Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 279: 9th Trial Real Dragon 2
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 279: 9th Trial Real Dragon 2

"Fuck? What is this Nima?"
Before seeing the master, Qin Luosheng almost was scared to pee.
Is this summoning formation open?
A rough sweep, Im afraid its thirty meters in diameter, right?
Your uncle!
Doesn\'t this indicate that the final BOSS, the body alone is almost 30 meters in diameter?
Especially mother, even when the Jiaolong evolved into a real dragon just now, his body was almost ten meters in diameter and fifty to sixty meters long!
The normal form of this dog thing is stronger than the ultimate trump card that the Dragon\'s life value is 10%, and the life is threatened, so it can still be played?
A high-pitched dragon chant.
Under Qin Luosheng\'s shocking gaze, a fire dragon over a hundred meters long with red light flew out of the summoning formation.
"Huh? It\'s not my Dragon Clan junior who is trying?"
Speeding through the sky, the quietly floating real dragon looked down and looked at Qin Luosheng with a surprised and horrified face, and said to himself with some confusion.
"I have seen seniors!"
Qin Luosheng gave a respectful salute.
People still have to give a little respect to their territory.
not to mention.
This guy is a real dragon. The blood of the real dragon contained in his body is not as good as the one in his body in perception, but it is not much different, and his status is definitely not low.
"When did my arrogant dragon race fall to the point where even the lowly human race can set foot in the temple?"
The dragon\'s eyes are slightly open, and the dragon\'s mouth opens slightly.
Originally, Qin Luosheng thought it was like a senior Dragon Race who was a real dragon in front of him.
Never thought.
It was really unbearable for this servant to utter such vulgar words.
Ha ha.
humble? Terran?
Are you afraid of living in a dream? ! !
My lord, the times have changed. Now its not your dragons world. You still have such an open-mouthed dragon, and a low-mouthed human. Who gives you the courage to say this?
Detection technique!
[True Dragon (Strengthen the epic boss of the pinnacle)]
Level: 30
Health value: 5000000
Magic value: 1800000
Physical attack: 70,000
Magic attack: 35000
Physical defense: 30000
Magic defense: 22000
Speed: 1750
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The dragon, the former overlord of heaven and earth, swept across the universe, encompassing the universe, the eight wilds and six fusions, the ten thousand races and all the souls, all bowed their heads, the dragon evolved into the dragon, and the dragon evolved into the dragon. The fighting power is strong, but the transformed dragon blood is always impure, and there is no dragon inheritance secret method, it is difficult to get the recognition of the true dragon family. True dragons mostly refer to the descendants of the first dragon ancestor dragon in the world. They are born to inherit the secrets of the dragon family through their bloodlines and obtain the great tactics. At the same time, they can greatly activate the blood of the true dragon and the power of the true dragon, and shock Wan Ling is the length of the real scale armor, the supreme aquatic.
30-level enhanced epic boss?
Qin Luosheng\'s heart burst.
This attribute seems to be the same as the half-step legendary BOSS of the Dragon\'s evolution, but it has been strengthened in a small part of the attribute.
But this was enough to make Qin Luosheng feel scared.
The Dragon\'s half-step legendary strength should be stronger than the pinnacle epic, right?
The fact is that the true dragon of this fire dragon is stronger than the half-step legend of the dragon.
Sure enough, it\'s a bloodline world, a real dragon is a real dragon, and the normal form is more fierce than the evolution of the flood dragon at the bottom of the box.
"Huh, one generation is inferior to one generation. The face of the Wulong clan is about to be lost by those incompetent juniors." Zhenlong snorted coldly: "For hundreds of years, since Longmo, no one can enter the sacred Temple, the younger generation who started the highest trial. I didnt expect that today, a human race will step into the temple to start the trial of Lord Dragon God. Also, since it is the will of Lord Dragon God, I should obey it. Human race, you Are you ready?"
"Senior please enlighten me."
There are only two minutes left for the Dragon Blood Burning. Even if the real dragon does not speak, Qin Luosheng will immediately do it. He is here to try, not to chat.
"Snake pace!"
"Ice muscle!"
Only the cooling time of four boosting skills improved, and Qin Luosheng blessed them all without hesitation.
"The power of ants is ridiculous!"
The true dragon glanced contemptuously, and his tone was full of disdainful sarcasm: "With this kind of power, do you want to pass the trial of Lord Dragon God? It\'s really a frog at the bottom of the well."
Qin Luosheng: Convex (ܳܳܳ)!
If you want to fight, fight, why do you talk so much?
"Aura Cloak, activation effect !"
"Consuming ten aura points, you gain flying ability for 1 minute!"
The body is astonishing, graceful as a dragon.
Qin Luo soared up, and under the blessing of super speed, turned into a stream of light and rushed forward.
"Do you dare to charge me? It seems that you can get this far, not a crooked way. With your courage, I recognize you and give you a gorgeous funeral."
Dragon\'s breath spit out, dragon tail swept away.
The huge body of the true dragon is destined to be a crushing attack, just like a human being fighting an ant. He doesn\'t want to use knives, spears, swords, and halberds.
"This dragon\'s breath!"
The breath of the real dragon went down, like a lava waterfall pouring down. The extreme high temperature made Qin Luosheng\'s face green from ten meters away. He had no doubt that if he was really hit, even if he did not die, his body would be Melted by burning.
"This guy is cruel enough. Does the ploughing attack like sweeping a hole want to defeat me in one fell swoop?"
Qin Luosheng\'s body slammed forward suddenly, activated the flight ability of the aura cloak, and dodged dangerously and dangerously when the dragon\'s breath was about to submerge.
"Want to escape? Humph, turn into ashes under my dragon\'s breath!"
You have Zhang Liangji, I have a wall ladder.
Qin Luosheng flies into the sky to avoid the dragon\'s breath, how can the real dragon have no way to deal with it?
Originally, the dragon\'s breath came out from the mouth, so it was easy to control.
I see.
The real dragon suddenly raised its head. The dragon\'s breath that originally spewed downwards and landed to form a sea of ??magma, instantly changed its direction and turned into a shock wave, and Qin Luo rose straight into the air.
"Really underestimated!"
Qin Luosheng sneered: "Although I am far inferior to you, do you want to kill me with this basic dragon\'s breath? You are afraid that you are living in a dream."
In an instant.
The famous scene appeared.
Relying on the super speed and flexible body, Qin Luosheng kept moving and moving, while the real dragon kept breathing out the dragon\'s breath and chasing away, in a posture of not giving up.
This picture looks like an anti-aircraft cannon hitting mosquitoes. At the same time, it is gorgeous and funny.
"The pace of the snake is simply a magical skill!"
Offense is the best defense.
The breath of the real dragon made it difficult for Qin Luosheng to advance, and it was as solid as gold.
Even if Qin Luosheng had difficulty breaking into the body, there was no danger to his life by relying on the speed of more than 3,000 at this moment, especially the effect of the swimming snake pace, which not only increased the speed, but also enhanced the coordination of the body and reduced the inertia, which is suitable for this kind of air combat .
I can\'t get in, and the real dragon can\'t touch me, which is a bit difficult.