Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 316: : Rose Club, Scarlet Rose
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 316: : Rose Club, Scarlet Rose

"The Obsidian Eye!"
Without hesitation, he opened the only incidental skill of the helmet [Crown of Obsidian].
In an instant.
An erect demon\'s eyes opened, and the dark, dead pupils exuded a strange brilliance, shining on an open space in front of them, which looked plain and empty.
"Big sister, what is this monster, forehead opened the sky, scared me to death."
[Obsidian Eye] does not have the effect of [Bushman Hunting Helmet], unable to see through mazes, illusions and other places, but it is impossible to die, but to live.
Confusion, fear, and stiffness for 3 seconds. As long as you touch one of them, as long as the guys in the invisible, their eyes look over and see the erected magic pupils on the [Crown of Obsidian], they will be affected. Appearing in shape.
This is not.
One or two, none of them fall, are they all exposed? ! !
"Not a monster, but a player?"
Qin Luosheng looked at the ten or so people who appeared, with a different color, "Moreover, is it still a woman?"
"Ding, the player Allure Peony launched an attack on you, and you have entered a state of legitimate defense!"
An arrow shot out and landed on Qin Luosheng\'s chest.
"Ah, this is a BOSS, so strong defense power, even Sister Peony can only deal 1 damage!"
"In the shield battle, Kuangzhan served as a deputy T, and the others, roundabout and looking for opportunities to output."
"Wait, it\'s not right, this is not a boss, but a player. The system prompts me to take the initiative to attack, and I am being properly defended by others!"
Qin Luosheng has a panoramic view of the performance of a group of girls.
It\'s not that Qin Luosheng looks down on his sister, but in fact it is the sister\'s attainment in online games, just like driving.
These girls in front of them are obviously not in this list.
Clear-headed, flexible, organizational, disciplined, and execution and judgment are all first-class, such an elite team will definitely not be an unknown person.
"Oh, it turned out to be them, so it makes sense!"
Just as he was about to use the exploration technique, Qin Luosheng suddenly saw an acquaintance among the girls, and immediately knew their origin.
Rose Club!
Huaxia ranked sixth in the guild, and it was the only guild composed entirely of girls.
Generally speaking.
There are very few girls in online games, so no matter what the girl\'s appearance is, as long as she is a woman, she will be protected as a rare animal.
In fact, there are not many girls who are immersed in the online world. Why are the resources of girls in online games still so scarce?
Without him.
Immersion in the online world and immersed in the world of online games are two concepts.
A large part of the girls are not interested in games, or are not interested in those games that boys like. They go online, either chasing dramas, or playing casual games for boys, and feminine games. .
"Dimension of Destiny" is different, no one can resist its charm, whether it is to enter it for adventure or leisure, the virtualized game world will always make people meet unexpectedly and collide with sparks.
Coupled with the unique mechanism of "Destiny Dimension", there will never be the inevitable dregs of other online games like Demon Numbers, and the authenticity of appearance can only be increased by 20%, and cannot be over-beautified.
All of these girls in front of them are high-quality beauties who can score at least 80 points, especially the leader, who is an absolute goddess who can score at least 95 points. Even if they are upgraded, they are quite amazing.
Scarlet Rose!
The president of the Rose Club founded the Rose Club in one hand and developed it. From the online game world monopolized by male players, he abruptly broke a blood path and made the Rose Club one of the top ten online game guilds in China. It is ranked sixth.
The previous Rose Club was very impressive. After all, it was an all-girls guild, with inherent advantages and unique advantages. Now all of them have joined the 100% "Dimension of Destiny" that cannot conceal gender, and it shines even more.
Opportunities often accompany crises.
"Dimension of Destiny" did give Qiangwei a bigger stage, but precisely because of this, the current status of Qiangwei is also at stake.
This is not the previous junk games. Female players are very popular. In the "Dimension of Destiny", there is not much distinction between men and women, only strength and influence are recognized.
"Cry...Cry soul?"
In Yingyingyanyan\'s crowd, a delicate girl wearing a cyan magic robe with a magic wand in her hand stared at her. She suddenly suspected that she had hallucinations. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. After confirming it was true, she was shocked He grew up with a small mouth, and his face was unbelievable.
That\'s right.
She just traded a potion with Qin Luosheng, the representative of the Rose Club, the ID is Lily.
"Weeping Soul?"
Scarlet Rose\'s slender brow wrinkled, and the same curious eyes as the other girls shot over.
"Lord crying soul, why are you here?"
Lily, who was a friend of Qin Luosheng\'s friend, was pushed out by the father to talk, and she ran over in small steps with curiosity and surprise in her eyes, and asked in a playful tone.
"I\'m here to level up!"
Qin Luosheng took a glance and found that these girls are probably at the twenty-second and twenty-third level. Only Scarlet Rose has reached the twenty-fourth level. It should be impossible to be like him. He came to the Moonlight Forest to level up. It\'s nothing else.
The world of destiny is different from the real world. It is restricted by laws and morals. In the wild, there is a risk of being PKed anytime and anywhere. Every player is guarded strictly and vigilant.
There is no Moonlight Forest for players, now he is here, and he is facing a group of high-quality beautiful girls, and they have special things. No matter what you think, they seem to be stalking idiots. Don\'t have a plan.
A group of girls didn\'t believe it.
Leveling in a ghost place like Moonlight Forest?
Who are you bluffing?
"I\'m really a dog!"
Qin Luosheng twitched his face, trying to explain, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed again.
Human prejudice is a big mountain. Under the preconceived situation, you want to change the impression in a few words? Want to eat it!
"Forget it, good men don\'t fight women!"
With a slight sigh, Qin Luosheng was about to leave, not afraid, but didn\'t want to be too entangled and waste time.
"It\'s a pity, such a suitable leveling location."
Leave properly.
At this time, a familiar voice suddenly sounded.
Glancing at it, who is not the corpse demon?
Perhaps attracted by the sound from here, the corpses hidden in the shadows, one, two, three, a total of three, dragging their slow body, came together, the target, pointed directly at the nearest rose club. A group of girls.