Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 326: : Ghost Mother Evil Infant
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 326: : Ghost Mother Evil Infant

"Furious blow!"
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing the blood moon zombie\'s absolute severe damage effect, and all attributes are reduced by 20%!"
Completely gone!
After the Furious Blow triggered the Absolute Wound Effect, the battle has ended early.
"What a waste of my two speed boost skills!"
A total of 30% of the blood moon zombies have dropped their attributes, and their attack power is horrible. Even if the body defense is at this stage, without any skills that increase the defense attributes, it can completely resist damage, plus the bloodsucking ability of [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] , It is completely able to ensure that it is at full health anytime and anywhere.
What else is there to say?
Punish him!
"Hold it hard?"
The bewildered group of girls watched Qin Luosheng stop, gave up the speed advantage, and chose to be tough, all of them suddenly widened their eyes.
"Is this guy crazy?"
Another hot **** rose spoke first. She bit her flaming red lips, stomped her feet bitterly, and said, "Do you really think the BOSS is a joke? Although this blood moon zombie is? Steel BOSS, but the attack has 7,500 points, and it must also be accompanied by corpse poison. Isn\'t the hard attack to seek death?"
"Sister Orange, get ready for treatment!"
Hearing the words of the **** rose, the little sister Lily suddenly became a little anxious, and quickly pulled the priest\'s lime on the side, begging her to sing quickly and prepare to save people.
"Don\'t worry!"
Before Lime Orange could do it, Scarlet Rose shook her head and stopped him: "That man is not an ordinary person, don\'t you understand this way? You have seen the video he posted before, and even dragons can kill You guys, it\'s just a zombie, how can it be beaten?"
The few girls who were in a hurry suddenly woke up.
Who is Crying Soul?
They may not understand very well.
after all.
I only knew it for two days.
But how did his reputation come from?
Everyone knows the whole destiny world!
On TV frequently.
The first to kill the Bronze BOSS, the first to kill the Silver BOSS, the first to kill the Golden BOSS, the first to kill the epic BOSS, and the epic BOSS killed was a dragon, with a flame of 100 meters long. The dragon, how can it be a little zombie?
Really care is messy!
"Ding, congratulations to your mercenary group members for successfully killing the 37-level enhanced silver BOSS Blood Moon Zombie, gaining 120W experience and 350 reputation!"
How long will the full-scale confrontation fight without dodge and avoid?
Qin Luosheng quickly told the sisters of the Rose Congregation the answer.
18 seconds!
This is still added to the time wasted at the beginning, and it took only ten seconds to stand and fight to kill!
If it weren\'t for the blood moon zombie skills to explode, during this period, a significant amount of health was restored, and the time would be even shorter.
"Ding, congratulations on collecting the blood moon corpse tooth*2!"
"Ding, congratulations on collecting Blood Moon Corpse Poison*3!"
"Ding, unfortunately, the current target cannot be collected!"
Ignoring the equipment and coins exploded by the Blood Moon Zombie, Qin Luosheng squatted down, cast a collection technique, two consecutive rays of light flashed, two more sharp fangs in his hand, with traces of blood red, full of weird and unknown In addition, there are three things similar to poison sacs. As expected, the corpse poison of the blood moon zombie is inside.
Open the attribute bar and glanced at it. Although they are all intermediate materials, they belong to a special category. Their use is a bit biased, and their utility is much stronger than ordinary intermediate materials.
Keep it away.
"Let\'s go, keep going, and strive to see the Moon Temple today!"
Standing up, looking at Scarlet Rose that had allocated the equipment, Qin Luosheng took two swords and took the first step.
The materials belong to him, the equipment belongs to Qiangwei.
This is an agreement that has been made earlier.
As long as Qin Luosheng didn\'t ask for anything, he would give it to Scarlet Rose, and Qianghui would pay him 80% of the market price of the spoils he broke out as a dividend.
of course.
All of this is based on the situation that Qin Luo has risen vigorously, such as killing the Blood Moon Zombie, he is fighting from beginning to end, and the natural agreement takes effect.
"How about that for today?"
Scarlet Rose suddenly said: "Anyway, it\'s already here. If you don\'t rush for a while, how about a good rest? Anyway, the game time is about to end."
Qin Luosheng turned his head and glanced at Scarlet Rose. Her cold expression could not see anything, but the few girls next to her were tender, and everything was written on their faces.
Is this worrying about me?
Qin Luosheng felt a little funny.
What are you all thinking about?
It was just a routine operation just now, do you really think it is my total explosive strength?
No wonder they misunderstood.
With such a violent posture, the strengthened silver BOSS who has just surpassed his own level up to ten levels, and can be completely crushed. It is no price, who believes?
after all.
Just now, the giant wolf phantom of Sirius, the cheetah phantom of the leopard, and the violent blood technique that suddenly reduced the blood value by half, these augmentation skills were added, everyone saw it.
In their eyes, such terrible amplification skills must have huge limitations and even have strong side effects.
But in fact, it\'s nothing.
Is the five-minute cooling time a limit?
As for the side effects, there is only a little bit of Bleeding. The activation condition is to drop 50% of the health, but this is considered barren. With the increased attack power, tens of thousands of points of damage can be sucked back in seconds. .
"Go ahead, there is still a lot of time left, don\'t waste it."
Qin Luosheng didn\'t explain too much nonsense, and continued to lead the way.
Yesterday the game warehouse arrived. There are twelve hours of game time every day. Now it is less than ten hours. It\'s early.
It\'s just that these girls\' thoughts are still stuck in the first two days, so they think that his game time is still only ten hours, which is what I just said.
"Be careful, another situation!"
Less than five hundred meters ahead, Qin Luosheng suddenly became alert and waved his hand to stop the sisters who were following.
"Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie..."
A dark sneer sounded, an ugly woman with blue skin and an extremely weird appearance, holding in her arms a ghost baby with a big hole in her head, she walked out of the darkness slowly.
What demons and ghosts are these?
Not only was a group of girls trembling, even Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but have a tingling scalp.
This B monster is really shabby!
Not only the appearance, but this breath is also very uncomfortable, eerie and full of resentment.
Detection technique!
[Ghost Mother and Evil Infant (Enhanced Silver BOSS)]
Level: 38
Health value: 650000
Magic value: 180000
Physical attack: 2200
Magic attack: 9000
Physical defense: 1800
Magic defense: 3000
Speed: 850
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Ghost mother and evil baby, the most evil thing, is used to feed pregnant women\'s secret medicine by trickery, corroding their minds and eroding their babies. Starting from the second month of pregnancy, it will be performed for three to seventy and twenty-one days a month for a total of For eight months, until the birth, the baby dies and becomes the ghost baby, and the ghost baby backs down his mother and turns him into the ghost mother. Because of the innocent death, the grievances are so high, the pregnant person is targeted, the baby is abused, and it is against humanity and is cast aside. .