Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 281: Dragon Awakening
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 281: Dragon Awakening

The extreme high temperature calcination, Qin Luosheng, who was in the sea of ??flames, naturally took the brunt of it, and his whole body was enveloped.
Qin Luosheng was very fortunate. Fortunately, it was just a virtualized data battle. Otherwise, he would have become ashes in a second, the real bones were gone, and the ashes disappeared.
Even if it is a virtualized battle, it is only based on data, but the damage of up to 20,000 points per second is also extremely terrifying. If it were not for the 99% increase in all attributes of the dragon\'s blood and the 100% increase in health of the ice muscle, it would With his 30,000 health points, he couldn\'t hold on for two seconds.
The most important thing is not the health value, but the pain, the ultimate pain.
How strong is the pain of being burnt?
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know before, but he knows now.
Even if the pain rate is reduced to 10% because of system adjustment, the pain of burning fire is definitely not easily tolerable.
Moreover, this is not a moment of pain, but it is burning all the time, all over the body, from head to toe, every part is in the sea of ??fire and suffering.
"Go to you, die for the Lord!"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were red, bloodshot in his pupils.
The extreme pain is not only destroying his nerves and beliefs step by step, but also constantly forcing him into a mad dog situation.
The frantic burning of the flame did not make Qin Luosheng collapse, but instead aroused his violence and made him even more mad.
Sword shadow bursts, sword aura.
In the sea of ??flames, Qin Luosheng held back the severe pain, and launched an offensive that was even worse than just now.
"What a terrible guy!"
The true dragon was also moved. For the first time, the first time his tone changed from arrogant and disdainful to admiration and surprise, "However, there is too much disparity between you and me. Your will and belief are worthy of recognition, but facing absolute This is completely useless and useless."
The real dragon asked in a deep voice: "Human, what\'s your name?"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth and replied: "...cry...soul..."
"Weeping soul?" The real dragon uttered a long chant: "Human race, weeping soul, I recognize you! You are a true warrior, and I will give the warrior the respect that this phantom body can exert. The strongest posture comes to fight you."
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
Boss, this is not necessary!
Let\'s be reasonable, don\'t have to do these bells and whistles, OK?
I\'m already miserable enough, so don\'t get into trouble again, okay?
Burning in the sea of ??flames doesn\'t work, but more fierce ones?
Please be a man!
"Dragon Awakens, drink!"
The prayer in Qin Luosheng\'s heart didn\'t have any effect. The real dragon didn\'t follow his will, and immediately started to evolve with a loud shout.
The stalwart dragon power was released, and the majestic energy swept the entire Dragon Temple.
The flames on the true dragon went out, and replaced by a domineering aura of heaven and earth, but my dominance, crushing down, shocked Qin Luosheng.
If it is said that he faced a real dragon before, Qin Luosheng felt that he was facing a dragon, a high-level life, the top of the biological chain. The current real dragon made Qin Luosheng feel that he was facing a god, an unspeakable great existence, completely free of the so-called biological chain and beyond the existence of the dimension.
Detection technique!
True Dragon (Legendary BOSS)
Level: 35
Health value: 12000000
Magic value: 3500000
Physical attack: 150000
Magic attack: 85000
Physical defense: 68000
Magic defense: 50000
Speed: 3000
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Dragon, the former overlord of heaven and earth, swept across the universe, encompassing the universe, the eight wilds and six ties, the ten thousand tribes and all the souls, all bowed their heads, the dragon evolves into a dragon, and the dragon evolves into a dragon. Even though the evolved dragons have different talents and mighty combat power, the transformed dragon blood is always impure, and there is no dragon inheritance secret method, so it is difficult to be recognized by the true dragon family. True dragons mostly refer to the descendants of the first dragon ancestor dragon in the world. They are born to inherit the secrets of the dragon family through their bloodlines and obtain the great tactics. At the same time, they can greatly activate the blood of the true dragon and the power of the true dragon, and shock Wan Ling is the length of the real scale armor, the supreme aquatic.
Qin Luosheng:...
I am too hard.
Is there still a king\'s law?
Is there any reason?
Is there still a law?
Lao Tzu endured the pain of being burned by the fire, just for the little hope that remained, hoping to trigger the one-shot effect and win the battle.
Do you know how great the pain of being surrounded by flames and being burned everywhere is?
I\'ve been so miserable, why do you want to add fuel to the fire?
Exert your ultimate strength?
Show the strongest posture?
Give respect?
Do not.
I don\'t need your respect, you should change back to just now! ! !
"Really, has, reached, the limit, has it?"
Qin Luosheng, who was still twitching with blue smoke all over his body, had no vision, watching the Dragon Blood Burning Shang has stepped into the countdown in seconds, and looked up at the gorgeous dome dragon pattern, slightly confused. .
"Is everything I\'ve tried meaningless? In the face of absolute strength, what will, what belief, what persistence, ... all, is it meaningless?"
Strongly propped up, Qin Luosheng stood up, looking at the attributes of the true dragon at this moment, he was silent.
too strong.
It\'s really like a god, it\'s hard to beat it.
Am I going to fight this kind of existence?
The sss trial did not disappoint those three s!
"Weeping Soul, you are too strong. Even the younger generation of my Dragon Clan can hardly get to this point under the highest trial set by Lord Dragon God."
The true dragon sound like Hongzhong: "You are extremely talented, and you lack the heart to fear the dragons, and you also have the dragon sword. In time, you will be the enemy of my dragons. Today, I must kill you here and destroy your slash Dragon Sword.You are a real warrior, a real strong man, to show respect for you, I allow you to leave a last word."
Qin Luosheng:...
Listen, listen, what are you talking about?
What do you mean by being too strong, you must behead me?
Is this full of certain anime eyes swollen?
Could it be.
You, a ninja who plays with wood?
[Anonymous novel] now.
Qin Luosheng finally understood the awkwardness of a certain nine-tailed fox at the time.
Obviously your uncle\'s breath or one hand can handle Lao Tzu, but he even said "You are too strong, you must be sealed/killed". Isn\'t it disgusting? Hypocritical?
"Last words?"
He murmured in his heart to death, but on the surface, Qin Luosheng, who had been burned by the fire for a long time, had already reached the limit of his physical strength and energy at this moment. He couldn\'t even stand steady.
The dragon egg in the backpack was beating at this moment, which originated from the connection of blood and the harmony of the heart. Its beating, and Qin Luosheng\'s heartbeat, gradually merged to form a frequency of the same coexistence.
In an instant.
Qin Luosheng has continuously reduced his fighting spirit, which is about to extinguish, instantly returns to its peak.
He held a sword and screamed up to the sky.
"I--I don\'t think--I will lose!"