Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 282: Broken Dragon Body
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 282: Broken Dragon Body

"I--I don\'t think--I will lose!"
Leaning on the horns of the real dragon, Qin Luosheng, who held [Panlong Lishui] firmly, uttered an unyielding cry, immortal warfare, and went straight into the sky.
"is it?"
Feeling Qin Luosheng\'s will and belief, Zhenlong\'s original actions stopped, allowing him to stand on his head temporarily, just as Hong Zhong\'s voice could not help but become a little low: "You are really, brave!"
"Hey, you are a fire dragon, right?"
Qin Luosheng suddenly asked.
"Yes, I am the fire dragon clan!"
True Dragon replied.
"Since this is the case, then I may have found a way to win!"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyelids twitched, but there was a smile on the corners of his mouth: "The heavens and the earth are all living and restraining each other, especially the five elements. You are a fire dragon, I attack with water, won\'t you be defeated?"
"Oh? Do you still attack?"
The real dragon replied in confusion: "Could it be that you are also a demon and martial artist at a young age?"
"No, I am not!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head, and smiled weakly, "However, I have a baby that can activate the water element."
"Then I am going to open my eyes."
The true dragons tone has no joy or sorrow, and cant hear the change in his heart, "Come on, lets start, I can feel that the power of the true dragons blood in your body is about to run out. If you dont hurry, you will change at that time. It\'s weaker than it is now."
"Okay, then I am coming!"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath and took out the Water Vein Lingzhu.
"Water pulse!"
In an instant.
The torrent is rolling, and the water is torrential.
With the power of the Water Vein Spirit Orb, the surging flood gushed out, falling from the top of the real dragon\'s head, washing his huge body.
The 15*15 attack range obviously cannot cover a real dragon with a body length of 100 meters, but it can\'t do it vertically, but it does horizontally. Suddenly, the real dragon is covered with a shower of head and face.
Zi Zi Zi
The collision of water and fire blended with each other, canceled each other and extinguished each other, and made a sizzling sound.
At the same time, the water vapor rises, and the dense white smoke begins to diffuse, rise, and gradually accumulate, and begins to form clouds in the sky.
"Water Lingzhu?"
The real dragon took a very unexpected look: "I didn\'t expect that there are a lot of treasures in your hand. First, the Dragon Slashing Sword, and then the Blood Sword that contains the spirit of the army and the strong evil spirit. Now even the Water Spirit Orb is taken out... Come, you are not as simple as you think. The saint son of the Immortal Holy Land? The emperor of the ancient dynasty? Or the inheritance of the Sejong Gate?"
No no no.
I\'m just an ordinary person. Please don\'t make up for it.
"Never mind. Anyway, you are going to die under my hand. It doesn\'t matter who you are."
The true dragon did not delve into it, shook his head slightly, and said: "Well, the last chance is given to you. This is a reward for your bravery. It\'s a pity that you are still too weak. Even if you have Water Spirit Orbs, even if you know that water and fire are incompatible. , But it can only reach this level and it has no effect on me."
Qin Luosheng laughed wildly: "It\'s useless? That\'s not necessarily!-The essence of the water, burst me!" (PS: [Essence of the water] Summon the water stored in the water vein spirit orb, contaminate the water , Water poisoning, body ulceration, insoluble with ordinary drugs. Cooling time: seven days!)
The terrifying Lishui was released by Qin Luosheng, and it flowed down from the top of the real dragon, dripping over half of his dragon\'s body.
Ordinary water is very light in texture and highly permeable. However, it is very heavy when separated from water. Its appearance looks similar to mercury, but its corrosiveness is far from that of mercury.
This is not.
I just came out and came into contact with the real dragon, and immediately white smoke rose up again. This time it was not the water vapor formed by the collision between water and fire, but the intense corrosion.
The scales of the dragon are hard and the skin is thick, but under the action of leaving the water, it is directly corroded into smoke, ulcerated and even melted, and it quickly touches the tender meat inside.
The scales melted, the skin pierced and the flesh rotted, so painful, even the real dragon could not hold it, and let out a painful dragon chant.
"Brother, you like to teach me great principles, but unfortunately, you don\'t know yourself when you are in the game."
Seeing the effect of Lishui, Qin Luosheng suddenly laughed: "You must know that the lion fights the rabbit and uses all your strength. Do you really think that I have come all the way to get to your level. Is it really luck? I am weak, but my body There are many things."
"As early as when you flew out of the summoning formation, I saw that you were a fire dragon, and I started to bury you. My [Panlong Lishui], every attack will inject [Lishui] into your body. Not only does it make your body heavier, but it also penetrates and accumulates in your body."
"Now, once it detonates, your skin and tender flesh on the outside of your scales are corroded, and your internal organs and meridians are also robbed by this. Two sides are attacked, two-pronged, how does it feel?"
The real dragon was furious: "Weeping soul, you **** it!"
"Sorry, I also know that the secret calculation is not bright." Qin Luosheng said with an apologetic expression: "It\'s just that this trial is really too important. It\'s about the way I\'m going. I have to do everything possible to clear the customs. .You are just the will come, the body is not the main body, and it has no effect on you. If you have the opportunity to meet in the future, you will be apologized.
"Hmph, do you think that you can solve me just by leaving the water?" The real dragon whistled: "You also know that this is a trial. In that case, I will kill you now, and your trial will fail. No matter what you do before the battle is over, its all useless."
"NONONO!" Qin Luosheng shook his finger: "The corrosion from water is just the first step. And this is my ultimate move."
[Panlong Lishui] Take it back, [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] hold firmly.
"excuse me!"
With a jump, Qin Luosheng jumped off the top of the real dragon\'s head and slid down his back.
"Is it here?"
I used to resist the burning fire and violently attacked the head, injecting Lishui, and Lishui flowed down the blood vessels, leaving the position of the head, and finally gathered here in the internal organs?
"It seems to be! Tsk tsk, this corrosive ability is really strong!"
Glancing at the big hole where the flesh is deeply visible, the water poison in it is still playing its role. Qin Luosheng was the initiator, and couldn\'t help feeling cold.
This thing is really scary!
It hasn\'t been so exaggerated before, but after devouring [Lishui Demon Core] and awakening [Lishui Essence], has the effect of Lishui increased to such a degree?
"This is the last desperate move, [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers], give it to me!"
With both hands on the hilt of the sword, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes flashed crazily, and he aimed at his feet. Because of the violent corrosion, the dragon scales were damaged, the dragon skin was torn, the dragon flesh opened, the keel melted, blood stained, and the meridians and internal organs were faintly visible. In the perfect place, he used his whole body\'s strength and severely chopped it down.
Like a broken bamboo, I still cut tofu.
With a single sword, the **** brilliance of the sword blade of [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] flickered, and the power of [Broken ArmyBroken Broken] was brought into play. It moved from virtualization to reality, and the sharp blade easily broke through without the dragon The body of a real dragon defended by a scaly dragon skin dragon flesh keel.
Surface corrosion, internal corrosion.
Has turned into a bunch of rotten flesh, how can it withstand the force of breaking the army with the attributes of "breaking" and "breaking", under the wild roar of Qin Luosheng, the sword of [Blood Soldier] Brazenly drew a circle around the dragon\'s body.
A soft sound.
The body of the real dragon is broken!