Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 271: Dont regret it
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 271: Dont regret it

"It\'s this power, this fascinating power!"
After evolving into a dragon, the two levels reversed. The Jiaolong had completely ignored Qin Luosheng and ignored him. He felt the power of this true dragon, and his expression was a little crazy.
"No matter how many times, every time I will be fascinated by this unspeakable force."
The dragon laughed wildly: "True dragon, true dragon! From the dragon to the dragon, and then from the dragon to the dragon. In this process, I don\'t know how many people have been stumped, and I don\'t know how many people have turned into white bones on the path of pursuit."
"The deity has practiced for more than three thousand years, from the ignorant broken egg, to the difficult survival, the difficult growth, the contact with the method of practice...Three thousand springs and autumns, day and night, never slackens for a moment, just for one day I can break free and soar freely in the sky."
Qin Luosheng:...
"It\'s a pity that this power is not owned by the deity after all."
After sighing, Jiaolong sighed, and his expression became firm again: "However, it is not far away. In a short while, the deity will be able to jump over the dragon gate and complete the evolution of life. Since then, the dragon has nine days, beyond the ordinary, Achieve Immortal Dao."
"I said, is it okay for you to ignore me so much? We are still fighting."
Seeing the water dragon with a pensive expression and falling into self-imagination, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but raised his hand and spoke weakly.
"Fighting? Hahahahaha..."
Jiaolong was silent for a while, then burst into laughter frantically.
"Little devil, don\'t you understand? You have been completely eliminated since you used the secret skills of the deity to obtain this short-term true dragon power."
In the face of such disdainful depreciation, Qin Luosheng didn\'t have the slightest dissatisfaction, but was silent and said nothing.
What else can I do?
This can\'t be refuted at all!
"Your strength, as far as the deity at this moment is concerned, is no longer a threat. No matter how you struggle, you cannot cross the gap between you and me."
The dragons voice was low and deep, but it sounded like a bell in the evening and the morning, "You are just an ordinary person, and the deity has an extraordinary latitude, and the level of life has been evolved and turned into a real dragon. This is just like what your human race said. You said, can you defeat a great being who stepped into the level of the immortal?"
Not at all!
But what about it?
If you can\'t defeat it, don\'t you dare to fight?
My indestructible will to fight, as long as I want to fight, it will never go out!
"Dragon... soul... rush... hit!" (PS: [Dragon Soul Impact] consumes 1000 mana, activates the dragon soul in the Panlong water, and impacts energy in a straight line 10 meters ahead, causing 500% Intensity damage, and a certain chance of being disabled, shocked, and fearful, cooling time: 24 hours!)
Without the 10-meter attack range of Shengyan\'s blessing, Qin Luosheng still stood 10 meters away, launched an attack, and launched the special skill attached to [Panlong Lishui].
The energy condenses extremely quickly.
Suddenly, the free dragon soul on the sword\'s front was activated, and under the influence of the blood of the real dragon in the body, an energy phantom was formed, turning into the appearance of a dragon, spreading its teeth and dancing claws, majestic and majestic.
"go with!"
Carrying Qin Luosheng\'s unyielding will and last hope, the dragon soul energy did not hesitate to rush towards the real dragon, issuing a high-pitched and sharp dragon chant.
The dragon yin shook the sky, and the dragon mighty.
With a fierce and mighty blow, under Qin Luosheng\'s expectant eyes, a heavy bombardment hit Jiaolong\'s body.
The 500% damage of the dragon soul impact, plus the double of the critical strike, is ten times the damage, why, why did it cause more than 60,000 life damage?
"Is this your last hole card?"
Jiaolong did not evade, resisted Qin Luosheng\'s resentful blow, lowered his head, looked at the attack that left no trace on himself, and said indifferently: "Really, too weak!"
It\'s too weak!
too weak!
There was no contempt, no contempt, no ridicule, but with this calm and indifferent attitude, the strongest blow from his anger was in his eyes, as if it was a bite by a mosquito, which made Qin Luosheng\'s eyes bloodshot.
"Asshole, don\'t, look down on me!"
Qin Luosheng, who was originally excited by the indestructible fighting spirit and excited by the burning of dragon blood, was so engaged by the dragon, his mentality collapsed, and his sanity was instantly lost, regardless of whether he died or not, on the spot, like a mad dog, he rushed towards the dragon. Away.
Even if he died, Qin Luosheng would die in battle!
"Kuangying Lonely Kill!"
The body turned into countless shadows, centered on the dragon, constantly interspersed and wandered, and sharp swords fell wildly, 100% of them hit completely, and all the dragons that did not fall were received by the dragon.

Among the countless MISSs, one or two trivial five-figure injuries are occasionally interspersed, which is really painless for the Flood Dragon, who has a total health of up to five million at this moment.
"The gap is too big!"
Even the ultimate trick of the Shadow Warrior can only exert such unsightly effects?
Qin Luosheng was desperate.
The absolute crushing of strength cannot be compensated by operation and skill.
too strong.
The Jiaolong at this moment is really too strong.
This is just a half-step legend, the real dragon, the real legendary powerhouse, how abnormal is that?
"Is it only this level?"
The dragon still has that indifferent appearance, and said indifferently: "For the sake of you pleased the deity, the deity has given you two opportunities. Now, the deity is blessing you for the last time. Come, please enjoy the deity! Hahahahaha..."
Ha ha!
last chance.
When will I, Qin Luosheng, rely on other people\'s charity to fight?
Do not move like a mountain, let it attack.
This kind of humiliation is really maddening!
What can I do if the fire is big?
If the skills are not as good as people, then you can only hold back.
"No more tricks, really no tricks!"
Qin Luosheng looked distressed: "Everything that should be exploded has exploded, everything that should be used has been used, all the skills are on CD, and the items that are regarded as treasures can\'t change the situation. I\'m gone.
"The highest trial of SSS level difficulty is really desperate. It is not a player that can pass the level. Just like my sss level talented star master, it is completely BUG."
and many more.
Lord of the stars!
Qin Luosheng suddenly remembered something, and quickly opened the attribute bar and quickly browsed the attributes of the master of stars.
"Why, are you already poor?"
Seeing Qin Luosheng bow his head, without a movement for a long time, Jiaolong frowned, and urged: "If this is the case, the deity will send you a ride.-Practice hard, kid, maybe one day, you and I will see you again, then, the deity Give you a chance for revenge, and allow you to fight again."
"It\'s all right!"
Just as Jiaolong was about to attack, Qin Luosheng suddenly stretched out his hand to stop him, "You, what you said just now, is that count?"
"Naturally counts." Jiaolong stopped attacking and looked at Qin Luosheng, who had renewed his fighting spirit in his eyes, and said sonorously: "The deity has his words."
"Very good!" Qin Luosheng nodded in satisfaction, and a strange arc formed at the corner of his mouth, "You can, don\'t regret it!"