Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 293: Dragon God Imperial Order
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 293: Dragon God Imperial Order

"what\'s going on?"
Qin Luosheng was stunned in an instant.
I passed the trial?
Did I hatch that dragon egg?
Obviously I remember clearly that the Dragon Power that was enlarged by the Dragon God three times in a row was directly crushed and there was no bones left. Didn\'t this fail? Why did it pass?
look up.
Sweep around.
This is a resplendent and antique room, without asking, Qin Luosheng also knows where it is.
Dragon island.
It must be Dragon Island undoubtedly.
This decoration, this style, will never belong to the human world.
"I don\'t know what\'s going on, but it should be a good thing, right?"
Qin Luosheng scratched his head. If he couldn\'t figure it out, he immediately left it behind. If he got a bargain, he wanted to make trouble and let the family take it back? Who is that stupid?
"Come on, let me see how amazing the reward is for the completion of the sss trial mission and the hatching of the dragon egg left by the dragon god."
Rubbing his hands, Qin Luosheng\'s heart became extremely hot, and he began to check the trophy.
Long Shen Imperial Order
Type: Token
grade:? ? ?
Demand: None
Binder: Weeping Soul!
Effect: Four basic attributes +200, luck +10, charm +20, toughness +20, comprehension +20, concentration +20
Features: non-tradable, non-stolen, non-drop, non-discard
Special effects: [Dragon God Imperial Order] Only those who approve the Dragon God can obtain it. Those who hold the Dragon God Imperial Order have the same status as the Dragon Emperor. They are the most noble guest of the Dragon Clan and are regarded as the Dragon Lord!
Incidental skills: [Dragon Lord Summon] consumes no cost, can summon a dragon to fight for you (summoning formula: current transfer +1, current strength +1), maximum duration 10 minutes, cooling time: 24 hours!
Introduction: The token given by the Dragon God himself represents the supreme authority of the Dragon God. Even though it has no real power, it has the same status as the Dragon Emperor and is the supreme dragon clan. All dragon clan must respect this in order to show respect. At the same time, the person who has the Dragon Gods Imperial Order is granted the title of Dragon Lord and has the right to summon guards.
I R?
Qin Luosheng had a numb scalp.
I originally thought it was just a gold medal, but at best it was a symbol of honor and status. I never thought that in addition to these two symbols, it also has such abnormal attributes.
The four basic attributes of 200 points are equivalent to the total attribute of 800 points added, which is almost burst. It is the most aggressive one among all the equipment acquired so far, not one of them.
Basic attributes are nothing more. Even the hidden attributes are also an increase in the table. Except for the lucky value which is increased by 10 points, all the others are 20 points. Even if the charm value reaches MAX because of the master of the stars, it does not work, which one is not. Top priority?
Even with this simple increase, the value of this [Dragon God Imperial Order] is by no means less than a piece of legendary equipment. Besides, this product has special effects and incidental skills.
Not to mention the special effects, they are all dry goods. Don\'t think that they don\'t seem to have any increase in combat effectiveness, but this privilege is the best reward.
With it, you can become the dragon lord with the same status as the dragon king. In this way, you can walk sideways on Dragon Island!
Those old dragon clan elders, dragon kings, elders who stared with cross-brows before, dare to give their expressions a try? Can\'t smoke him!
There is also the only incidental skill-[Dragon Lord Summon]!
The introduction seems ordinary, but in fact, it is extremely scary.
Summoning formula: current job transfer +1, current strength +1!
What does this mean?
For example, Qin Luosheng is now at level 27, and his surface strength (without the ability to increase amplification) is almost about gold. After all, it is simply higher than attributes, isn\'t it? Then the dragon guard he summoned was an epic powerhouse with at least Rank 2 and 30.
This may not be obvious.
Once Qin Luosheng upgrades to level 30 and completes the second rank, then use this skill again, this time he will summon the lowest third rank, 50-level epic powerful BOSS!
Who can compare?
Sending this product can simply sweep the world invincible!
Among other things, level 50 versus level 30, three-turn versus two-turn, the huge gap of 20 levels alone is hard to make up.
"Sure enough, the task of sss is awesome, this reward is absolutely incredible!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help himself.
This [Dragon God Imperial Order] is too fierce.
The increase in attributes and ancillary skills are so suspended. The most important thing is that it does not occupy a limited equipment area. Just put it in the backpack and occupy a dispensable backpack space grid to take effect.
The food is grass and the milk is milked.
Is there anything more perfect than it?
"Next, the blood of the Dragon God!"
The beauty is greatly reduced [Dragon God Imperial Order] Putting it into the backpack, Qin Luosheng is too happy to see the soaring attributes. He stretched out his hand and took out the three gold bottles that contained terrifying energy.
Dragon Blood
Type: Blood
grade:? ? ?
effect:? ? ?
Introduction: Dragon Gods blood contains extremely strong energy and unknown abilities. It is said that after swallowing it, you can gain Dragon Gods power, evolve your blood, and increase your body! (Note: If there is no dragon blood in the body, it will be rejected by the blood of the dragon god, and the dragon with too weak blood will fail to withstand the strength and burst into death)
Damn it!
Is it so perverted?
"MD, did it!"
Qin Luosheng stared at the three golden bottles of about 1000ML, gritted his teeth, opened one of them, and poured it down in one breath.
"For those who are brave, starve to death. I have signed a blood contract with the dragon egg. I have the blood of the highest level of true dragon in my body, and it is considered to have the blood of the dragon. If this is the case, how can the blood of the dragon **** be let go? "
Closing his eyes, Qin Luosheng waited for the trial to come.
After a long while, nothing happened.
"what\'s the situation?"
Qin Luosheng touched his stomach in confusion, puzzled.
Is it good or bad, do you behave the same? ! !
A bottle of Dragon Gods blood was poured into it, and there was no other reaction besides being full, which made me very embarrassed!
"Ding, you drink the blood of the Dragon God, health value +10000, mana value +10000, health recovery speed +2%/sec, magic recovery speed +2%/sec!"
"Ding, due to the evolution of the Dragon Gods blood, your dragon power effect has increased, your bloodline has evolved, and your skills [True Dragon Transformation (False)] have changed!"
Qin Luosheng was ecstatic and quickly opened the skill bar.
[Longwei] No consumption, you can awaken only if you have the blood of a real dragon in your body. Passive effect: Monsters of level 30 or less will not attack actively. Active effect: The power of the true dragon, shocking the sky, is regarded as the enemy\'s target by you, all attributes are forcibly reduced by 20%, and the same target can only take effect once. Note: After using this skill, the hatred value of the stunned target will be Locked firmly on you.
Has all attributes decreased by 10% to 20%? Fully doubled?
Qin Luosheng almost fainted without happiness.
This is a BUG-level skill. It compulsively deprives the enemy of a certain percentage of all attributes including health and mana. Even if the effect is only increased by a small amount, it is also greatly improved. Now it is directly overturned by the blood of the real dragon. Times, it\'s really horrible.
Worthy of being the blood of the Dragon God, it is so awesome!
[Dragon Blood Burns] No consumption, burns the blood of the real dragon in the body, awakens the mighty power of the dragon, effects: all attributes +199%, attack power +199%, defense power +199%, speed +199%, attack speed + 199%, additional madness effect, weakened pain, and invalidated by the attacker\'s pain shielding. At the same time, there is a plundering effect in the attack, which can absorb the vitality of the target to make up for its physical strength. Duration: 30 minutes, cooling time: three days. After using the skills, he fell into a period of weakness for a day.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?