Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 268: Under the hope of desperation
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 268: Under the hope of desperation

"Grass, is it so cruel?"
Just one second.
The shield formed by Qin Luosheng\'s skeletal shield wall was breached, and then, the icicle pierced his body, with one blow, directly destroying nearly 20,000 points of health, almost without being scared to pee.
"MD, my magic defense is too low. An icicle will kill you half life. This Nima is simply impossible to play."
Qin Luosheng breathed out fragrance instantly.
"If you can\'t continue to fight personally, it\'s better to go back to your old line and use sword energy to attack remotely."
A vigorous kick on the body of the dragon, with the help of the force of the counter shock, Qin Luosheng floated down, leaving his dissatisfied body with the ice crystal spike, "With an attack distance of 12 meters, now the dragon has been knocked down by 20% Attributes, shouldn\'t you be able to pursue them as closely as before?
The flood dragon, which had dropped by 20% of its full attributes, really did not have the ability to pursue it. In front of Qin Luo\'s speed of nearly four thousand, he followed the footsteps of the water dragon and couldn\'t eat ashes.
The HP of the Flood Dragon dropped to half.
There is no skill explosion, just like the ice crystals in the body just now, it is already a 50% health limit explosion skill, which has already been used.
Qin Luosheng naturally raised his hands and feet in favor of the dragon without breaking out.
A few seconds later.
Under the violent onslaught, the HP of the Flood Dragon dropped to 30%!
at this time.
Qin Luosheng deliberately slowed down the attack rhythm and increased his vigilance.
The dragon broke out.
"Little devil, I have to say that you are very good. At your age, you are proud to be able to beat the deity\'s incarnation to this level."
Jiaolong vomited: "No matter where your strength comes from, what price you have to pay for it, but if you can show it, that is your strength. Just, you must not underestimate the deity. Even though the deity is not a real dragon, it is only a Jiao, but it is not something you and other ants can wantonly insult."
"Kwaishui True ArtHealing!"
Yingying blue light blooms.
The power of the water element is mixed with the power of life, and the combination becomes a strange dream blue.
In an instant.
Under Qin Luoshengs unbelievable gaze, huge green numbers appeared one after another on the top of Jiaolongs head. The blood bars that had been empty for most of the time were rising crazily, filling and replenishing...
"Fuck, no!"
He regained 140,000 points per second, which was equivalent to 5% of the total health. Such a perverted ability made Qin Luo\'s eyes cracked and he almost vomited blood.
The life value that was finally destroyed was restored to its full value in just a few seconds.
What\'s the point of what you just did?
"Ding, your amplification skill Sirius, the effect time is over!"
"Ding, your amplification skill Ice Muscle, the effect time is over!"
"Ding, your booster skill Leopard, the effect time is over!"
House seemingly endless rain.
Jiaolong returned to its heyday. In contrast, Qin Luosheng\'s 30-second amplification skills all expired.
"Is that the end?"
Qin Luosheng\'s heart is half cold, his face is sad and helpless.
"No matter how many secrets you have in your body, it is not yours after all. It is not the power you can control yourself through hard practice. Everything is like a moon in a well, and flowers in the water, like bubbles, burst when you touch it."
Jiaolong said coldly: "You are too young, your foundation is unstable, and your background is insufficient. The deity can only use a small cure technique to drive you into desperation. It is really sad."
"Do you think you have a chance to win?"
Qin Luosheng raised his head and looked at Jiaolong coldly.
"Oh? It\'s kind of interesting. Is there any trick you haven\'t come up with?"
Jiaolong said with great interest: "In that case, the deity gives you a chance to perform, come, move quickly, let the deity see and see, what else do you have?"
"Nine is the extreme number. I have seen the first trial level before, no more, no less, exactly nine levels. It is expected that this trial should be nine."
Qin Luosheng said coldly: "Shuizhu is the seventh trial, and you are the eighth trial. It is expected that after you, there will be the final ninth trial. Otherwise, this is really sorry for the super **** difficulty of sss."
"Originally, this was the final hole card left to deal with the last level of the boss. However, I didn\'t expect that I would no longer do this in this level."
Qin Luosheng sighed: "If you can\'t pass this level, I will fail. If you hide your cards, it will be meaningless. In that case, go all out, step over your bones, and move forward. Even then I no longer have the ability to resist, but at least, I have tried my best to leave no regrets."
"Start, Starlight Blessing!"
"Starlight Blessing started successfully, please choose the blessing target!"
"Choose [Reapers Embrace] special effect [Reapers Whisper]!" (PS: [Reapers Whisper] Dark resistance +30%, light resistance -20%, critical strike rate +20%, penetration rate + 10%, instant kill rate +5%, attack has a certain chance to trigger chaos effect.)
"Choose success, please choose one of the goals in [Death\'s Whisper] to bless!"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath: "I choose, instant kill rate!"
"Starlight blessing is successful, your instant kill rate is sublimated to completion, the current instant kill rate is 100%, and lasts: one blow!"
Listening to the system\'s prompt tone, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but want to scream up to the sky.
What about the dragon?
Under the BUG-level ability of Lao Tzu\'s sss-level super **** talent, the master of stars, isn\'t it the same ant?
"I feel an extremely terrifying force of rules!"
Jiaolong\'s eyes became solemn, and in extreme shock, he didn\'t even call himself "the deity" when he opened and closed his mouth, but changed his slogan to "I"!
"Did you find it? Unfortunately, it\'s too late!"
Qin Luosheng clicked the corner of his mouth and tightened his right hand [Panlong Lishui], "If you don\'t give me a chance to display the Starlight Blessing, maybe you won\'t be reduced to this point. It\'s just that your arrogance and carelessness make you fulfill me. "
The majestic sword aura, with a 100% instant killing slash, blatantly slashed towards the huge body of the dragon.
The familiar black numbers-did not appear.
"No, this is impossible!"
Looking at the big MISS on the top of Jiaolong\'s head, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his eyes.
With this 100% instant kill, the BUG-level ability of the Lord of Starlight is actually invalid?
"Ding. The target is immune to instant killing effects!"
The system came to explain very quickly.
WDNMLGBD, go, dog system!
Lao Tzu, this is a sss super **** talent, BUG-level power against the sky, why can\'t he break the routine?