Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 314: : Moonlight Forest (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 314: : Moonlight Forest (Part 2)

Dragon City will not consider it temporarily.
Without him.
Too advanced.
The lowest level around Dragon City is a level 50 monster area, which is far from what he can handle with a level 27 rookie.
Those on the edge of the Dragon Island far away from Dragon City should be suitable for leveling, but how to get there is a problem. Perhaps before reaching the destination, he was already hammered to death on the road.
and so.
Qin Luosheng placed his gaze on the map of Human Territory, picked and selected, and found the six most suitable leveling points.
among them.
The closest one is 50 kilometers west of Lunar City next to Xingyao City. It is called Moonlight Forest. Inside, there are monsters of dark and undead all over the body. The level is between 30-40, which should be the most suitable. One.
"I don\'t know when the officials will get some copies out. Just spawning monsters in the wild, the equipment is too slow."
Seeing that the economy of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion was getting better, Qin Luosheng quickly asked Liu Lao to resume the purchase of equipment. While operating in the background, he complained: "Fortunately, a mercenary system has been issued and many missions have been issued. Otherwise, this player will be even more confused. Going down, you cant get your equipment, you cant get coins, you cant even buy the potion to feed yourself, let alone other things.
Qin Luosheng is not hypocritical, but sincerely hopes everyone is good!
after all.
Only when the players have money, he can make more money.
"By the way, it seems that there is still an equipment in the backpack that hasn\'t been identified?"
Taking out the scroll of Yueyao City\'s city return and preparing to tear it apart, Qin Luosheng saw the obscure arm part and suddenly remembered.
Before killing Jiao, as the first to kill an epic BOSS, the system gave a reward. All the others have been digested. There is only one piece of random equipment, which is still in the backpack because it cannot be identified.
If I remember correctly, it should be a gold-level handguard.
"Hundreds of bronze and silver BOSS, plus gold BOSS earth dragon and water dragon, epic BOSS Jiao and real dragon, really want to explode equipment, with my lucky value, I dont know how many exploded. Unfortunately, besides crystal coins, Crystal coins are too difficult."
Identification shop.
Identification equipment.
After deducting a gold coin, the gloomy golden handguard exudes the golden brilliance unique to gold equipment.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t bother to look at it, so he threw a "starlight miracle" up and sublimated it.
Dragon Scale Gauntlets
Grade: Epic
Requirements: LV25, physical occupation
Lasting: 20/20
Effect: Defense +320, Strength +30, Constitution +20
Special effect: [Dragon Scales] defense power +10%, slightly increase the strength and flexibility of the arm!
Incidental skills: [Dragon Fist []] consumes 1000 mana, uses it on a single target, gathers power, punches it out, causes 300% damage, and has a knockback effect! Cool for 5 minutes!
Introduction: Legend has it that a handguard made of real dragon scales. The dragon scales contain some weak dragon power, which can greatly amplify the arm and give it strength.
Finally, the last part of the body is also complete.
Open the equipment bar
Helmet-Crown of Obsidian, gold!
Armor-bone armor, gold!
Gauntlets-Dragonscale Gauntlets, epic!
Boots-ghost boots, epic!
Weapon-left hand: a hundred warriors, epic; right hand: Panlong Lishui, legend!
Belt-Phantom ribbon, epic!
Cloak-aura cloak, epic!
Ring-death skeleton, epic!
Earrings-Reaper\'s embrace, epic!
Necklace-the prayer of life, epic!
Medal-Medal of Honor, Medal of Courage!
In addition, there are Lingbao Water Vein Lingzhu and Dragon God Imperial Order. These two do not occupy the equipment part and can also take effect in a backpack.
Really strong!
The worst is high-level golden equipment, the others are all epic, and the evolution of Panlong Lishui has reached the level of legend.
With this configuration, who can be the enemy?

Yueyao City.
West of the city, fifty miles, Moonlight Forest.
The nine major cities of the Huaxia Theater are named after Jiuyao. They are not just that, but each city has its own characteristics.
For example, Lunar City, the guardian star is the moon, so the moon is the strongest. Except for the Obsidian City, the dark and undead monster areas around Lunar City are the most.
Moonlight Forest is one of the best.
Most of the trees here are locust trees. What are locust trees? In Chinese legends, they are ghost trees. It is easy to provoke things that are too late.
The terrain is special and attracted by the locust trees, coupled with the unique moonlight and the instillation of the moonlight, the moonlight forest has become a paradise for ghosts. The wind is gusty and the ghost is so angry that it is difficult for normal people to approach.
Even though the Moonlight Forest was designated as a restricted area on the map, many people still died tragically in it. In addition to bold adventurers, there were also many civilians.
Without him.
The wages of avarice is death.
Moonlight Forest is a forbidden place for living because it is extremely overcast, but because it is extremely overcast, there are things that are not available elsewhere in the outside world, such as moonlight grass, moonflower dew, moon spirit ore, etc., which are of great value.
Before coming, Qin Luosheng searched the forums and other places for a while, and found that the information was very small, indicating that this area has not been overly involved by players, and there is only a small part of it around the periphery. After all, it is level 30 and second revolution. The place where the monster starts is not something that players can conquer at this stage.
"Sure enough, there is enough evil!"
Standing outside, Qin Luosheng looked at the entrance of Moonlight Forest. It was pitch black and filled with clouds, like a mouth of an evil beast. Please enter the urn and wait for you to enter its belly quietly.
"Come in!"
In the outermost periphery of Moonlight Forest, even other players dared to enter, and successfully collected unique herbs and ores. Qin Luosheng naturally had no reason to be afraid. With his current health and defense power, let alone, even if it was a boss. , And can\'t kill him in seconds.
"After a decadent working in a shop, now I can finally move my hands and feet."
Twisting his wrist, he took out [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], Qin Luosheng\'s face was flushed, "A man\'s romance, really is only adventure and killing? I haven\'t encountered an enemy yet, I I\'m already excited, even if I made so much money just now, I don\'t feel that way!"
Stride meteor.
The interior of the Moonlight Forest is no different from other forests, and even because of the moonlight, it is worse than the dark forest full of zombies in Novice Village.
"Is that all? It\'s disappointing enough."
Qin Luosheng, who was still preparing to take a photo shoot, suddenly extinguished his thoughts. Such scenes really didn\'t have much to look at. If they were taken out, they would completely smash their own signs.
To know.
Since the official announcement of the video of killing five bosses, his official V number has exploded, especially the release of the three worship videos of Starlight City and the sceneries of the Cliff Ridge, and the popularity has exploded.
Just now, I uploaded a series of videos of the Dragon King flying to Dragon Island with him, overlooking the Dragon Island from a high position in the air, as well as the edited version of the Dragon Temple, fighting with several BOSSs, completely detonating the video area.
"Forget it, don\'t think about other things, business matters."
Turning off the recording system, Qin Luo raised his sword and advanced.
Before he walked far, he was capable of night vision and saw a monster bathing in the moonlight, absorbing the moonlight.
Detection technique!
The corpse
Level: 30
Health value: 100000
Magic value: 2000
Physical attack: 2800
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 1200
Magic defense: 800
Speed: 255
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The corpse demon, by the innocent people who died tragically, the grievance is not cleared, after the moonlight shines, the abnormal change occurs in the extremely gloomy place, and the walking corpse resurrected, due to the deep resentment, more wisdom and monsters than the zombie, the body Very toxic.