Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 292: Qin Luosheng
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 292: Qin Luosheng

"Of course!" Su Yulan couldn\'t help but gave Qin Luosheng a white look: "I can\'t play games anymore? I am the first batch of players to enter the "Dimension of Destiny", now it is level sixteen!"
"Oh, then you are awesome."
Qin Luosheng rolled his eyes vaguely.
The first batch of Destiny\'s official group gave a total of 100 million game devices, of which China has only 10 million. They are indeed lucky if they can get it.
As the first batch of veteran players, you are only at level 16, hovering between the third and second echelons. What about der?
"What is the look in your eyes?"
The goddess is much more sensitive than the men. Even though Qin Luosheng\'s eyes are very vague, he was caught by Goddess Su. He stomped his feet on the spot and said with a pouting dissatisfaction: "I still have to go to work during the day, just playing at night. Playing, its definitely not as good as others. Huh, you still dislike me, how many levels do you have?"
"Level Twenty!"
Qin Luosheng hesitated, chose a number that was neither high nor low, and answered the past.
This wood-like performance made many uncles and aunts who were walking and passing by look speechless.
A big beauty with 95 points is right in front of you, acting cute and acting like a coquettish, that\'s all you?
Worthy of being alone!
But Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help it.
He didn\'t have the slightest experience in dealing with this situation, and the girl was beautiful, but his head pain was real head pain.
In desperation, I can only hand over the initiative of the chat.
The girl asked, Diaosi answered.
What a harmonious scene! ! !
"Wow, boss!"
Su Yuran suddenly screamed, holding her hands on her chest, a pair of bright eyes shining with stars, and a fan girl looked at Ouba: "Can you take someone to level? Its so slow to level up alone. "
"You haven\'t brought it yet?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe it.
No one brought such a high-quality goddess?
In previous games, as long as it is a girl, even if she looks like a dinosaur, there are a bunch of flies around her. What\'s more, "Dimension of Destiny" scans the real body and generates the basic body. There is no need to worry about shemales. It is 100% gender recognition. There are 20% up and down pinch faces, dinosaurs become beautiful women, and beautiful women become Diaochan.
A goddess of Su Yulan\'s level, as long as a man is not blind, not gay, will he have a little thought?
"Yes! But I don\'t like them." Goddess Su honestly replied: "Their eyes make me feel sick, huh, do you really think I am a little girl who knows nothing about the world? With a dirty purpose and In an attempt, I will not play with such people!"
"Hey!" Qin Luosheng was a little upset, "Isn\'t it right for men to like women? If they are not interested in you, who will approach you? With that effort, isn\'t it good to play games by yourself?"
Don\'t blame Qin Luosheng\'s indignation.
In his previous life, there were friends around him who were taken as fools and were played around.
you said.
Everyone is an adult, what\'s in your mind, don\'t you have a B number?
Friends are okay, once or twice, it doesn\'t matter.
But those of the opposite **** who have just met invite you out, dont they just have ideas, since you promised so happily, then you have to give it a chance. What is the ambiguity, is it a joke? He was thick-skinned like a city wall, and he was eating and drinking all the way. When he got serious, he was always hanging like this. When someone is a long-term meal ticket?
"I didn\'t mean that!" Goddess Su raised her mouth again: "I have never had too much contact with offline colleagues, and all the people who chased me have definitely rejected it. In the game, I only talked with my girlfriends and female colleagues. Lets play, but those guys just want to get together and cant drive them away. What can I do?"
Qin Luosheng was sweating coldly.
This big girl is really sincere!
What do you look like, don\'t you have any points?
With such a face that harms the country and the people, still want to live in peace?
Stop dreaming.
"Okay OK, sorry, I misunderstood you."
Qin Luosheng was completely speechless.
At the same time, he was a little embarrassed, because he was preconceived and brought in the experiences of his former friends and wronged them.
Such a girl is still single now, and she must be a clean person.
Look at the appearance, look at the eyes, not like the legendary green tea, the kind of scum girl with countless spare tires.
"It\'s not too early, just come here, and you will be tired after a day at work. Go back and rest early!"
Qin Luosheng immediately wanted to slip.
Diosi\'s mentality couldn\'t be changed for a while, and he was a little bit inferior and a little confused, and he was really at a loss when facing the goddess.
hard to imagine.
A man who is not even afraid of Dragon God is actually afraid of women? ! !
"Hey, when will I be free, I will treat you to dinner!"
Su Juran said loudly.
"Let\'s talk more when you have time!"
Qin Luo ascended back.
"Huh, what, is this goddess so scary? She ran away."
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s back, Goddess Su was very upset and pursed her mouth again, "VX won\'t answer, the phone won\'t answer, she just played games, now I have encountered it by accident, and I am so **** off. No matter what, anyway, if you have contact information and know where you live, this young lady must take good care of it. It is hard to find such an interesting man, yet so MAN, this young lady will never let it go."
Su Yulan couldn\'t help but think of that dark night, a man who had just fled in embarrassment like a heroic figure of a soldier from the sky, pulling her out of the dark abyss, for a moment, a little silly.

Qin Luosheng, who fled home embarrassedly, the more he thought about it, the more unpleasant he was. He directly slapped himself, hating iron and iron, and cursed: "It\'s really a coercion. The girl who came here didn\'t dare to contact him any more. She deserves to be single for a lifetime.
"Oh, forget it, don\'t think about those useless, goddess, goddess, what\'s the use of coming?"
Shaking his head, Qin Luosheng returned to his room, lay on the bed directly, and took the game connection device: "Huh, how can women have fun games? I specialize in Tibetan Dragon Pavilion Qingwu, Die Wu, Die Meng, and Die Qin. Fragrant? Luoshenju You Mengmeng is a full-time master who is extremely capable of playing, and whose skill is proportional to the value of the face, as well as the legendary charming maid. Isn\'t this fragrant? What more three-dimensional girl? "
Lincoln is dead!
Not in a day, like every three autumns.
After sleeping for more than a day, I dont know how it is now?
The consciousness sank, then the white light flashed, and Qin Luosheng appeared in the world of destiny.
Before he could see the surrounding scene clearly, he received sanctions from the system in his ears, and the sound of notifications bombarded him, making his mind dizzy.
"Ding, congratulations on hatching a legendary pet and gaining 10,000 reputation points!"
"Ding, congratulations to your legendary pet for being ranked first in the pet list. Does it reveal the ID?"
"The ten-second countdown has passed, and the system reveals it by default!"
"Ding, congratulations on completing the second stage of the sss task [Trial of the Dragon] and completing the [Trial of the Dragon God] to get the approval of the Dragon God. Reward: Dragon God Imperial Order*1, a wisp of Dragon God power, Dragon Gods Blood*3, Dragon God Scale*5!"
"Ding, your sss task [Dragon Tribe] has been changed, please check it out!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?