Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 264: 8th Trial Jiao
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 264: 8th Trial Jiao

What is the second explosive skill of Shuiyu?
Qin Luosheng knew soon.
Horrible poison!
This is the second killer of Shui Ye.
As a water snake, it is also a different species among water snakes. The poison of water snake is extremely poisonous.
"Grass, this is really catching turtles in the urn!"
With the existence of a water prison, knowing that Qin Luosheng can\'t escape, the water dragon has no reservations, and directly infects the water source with poison, preparing to fire a map cannon.
Can\'t you run? Aren\'t you fast? I will poison all the barriers of the Tianshui Array, and see how you run! !
"Space jump!"
Qin Luosheng can\'t run away, but he can "fly"!
In the face of the severe poison of Shuiqiu, Qin Luosheng would not choose to try the law by himself, no matter how idiot he was.
after all.
His current poison resistance is a big zero, and the antidote in his backpack is a low-level product. It is absolutely impossible to detoxify the poison of the water worm. If he continues to stay in the water prison, he must die. In this case, who will continue to be so iron. Stay in the Tianshui Array to find death?
"Space ability?"
The prey had already broken free from the trap of the siege, and the water dragon did not expend mana to maintain the Tianshui formation. After dispersing, he looked at Qin Luosheng with another layer of shock: "You little devil, there are so many secrets in your body!"
"Where, where, how can I be in the eyes of the predecessors if I am so innocent?"
Qin Luosheng was humble in his mouth, but he was not slow at his feet, he kept on his hands, and continued to attack without delay for a second.
It seems that it is back to the situation just now.
The slight difference is that now the health of Shui Yao has fallen below 30%, and Qin Luosheng\'s amplification skills have also entered the single-digit countdown.
"Ding, your booster skill-Sirius, the effect time is over!"
N consecutive system prompts sounded in his ears, and Qin Luosheng\'s attributes suddenly decreased.
Except for the Heart of the Brave, the Blood Spell, the Tower of Shadow Ghosts, which lasted for one minute, the holy flames for three minutes were still there, the others all disappeared.
The attack continued.
The damage has dropped by more than half.
There are still a few boosting skills to support, and it can hit five-figure damage, which is enough.
"Boy, the secret technique is over, isn\'t it?"
As a Shuiyu who has been passively beaten, he immediately noticed Qin Luosheng\'s changes, not only in the perception of energy, but also in the sword energy that fell on him, and his power was greatly reduced.
"It seems that you should be like this too. So, let me help you liberate. Go back and practice hard and come back. I can\'t even pass this level. You have no hope for the trial of Lord Dragon God."
Shui Guo twisted his huge body, propped up his front body, and looked down. A pair of cold snake pupils made Qin Luosheng feel cold.
"No, I\'ve passed your level."
At this time.
Qin Luosheng also stopped and stopped attacking.
"If there is fate in the future, I will definitely fight with the predecessors again."
Looking up, Qin Luosheng said to Shui Yao earnestly: "Thank you senior for your kindness."
"Long Wei!"
I kept hiding and didn\'t send it until the last trick, and finally used it.
Condensing energy and preparing to cast the spell, the body of the water froze froze, and the consciousness instantly collapsed. The energy body manifested through the dragon **** map also immediately turned into fluorescent dots, disappearing.
"What a magical skill!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the experience bar that went straight from 12% to 89%, and he smiled brilliantly, "The existence of this dragon, forcibly depriving 10% of all attributes, is simply the boss nemesis. With it, the boss is at 10% life. The strongest hole card worth the explosion was 100% choked to death."
A big burst, bright and brilliant.
There are only colorful crystal coins and nothing else.
"Is it another pure dragon source?"
Picking up dozens of crystal coins into the backpack, Qin Luosheng took the light group exactly the same as the pure dragon source that the earth dragon burst just now, and opened its attribute bar.
[The essence of the water dragon]
Type: Material
Grade: Epic
Effect: Refiner
Introduction: The demon pill Qi of the water dragon is full of huge energy, which can be used for refining tools as the energy core!
Is it epic material?
very good.
Although it is impossible to control it now, after all, the art of refining is only advanced and has not been practiced. It is just passed on. In fact, it is still a rookie, but this thing is valuable because of the word "epic" alone. What can be said, it will definitely be used in the future.
Keep it away.
"I don\'t know how many levels there are in the trial."
Leaning against a golden pillar of Panlong, Qin Luosheng sat on the ground and rested, drinking water to replenish water, while thinking: "The seventh trial is already an existence like the water dragon, even if it is just the will come, the body is restricted. I have played well, and my strength is still almost the same as mine, but it is an old monster who has lived for an unknown number of years. The vision and strength, the combat experience and the secrets, etc., are not without the foundation. I can match. Yes, if it weren\'t for opening and hanging, it would have overturned."
"It\'s so difficult to deal with a water bug, and I really don\'t know how to deal with it later. Now, except for those skills that have a long CD time, all other hole cards that should be used have been used. If there is one or two trials The level is still good, if there are more, you can only retreat in despair and die in the trial."
"Oh, it\'s really hard for me."
Qin Luosheng took out the dragon egg, looked at it, which was connected to his bloodline and had the same heartbeat rhythm, and sighed: "For you little guy, I was scammed by your parents. After the fierce battle, I almost got **** After typing it out, you have to fight for me, and bless your ancestor, the Dragon God, never embarrassing my rookie."
Hear the words.
The dragon egg shook a few times, as if he really responded again.
"Already conscious?"
Qin Luosheng was stunned, and instantly ecstatic: "It seems that the critical point of incubation is reached, and I will be born in more than an hour, and I am in a blood contract with me. The response is natural!!!"
"Little guy, wait for me."
Long Dan\'s response made Qin Luosheng full of confidence: "Whether it is for you or myself, I must win this trial."
ten minutes later.
"Ding, the seventh stage of Dragon God\'s trial is completed, are you ready to start the eighth stage?"
"Turn on!"
The familiar summoning circle appeared.
Not long.
A head with double horns was the first to reach out of the summoning array.
Seeing this, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help screaming.
Originally thought he was calm enough, but seeing the monster flying out of the summoning formation, Qin Luosheng broke the defense in an instant and lost his sanity.
It turned out to be a dragon?
My cnm!
What kind of trial is this?
Isn\'t it uncomfortable for people to die?
Detection technique!
Jiao (Epic BOSS)
Level: 25
Health value: 2800000
Magic value: 650000
Physical attack: 15800
Magic attack: 10000
Physical defense: 7500
Magic defense: 5000
Speed: 800
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Jiao, a water beast with the blood of the dragon family, cultivated from the water dragon, evolved from a snake, and transformed into a dragon. You can feel the power of heaven and earth. You can get a glimpse of the body of a real dragon. After a thousand years of cultivation, you can turn into a real dragon and become a scale. The length of the insect is the supreme aquatic.