Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 344: : The sigh of Scarlet Rose
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 344: : The sigh of Scarlet Rose

"Do you have any better way?"
Qin Luosheng asked, there was no sound at all.
Everyone carries the sedan chair.
This world is like this.
You hold me, I hold you.
Everyone wins.
This must be based on the fact that both parties have their own needs, and the status is almost the same or equal.
Now it is Qiangwei who will ask for him, not he will ask for it.
As the saying goes, no desire is rigid.
Nothing can threaten Qin Luosheng, why is he afraid of it?
What about the girl?
Isn\'t the girl a human?
He is not licking dogs, he needs to care about their thoughts?
Everyone works together, each takes what he needs, nothing more.
I didn\'t dislike you for being useless and holding back, and would like to take you to lie down to get experience points, earn equipment, and complete tasks. What do you want?
Go to heaven?
The dumb girls who were asked by Qin Luosheng in one sentence looked at each other with embarrassment on their faces.
In fact.
They really have nothing to do, except to stand and watch, be a trivial cheerleader, and shout 666 to the big boss, what else can they do?
This situation is not found in the Moon Temple, at this moment.
After entering the Moonlight Forest and deciding to cooperate with Qin Luosheng to share this S-level mission, this has been the case along the way.
At the beginning, he could still organize a battle for one or two, but the more he got behind, the more completely it became a waste, and he couldn\'t intervene in the fight at all. When he encounters a boss, he can only watch and worship the big boss at close range.
The first-line elite team of the Rose Club that he led was directly treated as a vase, which made Scarlet Rose, who had always been ambitious and wanted to break out of the world as a woman, was very dissatisfied.
Dissatisfied with dissatisfaction.
Reason told her how cruel reality is.
If you change the person, change the time point, Scarlet Rose will explode and go wild.
In the face of Weeping Soul, this super-powerful guy with a heart of steel who does not eat hard and soft, she did not dare to make a mistake.
The main thing is.
This S-level hidden mission is really important, whether it\'s for her or for Qiangwei.
But at present, the only key to accomplishing the task is Weeping Soul, the man in front of her who feels very complicated, even if he is angry, he can only hold it back temporarily.
Look down on it if you look down on it.
This lady is not as knowledgeable as straight men.
After watching this lady use you, she kicked her.
Note the lone bastard, making you scream.
"There are buff skills that can take effect on me. Use them directly. Don\'t worry about OUT. As for other people, you are free, but don\'t run around. If you provoke the hatred of monsters, you will be responsible for being killed."
Now that the words have been opened, Qin Luosheng no longer cares about saving face.
It\'s just this time cooperation. Even if we meet in the future, they will no longer be teammates. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.
This is a major event related to the passage of the mission and cannot tolerate trifling matters.
Neither Scarlet Rose nor Qin Luosheng himself hoped that the mission would fail halfway.
Even if the purpose is different, the solution you want is the same!
"Archer, use Hawkeye skills."
In the profession headed by priests, several girls obediently applied buff skills to Qin Luosheng. While Qin Luosheng used the boosting skills on his own, he also ordered the two archer sisters in the team: "You can shoot as far as you can, dont Fear of getting the monster\'s attention!"
The two girls nodded, the execution was very strong, and immediately hit the bow and aimed at the sky.
next moment.
One left and the other right, two eagles screamed, exploding in the air with glorious arrows, just as if the eyes were blooming, the shape was like the opening of an eagle eye.
The gloomy hall, illuminated by the sudden light, attracted the fallen moon gods who were originally silent and wandering aimlessly.
In an instant.
In all directions, there were about twenty or so fallen moon **** priests who spotted Qin Luosheng standing at the front and leaned in immediately.
"Be careful, don\'t move, I will attract these riotous monsters!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t hesitate to kill with a sword, "The fallen moon priest is a magical monster, with high magic attack and level suppression advantage. Basically, it is a momentary second. Don\'t be careless."
"Insidious attack!"
Activating the two amplification skills of Snake Walk and Sirius, Qin Luosheng teleported, aimed at the fallen Moon God priest closest to him, and cut the past.
The trivial strengthening of the three-star elite monsters does not require full use. Two boosting skills, one boosting, one boosting attack, plus a few buffing skills from teammates, are completely enough to abuse them.
This is to clean up miscellaneous soldiers, don\'t use the same set of bosses to deal with them.
Amplification skills have a cooldown. During the cooldown of the skills, do you just go into battle naked or wait?
The best way to play is naturally the use of augmentation skills alternately.
"The slashing strength of this sword is really cool!"
Under Longwei, the fallen Moon God Priest, who was not strong in attributes, had all attributes reduced by 10%. Qin Luoshengs damage naturally exploded extremely, and the damage number was no less than five digits, and five digits. The number at the top must start with at least three.
"This is too ridiculous, right?"
A group of cheerleaders stood behind and watched Qin Luosheng output aggressively in the front, each of them widened their eyes and couldn\'t believe it.
"The minimum damage starts at 30,000, and the critical strike is more than 60,000 70,000. Moreover, this negative effect is too much? Corrosion, bleeding, confusion, fear, rigidity, ... Is this a person?
"Have you all seen him fight before? Why are you so surprised?"
"This is different, okay? When dealing with ordinary monsters before, he did not show his strength at all. When dealing with BOSS, he did his best. Now, I see only two boosting skills he has displayed. To be precise, there is only one increase in attack, but the damage is so terrifying. You should know what I want to express."
The girls were silent.
"You are wrong!"
At this time, the faint voice of Scarlet Rose rang in the ears of the women, "What you see is only what he wants you to see."
What do you mean?
The same words as tongue twisters made the girls feel a little confused for a while.
"You mean, he is hiding his strength?"
Courageous and careful, in reality it is the **** rose of the general manager of a company. His mind turned fast. In an instant, he figured out the meaning of the words of the **** rose, and asked carefully: "This is impossible. Dealing with BOSS before is like killing a chicken. That attack, that speed, this still hides the strength? It\'s too exaggerated! I... don\'t... believe it!"