Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 313: : Moonlight Forest (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 313: : Moonlight Forest (Part 1)

"Today is a good day, you can do everything you want~~~~~"
With joy, Qin Luosheng directly began to sing.
Can\'t tolerate him not gaffe!
Originally, I just wanted to sell the City Return Scrolls to speed up the game process of the Huaxia Theater, and at the same time make a fortune. At least I had to spend money on the forum to avoid the pursuit of Longyuan, from those travel hobbies. In the hands of the player, the money purchased from various places to return to the city scroll is earned.
Never thought.
Just return to the city scroll and sold hundreds of thousands of gold coins, and then the potion business exploded again, earning more than 200,000 gold coins, not to mention, the cash directly achieved the achievement, approaching two small goals.
Really satisfied!
The hardship in the early stage is worth it.
Sure enough, the greater the risk, the greater the return.
This is not.
Isn\'t the hidden reward for the sss task coming?
The speed of making money, from the finalization of the purchase list to the end of each transaction, is no more than half an hour before and after, but it has made billions of money, which is faster than the money printing machine.
What should I do if I have money?
Of course it is spent out!
At this stage, the price of gold coins is one day, and it continues to plummet. It would be foolish to stay in your hands.
"How to spend it?"
Qin Luosheng was a little distressed.
Several hundred thousand gold coins are an astronomical figure.
In reality, he is not short of money, and now he has soared to the top of the wealth list. If all of it is replaced with cash at one time, it will inevitably attract the attention of some bigwigs. When the time comes to check in the bank, it may be exposed.
This road is nowhere.
"Then buy an industry!"
Make money with money, that is the real way.
Each player can only buy two shops, this is the rule.
The rules are relative, and this restriction is limited to one city.
Perhaps the official did not expect that at this stage there will be players who have directly opened up the hubs of the nine major cities and can reach each of them at will. This is also a small bug.
Just do it.
With a huge amount of money in hand, Qin Luosheng was not as tight this time as last time, and he had to pay for his reputation.
The first prerequisite for buying a large shop is 10,000 prestige points, but Qin Luosheng has a [Medal of Honor]. This condition is not limited to him, and he will get a 30% discount when buying a shop.
The original price of 50,000 gold coins in large shops has skyrocketed to 80,000 gold coins due to inflation during this period, which is really cheating.
A 30% discount of 80,000 gold coins is fifty-six gold coins. The other eight main cities were bought for nearly four hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. The money in hand was not enough.
After more than an hour of enthusiasm, the large quantities of equipment and potions that were put on the shelves of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion were sold a lot, and a part of the turnover was extracted, and this was done.
"It\'s really spending money like running water. In a blink of an eye, Nima\'s hundreds of thousands of gold coins are gone, and she has become a pauper."
Looking at the clean purse, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but complain.
Seeing the eight more deeds, he couldn\'t help but smile again.
What are the eight large shops for?
This is what Qin Luosheng thought from the beginning.
The people regard food as their heaven.
Don\'t think that the virtual world does not have this requirement.
Not to mention the addition of the hunger system, even if there is no such a real virtual world, if there are travel friends, why can\'t there be a glutton?
Even though what you eat in the virtual world is only spiritual satisfaction and cannot bring the slightest sense of fullness in reality, Qin Luosheng still believes that the food industry will be extremely hot.
after all.
First there are the court cakes eaten in the city lords mansion, and then there is the clear spirit spring to drink on the Dragon Island. They are all things that can add permanent attributes and time-limited attributes.
There is also a deputy in Destiny World, called a chef.
The chef can work alongside the blacksmith, tailor, pharmacist and other deputy positions, and naturally has its merits.
As long as the cooking proficiency rises, as long as there are good ingredients, it should be able to make food with increased attributes for the player.
This kind of food that can satisfy the taste buds and increase combat effectiveness may be even more popular in the future market than the medicine market.
Go first, eat meat first.
Establish industry benchmarks and establish reputation brands.
This is Qin Luosheng\'s purpose.
Qin Luosheng had already found high-end ingredients in Dragon City. There were as many as they needed, and even the lowest-level items were several grades higher than those currently circulating in the market.
The chef is the top priority if only the ingredients are used.
"In the early stage, the NPC chef has a greater advantage than the players. You only need to recruit the NPC chef. In the later stage, it will be a long time later. I will talk about it at the time. I don\'t believe it. If you have money, you can\'t find anyone."
Qin Luosheng thought to himself: "Even if a skilled chef is arrogant and looks down on money, he should not have much resistance to high-end ingredients, right? The ingredients on Dragon Island are not simple goods, even dragon meat , I really dont believe that you are not obedient to work for me."
It is too early to talk about this now.
Even if monopoly is invincible, if you don\'t buy, some people buy it.
But in the end, it is better for customers to make a good impression.
Therefore, in terms of decoration, you cannot be sloppy, and you cannot be as sloppy as Hidden Dragon Pavilion.
"There is no money, wait until the bosses send the money next week to make plans!"
He shook his head, temporarily leaving the restaurant chain behind.
"Is it all like this?"
Looking at the time, it turned out to be more than four in the morning.
If I remember correctly, the upper limit was around 21 o\'clock yesterday, and it was just like that. Seven hours were gone, so fast.
"The chores will be solved temporarily, now it\'s time for business!"
With a sigh of foul breath, Qin Luosheng twisted his somewhat sore neck and opened the map system, "The one-month period with Long Yuan, the agreement with the Dragon Tower, is imminent. This should be the main focus, and we should definitely not lose sight of it. "
"God knows what terrible punishment will be faced if the mission fails. I don\'t want to make money so heartily as it is today. Besides, Long Island is also related to the restaurant chain in my future, so I must not neglect."
Level up! Level up!
"Where is the most suitable leveling?"
Qin Luosheng touched his chin and thought.
The first requirement is to leapfrog to kill monsters, so that the experience will be high.
With surrounding maps of the nine major cities and many other remote places, it should not be difficult to find a suitable place.
The right place depends on the distribution of monsters, the types of monsters, and so on.
At this stage.
There were only two monsters that could fit Qin Luosheng, or could make Qin Luosheng level up quickly.
One is the snake tribe and the dragon tribe. Because of the existence of [Panlong Lishui], [KangsuZhanlong] is simply a scale nemesis. When dealt with, the effect will explode, and the corresponding leveling efficiency will also explode.
The second is the dark monsters, the special effects of [Invocation of Life] [Life Force], the special effects of [Reapers Embrace] [Reapers Gaze], and the effect of the skill holy flame, the damage caused to dark monsters Extremely horrible, can be easily destroyed, quickly gain experience points.
"Where are you going?"
Looking at the map, Qin Luosheng was lost in thought.