Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 328: : Special Skill: Eagle Step
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 328: : Special Skill: Eagle Step

"Ding, congratulations on killing the 38-level enhanced silver BOSS Ghost Mother Evil Infant, gaining 250W experience and 650 reputation!"
"Ding, you are upgraded, health +50, mana +10, strength +2, agility +2, and 29 free attribute points!"
The golden light flashed, the level increased.
Qin Luosheng\'s mood only improved slightly when the LV representing the level had become 28.
A few golden lights flashed behind him, Qin Luosheng let out a sullen breath, calming his mind.
He was fighting the whole battle. The first blow was him, and the last blow was him. The damage to the BOSS reached 100%. Naturally, the experience was mostly to him, and a dozen girls depended on the same mercenary group to eat. Some leftovers are cold.
This is the case, after all, it is to kill the BOSS at the tenth level, and the little experience points obtained are also extremely impressive, at least more than one million.
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the ghost ring*1!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the broken longevity lock*1!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the grievance of the ghost mother*1!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the ghost pupil of the evil infant*2!"
"Ding, unfortunately, the current target cannot be collected!"
Five consecutive system prompts sounded, making Qin Luosheng quite surprised.
The ghost mother and the evil infant are the same, but they are separated. In this way, they are regarded as two individuals. Are two things collected separately from them?
"Crying Soul, do you want this skill book?"
When he was about to check the collected items, Scarlet Rose suddenly called out and called him.
"Are there any skill books I use?"
With the skill book, Qin Luosheng was naturally attracted to him.
This is not the first time that a skill book has exploded. The explosion rate of a skill book is extremely low, but Qin Luoshengs lucky value is placed there. The monster in the Moonlight Forest is killed for the first time. The explosion rate is high. The things are also the best first-hand, and there are not many skill books.
What good skill books can ordinary monsters burst out? Qin Luosheng looked down on them at all.
After working together for three days, Scarlet Rose and a group of girls naturally knew that Qin Luosheng\'s vision was high, his picky, and his ordinary qualities would not bother him.
Speaking at this time, there must be good products.
[Eagle Step (Special Skill)] Requirements: None.
Is it a special skill?
Looking at the skill book given by Scarlet Rose, Qin Luosheng was ecstatic.
"Okay, I will take this skill book, thank you!"
Even though he had the right to choose the spoils in advance according to the agreement, and he killed the BOSS alone, this did not hinder Qin Luosheng\'s thanks.
The price of special skill books is extremely scary. There is no market at all, and at least it costs 100,000 RMB, and it may not be sold by rich people.
"I\'m a little tired, or should I stop here today?"
After getting the skill book, Qin Luosheng refused Scarlet Rose\'s dividend.
Three pieces of gold equipment and five pieces of silver equipment, 80% of the selling price dividends, in his eyes, it is completely inferior to this special skill called Eagle Step. He does not take the money.
Scarlet Rose was not polite, closed the trading bar, and withdrew the gold coins given.
Money is just a small matter for her president of the Rose Society. As long as the equipment is good, it doesn\'t matter if it is bought at a premium.
All the girls nodded.
I was really tired today. After a long journey of up to nine hours, which lasted three days, they finally approached the Moon Temple. Even if there are two hours of game world, they do not intend to continue. Their nerves are tense for too long. Have a good rest.
of course.
The most important thing is that in the last two BOSS battles, the excitement was too heavy and it had to be slowed down.
Before they met the Weeping Soul, they were all arrogant, not only the little princesses at home, but also the warriors in the virtual game world, and they were never worse than men.
This idea, the idea that existed in their lives for more than ten or twenty years, collapsed in just three days.
Even though he was dissatisfied with his lips, he recognized it in his heart.
Weeping soul.
This girl is not human at all.
It\'s just a hang-up.
"This is just a special case, there is only one Weeping Soul, a **** who is open, not comparable to him!"
Everyone has Ah Q\'s thoughts. The so-called spiritual victory method is probably the case.
In fact.
They are not mistaken.
Qin Luosheng\'s dog B thing is really a trick, compared with him, it is really uncomfortable.

real world.
Qin Luosheng got up from the game warehouse and checked the time. It was close to 19 o\'clock, and it hadn\'t been long before dinner.
Old rules.
Called for takeout, dragged out the nanny, and gobbled it up.
The nutrient solution in the game compartment can be soaked in it enough to allow the body to absorb the nutrients needed by the body. It is very high-tech. However, Qin Luosheng did not use it, and left and right there was up to twelve hours of game time, and it can be offline at any time. This thing.
In contrast, it is the fact that the meal comes. The pleasure and satisfaction of eating is definitely not what the so-called nutrient solution can provide.
After a meal.
Nun Nun Lei continued to go back to the room to sleep, while Qin Luosheng cleaned up the trash and went downstairs for a regular walk and digestion.
Two hours later.
Qin Luosheng returned home and took a shower for a while, then went straight back to the room and lay down in the game cabin again.
How can two hours of game time be wasted?
"Well, it\'s not that I am eating alone, but for safety. Girls from the Rose Club, don\'t care."
As China\'s sixth-ranked Rose Club, the union is full of girls, the forces are intertwined, and the involvement is very big, and there is no big boss behind it, and idiots do not believe it.
Among other things, just from the dozen or so girls who are fighting together in the Moonlight Forest, which one is not a game warehouse, this is a million RMB thing, ordinary people can afford it?
Take a glimpse and know the whole thing.
Being rich means being linked to power.
He still used the gaming helmet two days ago, and suddenly there is a gaming warehouse today. If this news is noticed, then he will give a direction.
Don\'t underestimate people with money and power to do things. Once they get serious, it is quite scary.
The main brain blocked all prying eyes, and no one could get the player\'s information from him.
But this does not mean that the word is absolutely safe.
after all.
There are many ways to divulge information, especially yourself. Perhaps an action, a look in your eyes, or a casual sentence may allow others to find you in reality.
In this world, there are many rich people, but compared with ordinary people, there are still too few.
Proportionally speaking, there are very few people who can afford the game warehouse.
Moreover, the number of people who have only bought the game warehouse now has to be cut.
As long as he was identified in this direction and seriously investigated, Qin Luosheng believed that his identity would be easily revealed, and he could not tolerate his carelessness at all.