Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 347: : Qin Luoshengs anger
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 347: : Qin Luoshengs anger

"A 35-level golden boss?"
I shared the BOSS information returned by the detection technique to the chat channel, and suddenly screamed. Even if it is Scarlet Rose, even though it is still calm, it still looks different and slightly flustered, "Why is it so strong? This is still magical. The golden boss has reached one million health, which is as high as seven figures?"
Not only the sister of Qiangweihui, even Qin Luosheng was surprised.
The main priest of the Moon God.
This product is indeed a bit outrageous.
To know.
According to the attributes, the main priest of the Moon God is just an ordinary golden boss, not an enhanced one.
As a magical boss, this attribute, especially the health value, is too exaggerated.
"This should be caused by the special map of the Moon Temple, right?"
Qin Luosheng saw through the joints at a glance, "Special places, special dungeons, whether it is a monster or a boss, will be hiddenly strengthened. Just like the dragon blood beast in the trial of the Dragon God. Monsters like dragon blood warriors and dragon grammarians have all been strengthened."
It\'s just that.
Even though the high priest was able to surpass the 37th-level corpse king and the grave digger outside with a level of 35 strength, as far as Qin Luosheng was concerned, they were all rookies, and there was no big difference.
"You all step back, the priest added the BUFF to me, and immediately left the battlefield."
Qin Luo held up his sword to confront the main priest of the Moon God, and at the same time ordered in the chat channel: "This is a magical type of BOSS. It has a long attack range and a wide range of attacks. You should all know it well. Be careful, don\'t be affected. Otherwise, with BOSS\'s nine thousand and five magic attacks, you will be over when you encounter it."
Not only the sisters of the Rose Society should be careful, Qin Luosheng himself also filled his vigilance directly.
Even though Qin Luosheng himself likes magical bosses very much, because the sense of slashing is not something that a meat shield boss can give, but correspondingly, the lethality of magical bosses is also an explosion.
With Qin Luosheng\'s current magical defensive power, if he doesn\'t pay attention, he will be hit with thousands, even tens of thousands of damage. If it triggers a critical strike, it is very easy to be second, especially like the Moon God High Priest, a macho BOSS with a magic attack of up to nine thousand five, which is not generally terrible.
"Tsk, what a funny kid, do you want to be one-on-one with the old man?"
Seeing all the more than a dozen girls retreating, leaving only Qin Luosheng standing there, the chief priest smiled in a gloomy smile, "You really are a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers! Young man, let the old man tell you a truth, Qian Don\'t be fooled by your experience, the reality is much crueler than the world you imagine!"
"Oh? What\'s the answer to this?" Qin Luosheng asked with interest.
"Well, anyway, your young life is destined to die here today. It doesn\'t hurt to talk to you."
The chief priest said patiently: "You can cut through all the thorns and thorns and kill all the way here, which is enough to prove your strength. Maybe the front is too smooth, so I gave you the illusion that we in the temple are nothing but this. In fact, the Moon Temple has long been shrouded in enchantment, and our strength will be enhanced here."
Sure enough!
The words of the chief priest made Qin Luosheng suddenly narrowed his eyes.
It seems.
He guessed it right!
In the map of the Moon Temple, which can be called a copy, the monster has indeed been strengthened secretly. No wonder the fallen Moon God High Priest, a 35-level magic gold BOSS, has a health value directly drawn to seven figures.
"You are not the first group to come here, but there were a lot of spies and rangers who came to the front of the old man before, but unfortunately, they finally stopped here."
The chief priest sneered: "Unlike you young people, they respect the old man! The old man just confided a little bit of news, and they completely trusted the old man, and they wished to dig out their heart and lungs and take my old bones. Rescued from here."
"You can\'t imagine how fascinating they are when their old palms pass through their backs and easily take out their beating hearts. Their unbelievable and desperate eyes are fascinating."
Qin Luosheng\'s expression was gloomy, with a frosty expression on his face: "Using the kindness and trust of others, you seem to be very proud of it, so happy?"
"You\'re angry?"
The chief priest laughed and said: "That\'s right, it is really difficult for you young people with a strong sense of justice to accept such an old manner. However, this is the cruelty of this world. The good and the bad are only divided into the weak and the strong. Either become a master, as a dominator, or an ordinary person, become a vassal of the strong, dominated at will, life and death are involuntary, nothing more."
"Forget it, don\'t talk about your disgusting crooked ways!"
Qin Luosheng finally couldn\'t listen anymore, the sharp edge of the sword flickered, and the tip of the sword pointed, "No matter how much you say, it\'s just to justify the shameless and dirty things you have done. Regardless of whether you want to say these nonsense It doesn\'t matter whether you mess up my heart or forcefully explain it to reassure your own heart. Anyway, today, you will die, and the undead lich can\'t protect you, I, Weeping Soul, that said."
"Snake pace!"
"Heart of Courage!"
"Holy Flame!"
Crazy blessing.
Qin Luo did not lose any boosting skills he should have.
Faced with such a powerful and cunning existence as a fox, the presiding priest is looking for death.
To deal with this kind of old fox, he can\'t give him any time to react, any chance to breathe, and directly launch a fierce attack, which makes him tired to cope, unable to activate his brain, and has a vicious plan.
"Old thief, die for me!"
After completing the increase in skills, Qin Luosheng rushed forward immediately.
"Hunting the tiger!" (PS: Hunting the tiger: After activation, it simulates the tiger and emits a roar, causing the enemy to fear for 5 seconds, and reduce the attack power by 30% for 60 seconds, and cool down for 5 minutes!)
Facing the great chief priest of magic formed by waving his hands, Qin Luosheng did not choose to activate Longwei, but instead used the upgraded second ability of [Qingwu].
I see.
Behind Qin Luosheng, a huge divine tiger phantom suddenly appeared, domineering into the sky, opened his mouth, and screamed at the great priest in front of him.
"Ding, the tiger hunting effect is triggered, and the fallen Luna High Priest fell into fear for 5 seconds, and dropped 30% of his attack power!"