Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 312: : Earn a small goal every day
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 312: : Earn a small goal every day

There are two ways of trading in Fate Dimension.
First, virtual platform transactions. This does not require any conditions. You can hang up your products anytime and anywhere. Buyers can also place orders anywhere and buy directly, which is convenient and trouble-free, but the fee is 10%. Pay by the seller!
Second, bank account transactions. When you enter the game, the main brain has already bound all your information, which naturally includes bank card accounts. This is a precise one-to-one transaction, which requires face-to-face, and the handling fee is 5%, and it is still the seller Paid.
Originally, the second type of transaction does not require any handling fee, but at this stage gold coins are really scarce, and if the buyer does not have gold coins, they can only trade according to the actual currency. In this way, direct transactions to the bank card will incur a handling fee. .
Compared to the second one, Qin Luosheng would definitely choose the first one.
Even if the protection of personal information by the mastermind of fate is in place, Qin Luosheng will not give any opportunity, even if there is a one in ten thousand, one in 100,000 chance that will be exposed, he will kill it.
Because, once exposed, it is death, and it cannot be tolerated.
Therefore, even if he was face to face with a group of bigwigs, he changed to trading on a virtual platform.
As for how to trade, it\'s very simple. Just find a piece of junk equipment and hang it up, and let these big guys pay the amount you should pay.
In this way, the money will go directly to your virtual account, and everything is controlled by the main brain, rather than the bank account card docking of both parties.
"Huh, as timid as a mouse!"
Young Thunder Crazed couldn\'t help but ridicule again.
A sword gas shot past.
The huge yellow crit damage figure appeared from the top of Thunder Crazed Shao\'s head, and the damage of up to 35,000 could be resisted by a twenty-fourth-level weak chicken in the Thunder Crazy Shao district, and it was instantly slapped by seconds.
"It\'s really noisy."
Collect the sword, serve tea, sip lightly, all in one go.
Everyone stayed.
What\'s the situation with this Nima?
I\'m not dizzy, right?
One sword, more than 35,000 damages?
"Bold fanatics, dare to kill people in Xingyao City, let\'s go to the prison with our brother!"
Before the ghost car Yatu and the others recovered from the shock, there was a twist in front of them, and two guards with big swords appeared.
Doing it in the city is a felony. Even if a fine can be substituted for punishment, it cannot be completely offset. You must stay in jail for at least three days.
"I killed the people!"
As if ignoring the playful look in everyones eyes, Qin Luosheng drank tea indifferently, still sitting there as if Tai Shan, facing two vicious guards, without the slightest nervousness, and said calmly: "Someone just said that he was rude I killed, do you have any comments?"
"So courageous, you fanatic, actually..."
I have never seen such an arrogant murderer, and the two experienced guards are also a little confused. After recalling, the young one suddenly became furious. Pulling out the big knife from his waist, he must step forward to teach this fanatic. ,however,
"Don\'t be impulsive, you don\'t want to die!"
The older middle-aged guard slammed his younger brother. Under his puzzled gaze, his lips opened slightly, and he whispered: "He is Weeping Soul, our future uncle. And, look at his chest."
The young guard was a little bit unhappy.
What about Uncle?
The prince committed the same crime as the common people.
When he saw the [Medal of Honor] and [Medal of Courage] on Qin Luosheng\'s chest, he immediately stopped.
The city lords son-in-law, the future husband of the eldest lady, is really nothing, and still has to abide by the laws of the empire.
The laws of the empire can\'t punish a big boss with immunity unless he is treasonous and treasonous.
As a hero, one should be respected by the whole human race. The murdered persons words insult the human hero, and his crime should be blamed.
"Sorry to interrupt!"
The two guards stopped, and under the stunned eyes of everyone, instead of catching Qin Luosheng, they saluted him very respectfully.
"Go, catch the guy who was just killed by me, and put him in the jail well sober."
Qin Luosheng said calmly.
The two guards bowed and said solemnly: "I will wait to know that I will educate this scum so that he can understand how serious it is to insult a human hero."
call out
The two guards left, but the whole elegant room was still silent.
"Awesome my brother, is this special game played by your house? Even the NPC guards listen to you?"
Yatu, who had the best relationship with Qin Luosheng, couldn\'t help but uttered aloud, looking at Qin Luosheng like a rare animal, with a look in his eyes.
"A little innocent means, let everyone laugh!"
Qin Luosheng twitched his eyes, ignoring Yato, "Okay, the noisy people are gone, let\'s continue! If you disagree with my trading method, you can leave by yourself."
Ghost car: "Donghuangge has no objection!"
Pluto: "The Tyrant Union has no objections!"
Lily: "+1!"
Old flame smoker: "No objection!"
Coffin: "Shimmer, no objection!"

"Yes, then we will continue!"
Qin Luosheng nodded and continued: "Everyone is very busy, there is not much time, and the family has a big business, there should be a lot of goods, so this transaction, once a week, save time with the greatest efficiency."
"You decide on the method of trading, but at least half of the gold coins are required. This is the bottom line. I will make a list and you can take a look at what you need and how much you need. Tell me in ten minutes."
Everyone nodded.
Then one after another picked up the communicator, or sent information to the chairman or the finance, and began to raise money and discuss.
ten minutes later.
Qin Luosheng got a dozen lists and a total of 430,000 gold coins.
"Everyone, wait here."
The boss is so bold, how can Qin Luosheng delay and delay efficiency?
He immediately got up and left the teahouse and moved back to the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. With 100% assurance that there was no one, he took out the scroll of Dragon Island\'s return to the city.
Feeling the spirit medicine pavilion non-stop, after Gu Feng smiled eagerly from ear to ear, he bought a large batch of potions. The potions can overlap. It also squeezed the 550 spaces of the backpack and the 1,000 spaces of the Phantom Ribbon. Full of Dangdang.
Back to Xingyao City.
Then go to the teahouse elegant room.
Trade one by one according to the list given by the union leaders.
Qin Luosheng received more than 200,000 gold coins and nearly 200 million RMB!
Earn a burst!
Seeing this number, Rao Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but feel his scalp numb.
A big man once said: Set a small goal and earn him 100 million first!
The words of forcing the king, which I thought were out of reach, were actually realized in such a vague way.
I tm, blow myself up!