Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 311: : Crazy potion reselling (final)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 311: : Crazy potion reselling (final)

"Xiongtu, the president of the World Association, the top ten trade unions of China ranks seventh!"
"Old flames, the president of the flames union, the top ten trade unions of China ranks ninth!"
"The coffin, the elder of the Twilight Union, ranks fifth in China\'s Top Ten Guilds!"
"Ghost car, the vice president of Donghuang Pavilion, the top ten guilds of China ranked first!"
"Little thunder madman, the president of the thunder union, the top ten guilds of China rank eighth!"
"Ato, the president of Atoge, the top ten guilds of China ranks fourth!"
"Dark Walker, the president of the Black Tower, did not rank among the top ten guilds, but the Black Tower is a killer guild, professional-grade, and very difficult."
These, in addition to the first self-introduced Hades, the Tyrant Guild, ranked second among Chinas top ten guilds, and a young and beautiful girl with the ID of Lily, belonging to the sixth rose club of Chinas top ten guilds. It\'s the girl\'s heaven union.
Now, except for the last trade union in the top ten rankings, all the other trade unions are here. In addition, some powerful trade union and chamber of commerce representatives have also arrived.
It can be said that a dozen people in the elegant room of this small teahouse stomped their feet randomly, and the entire Huaxia Theater was shocked.
"One Thousand Gold Coins for a City Return Scroll!"
After self-introduction, everyone knew each other. The next step was the main show. As the leader, Qin Luosheng took the initiative and directly offered the price.
A thousand gold coins? ! !
Everyone was shocked.
At the current conversion rate, one thousand gold coins is 1.5 million RMB!
With such a large sum of money, just to buy a Town Back Scroll?
Are you crazy?
If this were to be spread outside, countless people would definitely be sprayed with blood. However, none of the people present were idiots, and naturally understood the meaning of Qin Luo\'s price increase.
The City Return Scroll is worthless, and the system store only has one gold coin, but why is it turned a thousand times here?
Without him.
Demand determines the market, nothing more.
They needed this city scroll scroll, and this time the city scroll was only owned by Qin Luosheng, so he had to buy it, and he had to buy it from Qin Luosheng. This kind of fate is in the hands of others, sighing why?
"One thousand gold coins for a city return scroll, are you crazy?"
The others remained silent, but the thunder mad young man who had a great feud with Qin Luosheng, took the lead in the attack, speaking with cynicism.
"Calling you, not because you are a thunder mad young man, but because of the thunder union behind you."
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were cold, "I\'m looking for you to discuss business. I am a businessman now. I don\'t care about you. I clearly mark the price. You can buy it if you buy it. If you don\'t buy it, you don\'t want to buy. The decision is up to you. Take your mouth and get out if you don\'t buy it."
Lei Ting Kuang was not convinced, and wanted to say it, but seeing Qin Luoshengs cold eyes, he shuddered subconsciously, thinking of the scene of being dominated by Luohe, and thinking of the fear of being in the shadow of ten thousand poisonous snakes. provocative.
"It\'s really a Weeping Soul, it\'s really domineering!"
Everyone\'s heart shuddered.
They are the existence of calling for the wind and rain in the China Internet world. Except for the No. 1 East Imperial Pavilion and the No. 2 Tyrant Union, they are extremely powerful, one north and one south, which are regarded as bipolar, and the rest are from the third to the tenth. , The difference in strength is not very obvious.
Say it again.
If you can get to this position, which one is not a human spirit?
Maybe its harder to attack behind the scenes than anyone else, but on the bright side, who is not friendly and amiable?
For example, Qin Luosheng is a straightforward, hard-hearted person who doesn\'t give any face. I\'ve seen it before, but for this kind of reckless man, his grave is already two feet tall.
"I bought it from Donghuangge, and I hope I can make friends with the crying soul boss!"
As the vice president of China\'s top gang, Ghost Car will naturally not be a fool, and will come forward to deal with Qin Luosheng as soon as possible.
"Ding, Ghost Car wants to add you as a friend, do you agree?"
The eight city return scrolls were traded, and 8,000 gold coins were recovered. At the same time, there was a friend application.
How can Qin Luosheng refuse such a high-quality customer?
If he does not have this idea, he will not temporarily enable "Allow Adding Friends".
You know, since he killed the first BOSS Demonized Wild Wolf King in Novice Village and got on World TV, he didn\'t dare to turn on the friend adding system, and it was blocked all the time. Only he can add others, no one can add him.
"My Twilight Union, I bought it, crying soul boss, add a friend!"
"My Rose Club wants it too."
"My flame guild can\'t compare to you, but I can still get a few thousand gold coins."
With the leader, naturally swarmed.
The people present were counted as one again, all of them bought eight City Return Scrolls from Qin Luosheng.
Not buying?
If you don\'t buy it, just wait for your union to be exploded!
People have the scrolls of city return from other major cities, and they can send their brothers to other major cities to support them indefinitely, but what about you?
If things go on like this, even the so-called Ten Great Guilds will be defeated.
Maybe they can unite, buy only one family, and then share resources. This will cost less, but then, first of all, you have to consider whether they will sell or not. Even if they do, it will be disgusting.
Its just a few thousand gold coins. For them with a big business, its just a drop in the bucket. For this tiny little profit, no idiot can do it, except for the Thunder Guild, which has already become an enemy. .
"Boss, Hidden Dragon Pavilion has released a new batch of extremely powerful potions. I want to buy from Donghuang Pavilion. I don\'t know if I am lucky enough to cooperate?"
After a deal and friends were added, the host and the guest enjoyed themselves. Just as Qin Luosheng was about to leave, he was stopped by the ghost car of the vice-chairman of the East Emperor Pavilion.
"Oh, what a cooperative method?"
Qin Luosheng asked with great interest.
"At this stage, the explosion rate is low, and the efficiency of the gold team is also very poor. It is really impossible to collect a large amount of gold coins."
The ghost car smiled and said: "In that case, my Donghuangge hopes to use RMB instead of gold to trade. I also hope that it will be convenient for the boss."
"Brother Ghost Car is right. My Flames Guild also wants to cooperate with the Great Soul Cry."
"The Rose Club is also."
"The same as the Twilight Union!"
Qin Luosheng:...
"I am a businessman now. Since everyone is so showing love and taking care of my little brother, how can I not give face."
I was still thinking about how to expand my business, but I didnt expect the fat pigs to come to the door automatically. Im sorry if I didnt kill them. "Everyone is smart. The origin and function of this potion should be very clear. I, no one can get it. I can accept payment in RMB. However, half of the gold coin, one RMB, and the RMB transaction method is linked to the virtual trading platform. You pay the handling fee and I can get a 10% discount."

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