Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 297: : With Onmyoji: Qin Luosheng
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 297: : With Onmyoji: Qin Luosheng

A burst of gun talk.
Qin Luosheng\'s firepower was fully opened, his mouth was like a machine gun, and he spit out wildly, engulfing all the dragons in the scene, even the Dragon Emperor, and cursed a **** head.
This is really cool!
This is cool, and the problem comes.
"Could it be that the Dragon God\'s trial has passed, but now it is hanging in the hands of these guys?"
Seeing a group of blood-filled pupils with bloodshot eyes, Qin Luosheng who was about to run away with resentment and violent eyes after the spraying finished, Qin Luosheng was frightened.
Damn it.
It seems to be too harsh!
Quietly opened the taskbar and glanced over
[Task Name] Test of the Dragon Race
[Mission Introduction] Because you stole the Dragon Clan\'s treasure, the Dragon Clan is furious. In order to regain the treasure, he will start a race war. The Emperor of Humanity and the Emperor of Dragon negotiated. In order to prevent the human race and the dragon from being consumed by internal fighting, the Emperor of Dragon will set up a test for you on the Dragon Island. After completing the test, you will gain the friendship of the dragon and the right to belong to the treasure of the dragon, and Great rewards.
[Task content] The first stage-Go to Dragon Island (completed); the second stage-Dragon God trial (completed); the third stage-Dragon recognition (not completed)
Mission DifficultySSS
[Task time]? ? ?
mission rewards? ? ?
[Failure penalty]? ? ?
No change!
This task is still the same as I just saw!
"Stop, what are you doing?"
Just as Qin Luosheng opened the taskbar, thinking about the accident, suddenly, a violent dragon\'s breath locked himself, before he could react, the aura of destruction had already arrived.
Just as the dragon\'s breath was approaching, the Dragon Emperor suddenly flickered, stretched out his hand to block it, and saved Qin Luosheng.
Qin Luosheng, who had almost taken the lunch unknowingly, was furious. He looked up and saw that the black dragon king Long Yuan, who was as deep as the sea, was staring at a pair of dragon eyes and staring at himself.
"Oh, it turned out to be an old acquaintance!"
Qin Luosheng suddenly said with a strange yin and yang: "Your Excellency Long Yuan, we have met again, how are you? Looking at you like this, it seems that you haven\'t had a good rest recently. Well, what happened?"
"Oh, oh, it turned out to be me. It was I who took the dragon egg you guarded, and walked you like a dog one after another. For this reason, you were punished, right?"
"Oh, I blame me, I\'m sorry, it\'s my fault, it made you wronged. Don\'t cry or cry, this is not, I\'m right here, if you have anything, you can tell me, what\'s wrong? , Your parents are here, talk to me, everyone will listen carefully."
To shut up!
Don\'t speak if you can\'t speak.
How can I be so insulted by you, the king of the dignified black dragon clan?
Well, cough cough...
Although, it sounds like it\'s quite exciting.
"Boy, this king killed you!"
Long Yuan, who was so angry that he was so humiliated, immediately lost his sanity, revealed himself on the spot, and rushed over.
"Long Yuan, stop!"
The Dragon Sovereign gave Qin Luosheng a warning look, then looked at Long Yuan, and screamed: "You are not allowed to run wild in the Dragon Palace!"
"Long Ye, give way to this king!"
Long Yuan was extremely angry. At this moment, only Qin Luosheng was left in his eyes, and his thoughts were only the thought of killing. No matter where he was, he did not dare to stop him, his body did not stop at all.
This guy, the road is narrow!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know the punishment for doing hands in the Dragon Palace, but under such a serious situation, where the Dragon Clan leaders were all present, he didn\'t give the Dragon Emperor face on the spot and even called his name directly. This tm is simply bold.
The human race has many rules, but compared with the human race, other races are even more hierarchical, and the upper ones can even dominate the life and death of the lower ones.
The Dragon Emperor is the emperor of the Dragon Clan, a supreme clan, and represents the face of the Dragon Clan, so he is so disrespectful by his clan members. If this is spread out, I don\'t know how many people will see the dragon clan\'s jokes.
"Black Dragon King Longyuan, crime one: using force in the Dragon Palace, crime two: offending the Dragon Emperor, crime three: disrespect of the dragon clan, crime four: losing the dragon god\'s legacy, crime five: privately tuned the army to invade the human race, and now, multiple crimes are both punished."
The golden pupils of the Dragon Emperor gleamed with its bright brilliance, and easily suppressed Long Yuan, shouted coldly, and counted the crimes of Long Yuan: "Where is the elder of Xingdian?"
"The old dragon is here!" A thin old man in a black robe with a righteous face stepped out and bowed slightly.
The Dragon Sovereign shook his hand, restrained Long Yuan, and pulled him back from his violent state, transformed back into a human form, and put on the shackles, "Stay Long Yuan, put him in a prison for the time being, and wait for his death."
"Yes!" The Xingdian elder took the order: "Follow the order of the Dragon Emperor!"
"I\'m not convinced!" Long Yuan, who was handcuffed by the Dragon Qi yoke, struggled. "Dragon Emperor, are you favoring this human race? He is a thief who steals the treasure of my dragon race. You bastard..."
"Yes, Dragon Sovereign, Long Yuan\'s crime is inexcusable, but his words are justified. In any case, this person in front of me not only stole my Dragon Clan\'s treasure, but also strayed wildly in the sacred Dragon Palace. Not only was he insulting. I waited, and my ancestors of the dragon clan were also involved. It is really inexcusable and should be executed."
"I, Dragon King Longlie, ask the Dragon King to kill this person!"
"I, Dragon King Longmiao, ask the Dragon King to kill this person!"
"I, Dragon King Longzhen, ask the Dragon King to kill this person!"
"I, Fenglongwang Longbao, ask the Dragon King to kill this person!"
"I, the Black Dragon clan, ask the Dragon King to kill this person!"
"Xingdian, ask the Dragon Emperor to kill this person!"
"Doudian, ask Dragon Emperor to kill this person!"
"Dragon City Division Eighteen Guards, ask the Dragon Emperor to kill this person!"
"The Presbyterian Church, ask the Dragon Emperor to kill this person!"
Someone takes the lead and naturally someone responds.
In an instant.
The entire Dragon Palace began to boil.
no way.
Qin Luosheng is really hateful.
Originally, he passed the Dragon God trial, and many dragons had already accepted him, but the messy spray just now sprayed away the friendship that had just emerged.
This is just great.
Except for the Dragon King who took care of the overall situation, all the other senior dragon clan members stood on the opposite side. In that way, I can\'t wait to cramp him and peel it off.
The Dragon Emperor started to have a pain in his head.
As the emperor of the dragon clan, not only the strength is the first in the dragon clan, but the bloodline is also a well-deserved dragon among the group. However, an emperor does not have pure strength.
right now.
All the dragon races are opposed to it, and a dragon emperor in his neighborhood, under such a general situation, looks so fragile and weak.
Even if he is now forcibly suppressed in the name of the Dragon King, after today, this group of people will renounce their virtues and will not regard him as the Dragon King. By then, he, the Dragon King, will survive in name only, and will completely become a widow.
"Crying Soul, what do you say?"