Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 310: : Crazy potion reselling (part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 310: : Crazy potion reselling (part 2)

"Would you like to make an advertisement? No, forget it!"
Qin Luosheng felt his chin for a while and decided to give up.
With the popularity of Hidden Dragon Pavilion at this moment, still need to advertise?
This is a monopoly!
There are no other competitors at all, so why are you afraid of it?
Like these things, the so-called "wine fragrance is also afraid of the deep alley" can not appear on them at all, placed in such a conspicuous place, I am not afraid of not being discovered, and once they are discovered, whether they can be sold or not will be ignored for the time being. Going out is sure to be done the first time, when the time comes, players will pass word of mouth, which can be much faster than advertising.
"The Hidden Dragon Pavilion is now famous. It doesn\'t need too much publicity. It\'s not very popular. There is no need to open a branch in Xingyi City. That will lead to diversion."
Qin Luosheng saw that he had reached a prestige value of more than 50,000 and fell into contemplation: "Xing Yao City is not good, what about the other main cities? There have been many complaints on the forum because there is a hidden dragon in Xing Yao City. Court, and other major cities do not have it. As a result, players in those major cities have to suffer from the high handling fees of the dog system, and usually cannot buy the equipment they want."
"The Hidden Dragon Pavilion is so popular. Wouldn\'t it be a waste if I didn\'t use it? Anyway, I\'m not out of stock. The equipment can be purchased and then sublimated and sold. The potion is even more profitable. Once the store is opened, it will inevitably be able to replicate the Starlight City Hidden Dragon. The hot situation of the cabinet, money is coming."
"It may be difficult for other people to open a store, but for me, it is extremely simple.-The first condition for opening a store is to consume 5,000 reputation points, and then discuss the price of buying the store, but I have the [Medal of Honor] in, so I can ignore the One condition, just pay for the purchase."
"The prestige value can be used to offset the consumption of buying a shop. The ratio is 1:1. I have 54880 prestige points, which is equivalent to the lowest-grade five thousand gold coin shops. Nearly 11 shops can be opened directly, and all of them are prostitutes."
Qin Luosheng was excited.
"Even though there are a lot of players with a reputation value of five thousand points, and almost all of them have bought stores in the first time, but for the huge market of the nine major cities, this amount can\'t even splash. The good location is gone, but there must be a lot of better locations next time."
Just do it.
Qin Luosheng quickly took out the scroll of returning to the city and flew towards Yueyao City, the nearest city to Xingyao City.
Under the leadership of the city map, the housing bureau of Yueyao City was quickly found.
With the charm value MAX, the [Medal of Honor] and [Medal of Courage] opened the way, even if there is no such thing as Star City, where the Lord Lorraine opened the way, he still bought a good location very quickly.
Then, Sunlight City.
Come again, Huo Yao City.

Twenty minutes later.
Qin Luosheng ran all over the nine major cities, plus the Hidden Dragon Pavilion in Xingyao City. A total of nine shops were bought under his name, and no gold coins were spent. All of them belonged to the prestige value payment. .
In addition to the shop, Qin Luosheng also bought a small villa in Shuiyao City.
The area, supporting facilities, decoration, etc., although not comparable to the luxury houses in Xingyi City, the location is excellent. Open the door to see the sea. This seaside villa only needs 30,000 gold coins. What is the difference between it and the white house? Once the price quarrels later, it is a bit exaggerated to double it by ten times, and it is okay to double it by two or three times, or four or five times.
Just right.
After purchasing the eight shops, there were nearly 15 thousand reputation points left. With his own 10,000 hardware coins, Qin Luosheng directly obtained the deed from the smiling Shui Yao City Fang Du Wei.
After one round, the prestige value was emptied, and there were only a few thousand of the more than 20,000 gold coins left, and he was instantly poor again.
The Linhai Villa is temporarily useless and does not invite people. It is good to spend gold coins every day to maintain a minimum maintenance. As for the eight shops, Qin Luosheng chose a cost-effective decoration, and several thousand gold coins immediately became double digits.
"Brother Crying Soul, have you done it right? The people I should invite have already arrived."
At this time, ACTO sent a communication urging.
"Okay, I\'ll come right away."
Qin Luosheng replied, crushing the scroll of Xingyao City\'s return to the city.
Back to Xingyao City.
Qin Luosheng went straight to the teahouse, still the private room just opened.
open the door.
In the originally fresh and elegant elegant room, at this moment, there were more than a dozen people sitting or fighting. Among them, Qin Luosheng also saw the old acquaintance Thunder Kuang Shao.
"I am the Weeping Soul, I must have heard of my name."
Staring at the eyes of a dozen big bosses, Qin Luosheng\'s face was flat, he walked over to himself, sat at the tea table, poured himself a cup of tea, took a sip, and said, "Everyone is big boss. Time is precious, so Ill be straightforward, to make a long story short."
No one interrupted.
"This time, I have a business and I want to talk to you."
Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk nonsense, and directly took out the city-returning scrolls of the other eight main cities except Star City, and shared them.
"Everyone is a smart person. Naturally, you know what these city-returning scrolls represent. With them, you can connect with the forces in the other eight main cities and integrate your strengths. You dont have to worry about the weak members of the main city. When you are oppressed, you can give full play to your combat effectiveness."
Qin Luo paused for a while, glanced at the people with different thoughts, and continued: "The chaotic era equivalent to the coexistence of large, medium, and small forces has directly evolved and turned into a Warring States era where everyone competes together, greatly speeding up the game process. At the same time, the connection of the nine major cities and the unique resources between different major cities can also be shared, so that you can get back your initial investment as soon as possible."
"Interesting!" said a feminine-looking man: "It\'s a Weeping Soul. If you don\'t make a move, it will be earth-shattering. In the end, it is the man who stirs the situation. Maybe we overestimated you before but underestimated it."
"Thank you!" Facing the praise, Qin Luosheng was expressionless, unaffected by the slightest influence, "Your Excellency?"
"Forgive me!" The feminine man habitually pushed, the glasses that did not exist in the game, "Introduce yourself, the next master, the vice president of the Tyrant Trade Union, has long admired his name."
Tyrant Union?
Qin Luosheng was like thunder.
This is the top two guilds in China, second only to the No. 1 East Imperial Pavilion. Its president, Tyrannical Emperor, nicknamed Emperor Wu, one of the super masters, and the Eastern Emperor of the North, are in a rivalry with the Eastern Emperor in the north.
"It turned out to be the vice president of Tyrant, long Yang!"
Qin Luosheng responded solemnly.
"In Xia Xiongtu, the president of the World Association, the crying soul boss, please cover!"
"Old flame smoker, president of the flame guild, master, look familiar."
"Coffin, elder of the Twilight Guild!"
"Dark walker, black building!"