Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 273: Jiaos teachings fight again
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 273: Jiaos teachings fight again

"I am ready, thank you for the three opportunities given by the boss!"
This time, Jiaolong was silent.
As a dragon clan, he could feel that the [Panlong Lishui] Qin Luosheng was holding at this moment was a great threat to him, as if he had encountered a natural enemy, from the trembling of the soul.
"It seems that we have transposed offense and defense!"
The silence of Jiaolong also made Qin Luosheng see some clues.
Now, he was relieved.
Even though [Panlong Lishui] is explosively strengthened, God knows whether the Jiaolong at this moment can work, but before he can try, Jiaolong\'s performance has given the answer.
"You kid, really can\'t be treated with common sense."
Jiaolong finally said: "This deity has never underestimated you. The reason why you keep pushing you into desperation is to see what hole cards you can have. Unexpectedly, it is really unexpected to force such a big killer. Not in time."
Qin Luosheng:...
"The power of the law, this supreme power, never expected that the deity would actually see it in a human little ghost, it is really incredible."
"It\'s a pity, it\'s a pity, this is only a trial after all, and the deity is only summoned by the Lord Dragon God, and his will comes, he has the heart but is powerless.
Qin Luosheng frowned slightly, with some doubts.
Intent but powerless?
What do you mean?
"Boy, teach you another lesson!"
Jiaolong quickly gave the answer, "Everyone is not guilty and guilty. Don\'t expose the treasure you can\'t protect in front of others, otherwise, you will know how cruel this world is!"
"--Perhaps you don\'t know, even the deity cannot suppress the greed in your heart. If you and I face each other today, no matter whether you can squeeze out your secrets, you will not be able to live."
Qin Luosheng instantly sweated.
Jiaolong was right.
Every husband is not guilty, and he is guilty of his crime.
The relatively peaceful human race is still like this. For some petty profits, it can be beaten and bloodied, and the family is destroyed, the corpses are everywhere, let alone the nature that is countless times more cruel than the human race?
In particular, the spirit and wisdom are greatly expanded, the cultivation way is good, and the existence of monsters like the dragons can be used for the opportunity of transcendence. It is commonplace to slaughter the city and exterminate the race.
"Thank you for the predecessor\'s teaching, I will never forget these words!"
Qin Luosheng\'s respectful salute showed that he had accepted this sentiment.
"Russ can be taught."
Jiaolong nodded in satisfaction: "You have strength, luck, good talent, will, faith, and unyielding heart, plus your terrible secrets, as long as you dont die, given time, your name, It will inevitably shock the world and resound through the mainland. My deity, wait for that day to come."
"Before this, you have to pass the level of the deity first. This is a trial arranged by the Lord Dragon God, and the deity will not release water. If you can\'t defeat the deity, then the rest will stop."
Has the final battle finally come?
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, his eyes shockingly wary: "Then, again, seniors please enlighten me!"
"It\'s easy!" The dragon\'s body was let go, swimming in the air, spreading its teeth and claws, majestic: "Come on, don\'t delay.-As expected, you should have no time? Next, except for the level of the deity, There are even more terrifying trial levels waiting for you. Let\'s make a quick fight!"
"As you wish, I dare not ask your ears!"
Qin Luosheng held [Panlong Lishui] and killed it.
The Jiaolong raised his head and let out a sharp dragon roar. In an instant, the dragon\'s might spread and shook in the Dragon Temple.
Qin Luosheng bears the brunt and is enveloped by Longwei, but he has no influence.
Are you kidding me?
The body contains the highest level of true dragon\'s blood, and the [Panlong Lishui], who is carrying the dragon nemesis, will be affected by the dragon\'s power, which is temporarily elevated to the level of true dragons by the secret technique?
Not only that.
Jiaolong was restrained by Qin Luosheng, weakening his attributes.
Previously, due to the evolution of the dragon, the level was raised, from the epic level to the half-step legend, all the negative effects were eliminated, and the effects of the dragon\'s power and the violent blow were completely eliminated.
However, as a dragon clan, Jiaolong also belongs to scales. The effect of [KangsuZhanlong] of [Panlong Lishui] is activated, which directly weakens his combat power by 20%.
"Shadow clone!"
The figure flickered, and a virtual figure appeared next to Qin Luosheng.
Mind controlled the clone, strode forward, and suddenly jumped forward, using the physical body as a shield to block the dragon\'s breath for Qin Luosheng\'s body.
"Are you a clone? Your abilities are really outrageous."
The dragon\'s breath is broken, and the dragon is neither angry nor angry, but still looks indifferent: "This kind of trick can\'t defeat the deity!"
"Is it a trick?" Qin Luosheng smiled: "So, how about this?-Soul of Glory!" (PS: [Soul of Glory] consumes nothing. After activation, it can summon the mercenary king recorded in the medal The Mark of the Heroic Soul fights for you, each time you call a random strong, the fighting time is up to 10 minutes! Cooling time: 24 hours!)
The Glory Medal on his chest glittered.
A black shadow galloped out of the Medal of Glory and rushed straight towards the dragon.
"Hahahaha... I didn\'t expect it to be you. I really won the jackpot. I got my soul!
Qin Luosheng looked at the ghost image that had entangled the dragon and laughed loudly. Taking this opportunity, he rushed forward and pulled the distance from the dragon.
"What a strong assassin, he still has a special physique?"
A fly is constantly wandering around in front of me, like a ghost. It can\'t hit it, ignore it or not. It\'s very upset, "Unfortunately, there is only a trace of soul origin, which is placed on the instrument, and all of its skills are gone. Kid, based on this, do you want to come back?"
"Don\'t worry, cold blood is just disgusting and disgusting you."
Qin Luosheng replied, "Don\'t underestimate him, Ghostcold-blooded, once a partner of the Mercenary King, a famous ghost killer, he may be more powerful than me in terms of the degree of difficulty."
"The deity felt it."
Jiaolong replied with some irritation.
The ant, who could kill with a single finger, relied on that superb speed and weird pace to deal with him for so long.
This tm is outrageous!
If Jiaolong was upset, Qin Luosheng was upset.
Cold-blooded really didn\'t live up to his name. As expected, there was only a wrong name and no wrong nickname.
That posture was really like a ghost, his body flickering constantly, and his eyesight was extremely sharp, he would always find loopholes to attack, and his combat consciousness and combat experience were terrifying.
Not only that.
Cold-blooded as a killer, he completes the task first, and develops a combat instinct to do everything for the task. Therefore, the places he attacks are all inferior or lethal, like Xia Yin , Throat, eyeballs, heart and other parts are too dirty.