Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 272: Last chance, dusty starlight empowerment
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 272: Last chance, dusty starlight empowerment

"You can, don\'t regret it!"
Jiaolong wanted to laugh a little.
Are you floating, or I can\'t lift the knife?
just you?
Do you still want to turn over?
Don\'t make Lao Tzu laugh.
"Hidden so far, it\'s finally time for you to go out of the mountain." Qin Luosheng ignored Jiaolong\'s mocking eyes and muttered to himself: "This is the last chance. Don\'t, don\'t let me down."
"Lord of the stars, SSS talent, let my will stand shoulder to shoulder with you-I will feel your mighty power, and you will measure my strength!"
"Start, Starlight Empowerment!"
"The Starlight Empowerment has started successfully, please select an Empowerment target! Please note that your current Starpower is not enough, and you can only grant one type of target, and after the target is Empowered, you cannot modify it, and you can no longer perform Empowerment! "
"I choose to empower-weapons!"
"Success in selecting the part of the empowered weapon, please select the target of the empowerment!
"Enabling-Panlong Lishui!"
"Choose to empower Panlong Lishui to succeed, please choose the key direction of empowerment, or random free empowerment!"
"Can you still choose the key direction of empowerment? Very good!"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were bloodshot, and he roared to the sky []: "The direction of empowerment-Dragon Slaying!"
"Enabling success!"
In an instant.
The lord of the stars shone brightly, and the radiant starlight that was activated turned into a little bit of starlight, submerged in [Panlong Lishui].
"This, this is the power of rules? No, it\'s not just the rules, but also the power of stars, the power of stars, and the power of dragons, the power of dragons that are higher than real dragons?"
The dragon, as steady as Mount Tai, was stunned by Qin Luosheng\'s sudden operation. His stammering pupils shrank, and the power of rules, stars, and dragons rushing toward him made him wonder if he was dreaming or being used. Illusion.
Jiaolong stunned.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t.
Starlight Empowerment, this is the BUG power that can awaken the [Golden Mark] that can evolve the Lord of the Stars after killing the Golden BOSS.
in the past.
Qin Luosheng discovered its purpose, but it was a very special purpose, and there was no special need at the time, so it has been used as a hole card and has been hidden to this day.
right now.
Attracted by the sss trial mission, under the threat of the dragon that has evolved into a half-step legendary BOSS, it is time to make up his mind and let it emerge.
Starlight Empowerment, as the name suggests, is to use the power of the Protoss to give the target an opportunity to empower the target to gain the ability of the Protoss, become stronger, and have special effects bestowed by the Protoss.
Due to the lack of star power, only one part of the empowerment (weapon, helmet, ring, etc.) can be given, and you cannot change it after you choose it. After the empowerment, no matter what the empowerment is, whether you need it or not, you can It cannot be erased and changed.
In other words, this Protoss empowerment is an opportunity to gamble on life.
If you are lucky, if you win the bet, then you will gain extraordinary power. If you are not lucky, if you bet bad, then you will be embarrassed. No one can estimate the consequences.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t reject this kind of unstable thing, but didn\'t like it either. But, at this moment, are there other options? No. Then you can only kill your life, you can only bet your life, you can only give it a go.
Win, I made a lot of money!
If you lose, you are dead, so what\'s the fear? The big deal will be to destroy [Panlong Lishui].
Use [Panlong Lishui] to fight for a future, worth it!
Panlong Lishui
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Epic
Requirements: Warrior
Lasting: 38/50
Effect: Attack +700, Strength +60
Special effects: [Dragon Soul] A living dragon soul inhabits in the Panlong out of the water. When attacking, it has a certain chance to trigger the remaining dragon power in the dragon soul, shock the enemy, causing a stiff effect for at least 3 seconds, and double the snake effect , Dragon Immunity! (The same target can only take effect once)
Special effects: [Lishui] The power of leaving the water in Panlongs water. The physical attack can be transformed into a water system attack (can be turned off). At the same time, when attacking, there is a certain chance to inflict water damage on the attacking target, reducing a certain amount Water resistance, and cause the target to be eaten away from the water, the body becomes heavier, and the recovery effect is weakened (continuous increase)!
Incidental skills: [Dragon Soul Impact] consumes 1000 mana, activates the dragon soul in the water of Panlong, and impacts energy in a straight line 10 meters ahead, causing 500% damage, and has a certain chance of being disabled, shocked, and feared , Cooling time: 24 hours!
Empowerment: KangsuSlashing DragonThrough the special ability formed by the power of the Kangsu stars, it damages dragons +500%, damages snakes +1000%, weakens 20% of the abilities of the world\'s scales, and adds slash Dragon effect, 30% chance to kill in one hit!
Introduction: The origin is unknown. It is said to be the weapon of the gods. It uses Lishui, one of the top ten strange waters, as the main energy source. The soul of the true dragon is sealed inside, hence the name Panlong Lishui.
[Current status: energy deficiency]
Twenty-eight stars?
Kang Jinlong?
Qin Luosheng was overjoyed.
This time, he was right.
After Panlong Lishui was empowered, his attack doubled to 700 points, and his power doubled to 60 points. Not only that, but also an additional empowerment [KangsuZhanlong]!
"Sure enough, it is an sss-level talent. This ability is a bug!"
Qin Luosheng burst into tears, and he really didn\'t know what to say.
[KangsuZhanlong] Perfectly followed the direction he just said-to kill the dragon!
This empowerment was born specifically for dragon slaying.
Increases damage by 500% to the dragons and 1000% to the snakes. The increase in damage is so fierce!
And the dragon clan is the first of the scales, and is naturally the king. It is natural to weaken the 20% attribute ability of the scales of the world, no fXXk said.
Attribute abilities are not all attributes, but just like the severe injury special effects attached to a violent blow. They only target attributes such as attack and defense, and do not affect the vitality and magic.
Rao is so.
This is also strong enough.
As long as they meet, they lose one-fifth of their strength. This is really disgusting.
Coupled with the absolute severe injury of the violent blow, and the 10% weakening of Longwei, wouldn\'t it directly lose half of its strength? Is this still barren?
"First sublimated all the starlight miracles, then the starlight retrospective with the power of time, then came the ultimate starlight blessing, and finally came the celestial empowerment given by this heavenly choice!"
Qin Luosheng calculated it carefully and was shocked to the point of speechlessness.
The Lord of Starlight is too far against the sky.
It is simply the BUG in the BUG.
The current Lord of Starlight only absorbs the power of the three metals of copper (bronze), silver (silver), and gold (gold). Then if it absorbs stronger and greater energy, what changes will occur and what bugs will be awakened. Ability, no one knows.
After exhaling a long breath, Qin Luosheng waved the brand-new [Panlong Lishui], felt it for a while, and then put away the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] who had no time to empower.
The dual sword flow has been used for a long time, and it has not been a long time to fight with a sword in one hand.
The dual blade flow is strong, but it requires high physical coordination and other aspects. Now there are only two augmentation skills: Indestructible Fighting Intent and Dragon Blood Burning Sorrow. The situation is special. We still use Panlong, which has been transformed into a dragon killer. It is better to fight separately from the water.
"I am ready, thank you for the three opportunities given by the boss!"