Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 288: Dragon God presents the final trial
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 288: Dragon God presents the final trial

Qin Luosheng felt sick on the spot.
What infertile stuff is this Nima?
At this point in the arduous battle, I was almost pitted by the so-called **** of death, and even the legendary real dragon was slaughtered, and the level has not been cleared?
Is the sss task so abnormal?
Do not.
This has been out of the category of perversion, but has no solution.
"What should we do now?"
Rao is the determined Qin Luosheng, and at this moment is also lost in confusion.
What can I do if I am not confused?
The negative effect of Burning Dragons Blood will exist for one day. In the next 24 hours, his all attributes are only 10% of the peak period. The rule-level BUG power of the Lord of the Stars is also used, and the remaining time of the trial is less than ten minutes. ,What else can this be done, can it be earthshaking?
"I really didn\'t expect that the end I thought was not the end. I was so happy."
With a wry smile and shook his head, Qin Luosheng really gave up this time.
In this state, what to use to fight for the next trial level, which is far behind the legendary boss like the real dragon. Even if the trial boss is not mythical level, it must be a stronger legendary level.
Even killing real dragons is won by opening and hanging, and now there is no hanging, what can I do?
Give up!
Can I stop playing? ! !
"Oh, it\'s really hard for me!"
Lost his fighting spirit and ideals, Qin Luosheng rested for a while, recovered some physical strength, looked at the star-shining crystal coins on the ground, thought about it, and got up, upholding the principle of not wasting, he picked them up one by one and stuffed them all. Into the backpack.
At any rate, it is a trophy. Even if there is only one purpose for beautiful decoration, you can\'t ignore it. What if this thing will be of great use in the future?
Walking all the way, picking up all the way, without realizing it, Qin Luosheng walked to the front of the Dragon God map.
look up.
Looking at the huge dragon **** map, the great dragon swimming in the universe, stepping on the galaxy and using planets as marbles, for some reason, the ghost reached out and touched it.
"Young man, congratulations on reaching the last step. Are you ready? Next, is the final trial."
In an instant.
A vigorous vicissitudes of life, full of indifferent but full of majestic voice sounded.
"You are, Dragon God?"
Qin Luosheng was stunned, staring at the Dragon God picture that was originally thought to be a dead thing. The dragon eyes flashed and the dragon\'s mouth moved slightly, and he was almost scared to pee on the spot.
"I am a strand of will, the strand of will left before the Dragon God left!"
The Dragon God replied: "You are the seventh tester who initiated the Supreme Trial, and the third one to reach the final level. Congratulations."
"Is it so outrageous?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his ears.
This Nima has been around for many years, only seven have actually started the trial, and only three have come to his current step. This number is no longer a simple "less" character.
"Excuse me, did the first two seniors who broke through the barrier pass your final test?"
Qin Luo raised his hand to ask questions.
"not at all!"
The answer of the Dragon God made Qin Luosheng feel cold, "The first seven trials are all dragons. You are the first foreign race to start the trial. Perhaps you can break the 0 clearance rate of the Dragon God trial so far, Human race , That is the family of heavenly family with infinite possibilities and able to create an infinite future!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
Don\'t tell me, boss, my head hurts, I want to be quiet.
I\'m just a small one-turned rookie, ordinary human being, do I need to kill it like this?
Even the seven talented dragon races in front of them challenged the trials set by the Dragon God, possessing the advantages of this race and all of them failed miserably. How can I be wishful thinking for myself as a human race?
"Are you willing to accept the final trial?"
Dragon God asked again.
Qin Luosheng: "..."
You stared at me and asked, why would I dare to answer NO?
I\'m afraid that the next moment you are going to raise all the ashes?
"Of course I do!"
Qin Luosheng agreed without hesitation.
All of them have passed the nine trial levels, and they just missed the door, and it is really unwilling to give up!
Even if it is ten dead and no life, I, Qin Luosheng, have to be **** it today!
"Very well, your courage is worthy of appreciation!"
As the dragon myth sounded, there was a burst of irresistible suction on the dragon **** map, which instantly swept Qin Luosheng\'s body into the dragon **** map.
this is
When he recovered dizzyly, Qin Luosheng realized that he was no longer in the Dragon Temple, but in the deep infinite universe, in the boundless starry sky.
"Illusory Realm?"
In the endless darkness of the universe, the stars are dotted, and the bright Qin Luosheng almost can\'t open his eyes.
The universe, galaxies, galaxies, planets, comets, planets, meteorite groups,...
Everything is in sight.
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
When facing the whole universe alone, the experience is unparalleled.
The millet of the sea?
Sand of the Ganges?
It\'s too small.
In front of the universe, human beings are really tiny to the extreme.
"Dependent origination, demise, predestined generation and gathering, I know, my dragon origin?"
The words of Dragon God sounded in Qin Luosheng\'s ears.
"I don\'t know."
Qin Luosheng shook his head and replied honestly.
Even though the torrents of the past life have seen a lot, the ghost knows what the background of "Fate Dimension" is, and the real world says wrong words and slander. Here lawless, beyond the shackles of the law, it is a god, a devil, at every turn. Ah, it\'s better to keep a low profile.
Listening to the hidden meaning of Dragon God\'s words, isn\'t this just about pretending to be forced? As an ant, the boss needs to be equipped, and you have to disturb the Yaxing of others? I\'m afraid I don\'t know how to write the word "dead".
"My dragon..."
It started, he started.
Sure enough, as soon as the dragon legend turns, it is necessary to tell the origin of the dragon family.
To this.
Qin Luosheng expressed his welcome.
The dragon gods accompany you to chat and tell you stories. This is a special treatment that the dragon emperor doesn\'t have. Who can be stupid enough to not give face?
"Oh, forget it, you are too weak, knowing too much now is useless."
Qin Luosheng: "..."
I R? ! !
I took off my pants, so just tell me this?
"Is the little things left behind at the time when they are born?"
A brilliance flashed across the dragon god\'s pupils, Qin Luosheng\'s backpack was instantly broken, and the mysterious dragon egg placed inside galloped out and fell in front of him.
"Bloodline sharing, soul contract, you really are the one I\'m waiting for!"
The Dragon God looked at Qin Luosheng with a complicated expression, and there was something indescribable in the vicissitudes of the dragon pupil.
Am I the one you are waiting for?
Qin Luosheng instantly looked dazed.
What kind of brain circuit is planned for this game, what kind of dialogue designed by Nima, I know the words, but I don\'t understand the words?
"Please also Dragon God to solve the puzzle!"
Contacting the mysterious dragon egg, angering the dragon clan, and then being forced to come to the dragon island, forcibly participating in the highest trial of the dragon clan, to this step through all the obstacles, this series of tasks is really long enough.
After all, it is the task of the same level as the master of the stars, and the complexity is understandable. Besides, this god, the gods are talking about them, and it is normal that they can\'t keep up with their thinking.
"The spirit of wisdom has not been opened, the memory has not been awakened, the true spirit is still chaotic,...a pity, pity!"
Dragon God shook his head and did not respond to Qin Luosheng. He just stretched out his finger and lightly tapped the mysterious dragon egg floating in front of him, "Are you ready? The final trial is about to begin!"