Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 348: : Control the rhythm, crazy sling
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 348: : Control the rhythm, crazy sling

"Ding, the tiger hunting effect is triggered, and the fallen moon **** chief priest falls into fear for 5 seconds and drops 30% of his attack power!"
It is worthy of being the most advanced skill. This control effect is not immune to even the BOSS, and the effect time is directly stretched, without the slightest "cutting corners".
Five seconds.
At the current speed of Qin Luosheng, he was completely capable of a 50-meter dash, not to mention the fallen moon **** chief priest who was less than ten meters away from him.
"Quickly cut!"
Ten meters away, close in an instant.
The [Panlong Lishui] sword blade with the special effect of [Lishui] slashed heavily on the chief priest who had fallen into fear and had no resistance at all, bursting out a huge damage number
Almost 90,000 health points were cut in a single blow, and the total health value was only 1 million, which seemed to be not a lot.
That\'s it?
How dare to speak out in front of Lao Tzu for such a happy trash?
"Furious blow!"
Charge up for one second and apply for a violent blow.
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing the fallen Luna High Priest to severely wound the effect, and all attributes are reduced by 10%!"
Accompanied by the icy system prompt sound, on the head of the chief priest, a number of damages of up to 140,000 points floated.
Didn\'t trigger absolute severe injuries?
No matter how strong your chief priest is, as long as you are a magical boss, once I get close, you can already declare death.
Right hand, Panlong Lishui
"Speed ??stab!"
Five swords per second, the sword hits the key, and every sword is exactly the same. It stabs at the same point and attacks with a strong attack, allowing the original constant 120% strength to attack, and the damage gradually deepens.
On the left hand, a **** soldier
Qin Luosheng didn\'t forget this terrifying skill, especially when combined with the effect of [Break ArmyBreak], it was even more terrifying.
The first time he played, he directly cut off the arm of the Tomb Digger, destroying his combat effectiveness.
For the chief priest with weak defense, there should be no problem.
"Gan, it didn\'t happen?"
However, after the three swords, Qin Luosheng looked at the arm of the chief priest in disbelief. There was no change in the place he just attacked. "We have a lucky value of up to 36 points. The force of breaking the army and the brutal blow have double breaking effects. Below, even a magical BOSS arm is constantly cutting?"
No matter how unbelievable it is, the fact is after all fact, and the effect is not triggered if it is not triggered.
At this time.
The five-second fear effect of Tiger Hunting has ended.
In the first second, run into the skill display range!
In the second second, instant cut!
In the third second, charge up!
In the fourth second, a violent blow!
In the fifth second, speed stab + brutal blow!
"call out"
Recovering from the control, the chief priest didn\'t mean to counterattack. Like other magical BOSS, he chose to run away for the first time, teleported directly, and disappeared in place.
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help being secretly angry when the duck with its mouth flew.
What I thought was a good deal, but I didn\'t expect it to be the chance of losing.
This Nima.
When the time and place are favorable and the situation is fully occupied, the breaking effect is not triggered, and tm is outrageous!
"Asshole, what did you do?"
It was just a face-to-face, and he was immediately recruited. After waking up, his life value had fallen by more than half, which made the chief priest who had always thought he had a chance to win in terror, "Who are you?"
"Who is it?" Qin Luosheng sneered, showing his fangs at a violent speed, locked the position of the chief priest, and moved to bring up afterimages, "The one who killed you!"
"I really underestimated you, but I want to kill the old man, kid, you don\'t have this ability!"
The chief priest shook his body, and the terrifying elemental energy burst out instantly, "Yuehua burst!"
Space shocks.
The moonlight suddenly appeared, pouring down, and illuminating all the 20 meters around Qin Luosheng. Then, the elemental energy rioted, and within the huge area, it was like a powerful explosive that was planted and detonated.
"It is worthy of being the chief priest of the Moon Temple. This ambush is really beautiful. This combat consciousness is also top-notch. Obviously it can\'t catch up with my speed, and the naked eye can\'t even catch my figure. It crashed and used a wide range. Magic, energy pouring, explosion covering, I cant avoid it. Its a pity"
Qin Luosheng suddenly jumped out of the shadow of the chief priest, and the sharp blade slashed through his throat. At the same time, the blade of the other hand slammed his back of the head.
"It\'s a pity that you met me, the Shadow Warrior, who specializes in remote crispy skin!"
Shadow Sting takes effect, forcing stun for one second.
"Pick and cut!"
Withdrawing the [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers], holding [Panlong Lishui] with both hands, the power was concentrated, burst out, and with a slashing force, bombarded the chief priest\'s body, sending him to the sky.
Speed ??stab has already been used, the classic combo technique-pick and slash + speed stab, cannot be used.
This does not mean that Qin Luosheng has no output.
Like the current state of Qin Luosheng, the attack power is directly exploded under the action of the major boosting skills, especially the effect of the two boosting all-attribute skills of Brave Heart and Saint Flame, the attack speed is also greatly improved.
Strong attack power + explosive attack speed = what?
Is equal to more violent output.
At this time, using skills is not beautiful.
Because the skill is useless, how skilled you are, there will be a certain amount of time lost, or the connection between the two skills is not perfect, or the use of the skill will make the body stiff for a certain period of time, ... all kinds of.
But there is no such mess in General Attack!
One sword, then another sword.
In the case of extremely fast attack speed, the pause in the middle will be correspondingly very short, and it can even reach the point where the next sword has been slashed before the previous sword has fallen.
Dragonscale Gauntlets are not like jungler Gauntlets. They have the auxiliary skills that can be used actively and increase the attack speed. However, Dragonscale Gauntlets have special effects that can increase the flexibility of the wrist, which is better than directly increasing the attack speed.
after all.
Qin Luosheng\'s original attack speed was not slow, and coupled with the shadow warrior\'s own attack speed bonus, it was further increased through the promotion of all attributes, and the attack speed was very explosive.
At this time, there are other attack speed increases, which is good, but after all, it is just icing on the cake.
But increasing the flexibility of the wrist is different.
It can greatly coordinate the speed of the hand like a wind, and exert the combat ability with a more flexible attitude, making the attack more efficient, and it can protect the wrist to a certain extent.
Three seconds.
Bow left and right.
Qin Luosheng cut a total of thirteen swords!
When the chief priest fell to the ground, his health had fallen below 10% and he was dying.