way, pulling all the way, it didn\'t take long to attract one or two hundred necromantic zombies.
This number doesn\'t seem to be too big, but the real effect seems to drown Qin Luo in an instant, and no one can see it.
This is not self-defeating, just stop forcing it?
Do not!
Not right!
The undead zombie who was attracted by Qin Luosheng alone surrounded him with three layers inside and three layers, but what\'s the use?
Those who can squeeze into the innermost and can attack Qin Luosheng are only seven or eight dead zombies.
Necro zombies are physical monsters, that is, melee combat type, even if they have skills.
No matter how many necromantic zombies have no long-distance attack ability, they can only threaten Qin Luosheng by being close.
Is this afraid of a ball?
In addition, the damage caused by the undead zombies that have been reduced by 40% of all attributes, even if they attacked together, could not kill Qin Luosheng instantly. After all, Qin Luoshengs current health is almost normal. Fifty thousand, which means that Qin Luosheng is already invincible.
Not only that.
Qin Luosheng is assisted by a pill and has the blood-sucking ability under a violent attack, which is equivalent to a perpetual motion machine.
The undead zombies are completely Qin Luosheng\'s blood bank, a continuous flow of blood banks that allow him to ask for anything, even if he is standing up and fighting, as long as the attack is not blocked, he is completely fearless.
All this has been calculated, but after all, human calculation is not as good as heaven calculation.
Qin Luosheng never expected that a group of girls who had been obediently and obediently for the past few days actually fell ill at this critical time, and came up with such a big drama, directly ruining his layout and getting it to this point. , Is about to face hundreds of undead zombies to charge together.