Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 267: Hope in despair
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 267: Hope in despair

"It seems that I have also grown a lot!"
Qin Luosheng trembled with excitement, thinking of what happened in the mine cave, and couldn\'t help but sigh: "The epic boss who was once unattainable, was tortured by the wind in the mine. I never thought, this short time Today, I can reach this point by relying on the expansion skills of opening and hanging. Even if the dragon is only a weakened version, I am already satisfied. It is only a twenty-third level little rookie. With this attribute panel, what bike? "
"I\'m ready, senior, let\'s start!"
time is limited.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to waste a single bit of amplifying skills that depended on him.
A sword slashed and whizzed past.
The 12-meter-long sword aura fell heavily on the huge body of the dragon, rubbing against the dragon scales, splashing sparks.
Absolute crit blessing, and more than 80,000 yellow injuries burst out.
Eighty thousand swords.
The dragon has a total of 2.8 million health points.
Calculate it silently.
It only takes thirty-five swords to destroy him.
After being blessed by Shengyan\'s four times the attack speed, it was nearly three times faster than usual. Without interference, he opened his bow left and right, and he could cut eight to nine swords in one second.
The Jiaolong is not a wooden person, it is still kneading.
But Qin Luosheng\'s speed at the moment was nearly 4,000 points, far surpassing the dragon, and under the endless wandering, he could completely replicate the previous battle against earth dragons and water dragons.
In this way, even if the most efficient stub output is missing, the output mode of the wandering is still the general attack, and it is not greatly affected, but a large part of the time to move, reducing the frequency of attacks.
Rao is so.
Basically, four to five swords can be cut in one second. Not surprisingly, within thirty seconds, the flood dragon can be completely destroyed.
"Boy, you really made my deity look at me with admiration!"
Passively withstanding a blow, feeling the terrifying damage, the Flood Dragon moved into action. The huge body was extremely flexible, swiftly shifting, and the pursuit of death did not give Qin Luosheng the slightest chance to breathe.
"Grass, isn\'t this B speed only 800 points? Why do I feel at least two thousand or more?"
The plan cannot keep up with the changes.
The actions of Jiaolong made Qin Luosheng understand that the real powerhouse must not be calculated according to the panel data, otherwise, he would die miserably.
This time, the attributes surpassed the Flood Dragon too much, so that he could not fight back at all, otherwise, the carelessness of the moment would be enough to kill him.
"No, you can\'t just go on like this. You must reduce Flood Dragon\'s combat effectiveness, otherwise, according to his current strength, he will definitely be stuck to death."
Being chased by madness, Qin Luosheng had the ideal eight or nine swords per second and said goodbye. The humble four or five swords per second were also difficult to implement. He was lucky enough to be able to cut out one sword every second.
"Long Wei!"
As soon as the momentum condensed, the blood of the true dragon burned up, and the majestic dragon power instantly spread out, and the locked dragon was the first to bear the brunt and was affected by its shock.
A huge six-figure compulsory damage emerged, 10% of which was as high as 280,000 HP, which was directly deducted from the dragon\'s long blood bar.
Not only that.
Along with the decline in life, the total attributes of the Flood Dragon also dropped by one-tenth.
Affected by Longwei, Jiaolong\'s smooth and incomparable pursuit became stagnant and fell into a moment of silence.
Take this opportunity.
"Quickly cut!"
Crossing a distance of ten meters, Qin Luosheng suddenly appeared under the head of Jiaolong, looked at his neck with dragon scales all over it, and without hesitation, he slashed it down heavily.
"Shadow Escape!"
The ability to move instantaneously within a five-meter range brought Qin Luosheng\'s body away from the front of the dragon, and appeared on top of his head.
"Furious blow!"
Holding [Panlong Lishui] tightly with both hands, it fell with a heavy blow and smashed on the Heavenly Spirit of Jiaolong.
There was a sound of metal and iron intersecting, Qin Luosheng felt his hands shaking, and his mouth was so painful that he almost couldn\'t hold [Panlong Lishui].
It\'s too hard!
This frankness is simply exploding.
[Panlong Lishui]\'s Jianfeng couldn\'t break the defense at all.
This is not a real battlefield, but a virtual battle.
Even though the edge of [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] cannot break the dragon scale defense, at this moment, his attack power has been increased and it has become very explosive. It doesn\'t matter if the dragon scales are not broken, the damage is still calculated according to the attack and resistance of both parties.
The five times the damage of the violent heavy blow, plus the critical strike, is equivalent to ten times the damage, just this sword cut off nearly half a million points of life of the dragon, which is extremely terrifying.
Qin Luosheng is not concerned about this.
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing serious damage to the dragon, and all attributes are reduced by 10%!"
Is it just a 10% weakening?
Forget it.
Having the effect of Longwei is also equivalent to weakening by 20%.
This time.
With only 80% strength, the Flood Dragon should not be as rampant as before, right?
See how flexible you are!
"Little ghost, standing on the head of the deity. Are you provoking the deity?"
How arrogant dragons will tolerate others\' blasphemy?
What\'s more, Qin Luosheng still exists like ants.
Qin Luosheng stepped on the head of the dragon for a violent blow, making the dragon a little angry.
"Get down!"
The 500,000 health points were gone in one blow, and when this heavy blow was hit, Jiaolong ignored and ignored it.
But, anger belongs to anger, so what?
The dragons are not as flexible as the humans. They have many joints. They can easily reach 360 degrees without dead ends and touch their body. Therefore, the dragon can only swing the dragon\'s body while the dragon head shook violently, trying to throw Qin Luosheng down. .
"Don\'t worry, old iron, let\'s have a good chat, deepen and deepen our relationship."
After finally coming up, Qin Luosheng is not an idiot, you say I will go down?
He was chased by one pass, one or two swords per second, such a terrible ultra-low efficiency, it was a waste of time for this violent increase.
Now standing on the top of the dragons head, even if one hand grasps the dragons horns tightly so as not to be thrown off, the other hand is freed, swaying the most extreme speed, four or five swords per second, this efficiency , Far more than just one or two swords per second, the idiot will give up.
"court death!"
Unable to get rid of it for a long time, he was still attacked frantically, his health plummeted, and the Flood Dragon suddenly let out a high-pitched dragon roar.
The next moment, the energy gathered, the water element in the space suddenly appeared, and in an instant it turned from water into extremely cold ice, forming a sharp cone-shaped icicle full of icy murderous intent, emerging from the body of the dragon. , Stabs Qin Luosheng like a mangy dog ??fiercely.