Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 309: : Crazy potion reselling (medium)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 309: : Crazy potion reselling (medium)

"The Hidden Dragon Pavilion has started again!"
The potion that had been cut off for a long time came back, and a large number of advanced equipment appeared again. It immediately detonated the players who were still in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. The news spread like a virus, and soon Everybody knows the trouble.
The original Hidden Dragon Pavilion, which was not as crowded as before, quickly returned to its peak. It was crowded and drained. Players who had long been accustomed to powerful potions, waved their money frantically and bought them wildly, even if they didn\'t use that much , Also bought and stored first, for fear that there will be another cut-off soon.
Under this violent retaliatory consumption, the dry shop funds continued to jump and skyrocket. Qin Luosheng, who was exhausted by excessive use of the Starlight Miracle, finally put on a smile on his pale face.
This small amount of money came too fast and easy, and it was worth a little hard work!
"Brother Crying Soul, I have already raised the money, see you in the same place."
Seeing the news from Yatu, Qin Luosheng hurried to the place of appointment.
"You should have the contact information of those big guilds?"
After meeting, sitting down, and ordering a pot of tea calmly, Qin Luosheng did not talk about the potion business immediately, but asked another question.
"Yes, what\'s the matter with Brother Crying Soul?"
Yato, who was inexplicably confused by Qin Luo\'s ascension to heaven, scratched his head, a little puzzled.
"That\'s good, you make an appointment for me, just say I have a big deal to talk to them."
A "kind" smile appeared on Qin Luosheng\'s face.
"Brother Crying Soul, don\'t you laugh, please? You laugh like this, I\'m so panicked!"
ACTO was a little frightened.
It was the first time he saw this kind of smile from Qin Luosheng\'s face, but it was not the first time he saw it. People who showed this kind of smile in the past must be brewing some conspiracy, and there is no good thing.
"Don\'t cheat me, if you offend so many big guys, I won\'t be able to handle it."
Qin Luosheng rolled his eyes helplessly, took out eight scrolls from his backpack and handed them over: "What do you want? Am I like a bad guy? If it\'s business, it must be business. No, this is yours. Remuneration, give me a good contact, you should understand what I mean."
Yato took a look at the scroll inexplicably, and instantly, his face flushed as if congested.
"Brother Crying Soul, don\'t worry, brother, I\'m sure I will arrange for you properly."
The scroll is nothing special, it\'s just a scroll of returning to the city.
These eight city-returning scrolls are not from Xingyao City, but from the other eight main cities.
The main cities are not connected at this stage.
Even Qin Luosheng got it from Luo Li, the daughter of the city lord.
As the saying goes, if you want to get rich, you should build roads first.
The Town Portal Scroll is much easier to use than the road.
Of those big powers, which one is not the power spreading all over the nine main cities? It\'s just that due to the time of entering the game, the distribution is uneven. There are people in all major cities, some have more people, and some have fewer people. Its okay if there are too many people, but if there are conflicts with others, they cant support them and are beyond reach. It is easy to become one-sided.
right now.
With the city-returning scrolls of the major cities, the situation is greatly different. The overall planning and overall layout have greatly accelerated the integration of large forces and the alliance of small forces. The chaotic era has entered the Warring States era. Speed ??up the game process of China Theater.
"Okay, put this aside first." Qin Luosheng said: "Next, potion trade."
"Okay!" Taking the return to the city scroll, ACTO took out half of the purchase price of the order, forty-four thousand gold coins, and opened the virtual platform at the same time. The remaining half of the purchase price was paid by RMB, and it was thoughtful that it should be paid The handling fee paid by the seller Qin Luosheng was paid.
"Where is the potion?"
After paying the money, Yatu looked at Qin Luosheng expectantly.
"Nobody, wait for me!"
Qin Luosheng smiled awkwardly.
"I wipe!"
Yato suddenly couldn\'t laugh or cry: "Brother Crying Soul, your empty glove white wolf!"
"It\'s not an empty glove white wolf, but time is limited, so I\'m too lazy to take a trip!"
Qin Luosheng is not a lie either.
It was indeed the empty glove white wolf before, but he took out more than 30,000 gold coins from his own hidden dragon pavilion, which was enough to buy the goods that ACTO wanted, but he didnt want to make another trip, so he first collected the money and then went to buy the goods. Buy some and wait to kill the big head.
"I\'ll leave it to you here. I only give it half an hour. I can count as many people as I can contact. It\'s out of date."
Qin Luosheng confessed, and then left the teahouse.

Dragon City.
Elixir Pavilion.
"Brother, I\'m back again!"
Qin Luosheng walked in and greeted Gu Feng on the counter.
Gu Feng walked out of the counter with a smile, and personally received him, "Have you decided yet? How much do you want? My brother will keep you the highest priority."
"It\'s easy!" Qin Luosheng smiled: "Then come 10,000 bottles of dragon blood potion, 10,000 bottles of magic power potion, 1000 blood pill and magic power pill, violent potion, crazy magic potion, storm pill, steel Two hundred potions are the same, one hundred potions will come first, and the four element magic pills will be two hundred each!"
This is double the amount of goods Qin Luosheng asked for before he left. Gu Feng suddenly smiled and narrowed his eyes, and quickly settled the accounts: "I have sufficient supply of these goods, brother, and I can pick them up for you right away. In total, its a 20% discount for a total of 56800 gold coins!"
"to make."
More than 50,000 gold coins are completely acceptable.
Pay the money in one hand, the guy in the other.
After getting the potion, Qin Luosheng bid farewell to Gu Feng and returned to Xing Yao City again.
"I can\'t do it!"
Qin Luosheng, who performed the starlight miracle again and wasted his energy, finally fell to the ground, somewhat overdrawn.
"Everything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng. Next, it\'s time to cut the leeks."
After opening the backstage, Qin Luosheng began to list goods and edit prices.
Dragon blood potion and magic potion, normal price: 5 gold coins/bottle, sublimated (doubled effect) price: 20 gold coins/bottle!
Dragon Blood Pill and Mana Pill, normal price: 20 gold coins/piece, sublimated price: 50 gold coins/bottle!
Rage potion and crazy magic potion, normal price: 50 gold coins/bottle, sublimated price: 100 gold coins/bottle!
The normal price of steel potion and blast of wind: 100 gold coins/piece, sublimated price: 200 gold coins/bottle!
Potential potion, normal price: 300 gold coins/bottle, sublimated price: 600 gold coins/bottle!
Water, fire, wind, and earth magic pill, normal price: 150 gold coins/bottle, sublimated price: 500 gold coins/bottle!
That\'s right.
It\'s so cruel!
Without the sublimation potion, the price was directly increased from the purchase price to five times. As for the sublimated potion, Qin Luosheng increased it at his discretion, but at least doubled it. The highest life-saving potion was quadrupled and it was so dark.
The editing is complete.
Shelf directly.
"The goods are ready for you, rich tycoons, don\'t let me down!"