Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 262: war
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 262: war

Very weak.
? ? ?
Qin Luosheng looked at the honest Shui Yao with a dumb face, and the corners of his mouth twitched violently.
You are weak?
I know the big guy.
Convex (ܳܳܳ)!
Weak your sisters banana lollipop! ! !
25-level enhanced golden boss, this level, this attribute, you tell me you are weak?
Who are you lie to?
Maybe what you said is true. After all, you are weak in your consciousness, but you have to consider how I feel.
I\'m only level 23, just a rookie.
There is no need to judge the world of the rookie with the eyes of the boss!
"Ahem...You don\'t have to look at me so pitifully, this is a trial that the Dragon God is concerned about, I don\'t dare to release the water!"
Shui Yao shook his head and said, "Come on, time is almost up, and if you continue to talk, Lord Dragon God should be angry."
"Huh... then come on!" Taking a deep breath, Qin Luo stepped up the distracting thoughts in his heart and said with a solemn expression: "Senior please advise!"
"Say it!"
Shui Yao responded, and then launched a surprise attack instantly.
The body that was more than ten meters long, measured in tons, was so agile, as fast as thunder, from top to bottom, like a mountain smashing down.
Is the gangster so mean?
Do you have to make a preemptive attack against a weak chicken like me?
"Shadow escape, effect !"
Losing the opportunity, Qin Luosheng had no choice but to play a life-saving trump card, and his body turned into a shadow. When Shui Yao\'s body hit it, he got into his shadow and avoided this powerful attack.
"Oh? Shadow power? This ability is really tricky."
Human beings don\'t feel the stomping on an ant. That\'s because the ant is too small to attract attention. However, unlike the water dragon, Qin Luosheng didn\'t hit his body, but he felt clearly.
Not only that.
Shui Yao also looked at his shadow, and noticed that Qin Luosheng was hiding inside.
This perception is very scary.
Can imagine.
If the players team up to fight against the water dragons, what will it be like?
First of all, rely on the lurking thieves to get rid of them first. If you haven\'t approached yet, people directly perceive your existence and fail!
Then, shield wars and mad wars were half ruled out. The huge body of the water snake, like the mutant snake in the movie, swept its tail down, and the power of a mighty force, in Qin Luoshengs cognition, is estimated to be a cliff. The mountain giant on the ridge can resist. As for the players? Ha ha.
Then, the long-range DPS, whether it is an archer or a magician, is almost useless. Don\'t say whether your slight output can break the defense of others, even if it can, in the case that the front row can\'t hold it, there is no output environment, which is useless.
Finally, the priest and the summoner, a pure nanny has no output, and the other relies on the summoned creature to assist in combat. The former is purely assisted, and the latter is assisted, and is useless.
Boss such as Shuiyu can no longer be dealt with by conventional methods. At the same level, at least a group of hundred people must be launched to be eligible to fight him.
And now.
Qin Luosheng had to face it alone.
Rao is Qin Luosheng who hangs on the wall, and now he has an ugly face and a dilemma.
As a warrior and half a thief, the last thing I don\'t want to see is the thick-skinned and huge BOSS like Shuiyu, which restricts him to death.
"There are no shortcuts, you can only be tough!"
The brain is running at a speeding speed. After thinking about it, Qin Luosheng found that with the current strength and skills, plus props, there is no choice, only one way to go.
"In that case, let\'s fight!"
With a violent howl, Qin Luosheng, who was lurking in the shadow of the water dragon, was radiant and shining.
"Snake pace!"
"Shadow Ghost Building!"
"Furious Potion!"
"The Heart of the Brave!"
Four buff skills, plus a bottle of buff potions, Qin Luosheng used them all without reservation.
"Holy Flame!"
The three most advanced skills come again.
Originally mediocre attributes, crazy skyrocketing
Attack +680%! (100% attack by violent blood, 20% attack by violent potion, 50% attack by Heart of Brave, double Sirius, double Saint Flame again, 170%X2X2=680%)
Speed ??+1200%! (Snake pace 50%, shadow ghost building 200%, brave heart 50%, leopard burst doubled, holy flame doubled again, 300%X2X2=1200%)
"Turn it on, sword spirit is vertical and horizontal, effect !"
The golden flames once again burned from the blades of [Panlong Lishui] and [Blood Soldiers], sacred and vast.
"Come on, Senior Shui Yao, decide the outcome!"
Jumping out of the shadow, Qin Luosheng roared, his body quivered, and the shadow dissipated, easily evading the attack of the Shuizhu that had been waiting for the rabbit, and teleported to the top of his head.
"Bone Shield Wall!"
The heavy skeletal armor on his body exudes shining white light, and the bone-like armor inspires a strong energy brilliance. A shield wall is formed in front of Qin Luosheng very quickly, which not only temporarily increases his defense by 50%, but the shield wall also With more than 10,000 points of resilience, it can withstand the attacks of the water bug.
The defense has settled, take this opportunity-
"Frenzy-heavy blow!"
Putting away the [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] and holding the hilt of [Panlong Lishui] with both hands, Qin Luosheng exerted all his strength and slashed on the top of Shui Yao\'s head.
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing an absolute severe damage to the water dragon, reducing all attributes by 20%!"
Is it 20% again?
Is it absolutely serious again?
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his ears.
The last time I dealt with the earth dragon was absolutely severely injured, and now I deal with the water dragon, is this the little hand of the goddess of luck?
"It\'s no wonder that you have a bit of strength when you dare to carry out the trial task given by Lord Dragon God."
After being hit hard by this, I felt that my own strength was suppressed by an inexplicable force by one-fifth, and Shui Yao was also extremely shocked: "Boy, I am more and more interested in you."
Qin Luosheng felt cold.
do not.
Your interest is really no blessing to me as a little vegetable chicken, you should dispel this idea! !
The chat returned to the chat, and the battle was not forgotten. Qin Luosheng, who was charged for a second and used a violent blow with all his strength, was slightly stiff, with no resistance.
Such a good opportunity, how can the water be missed?
Turning his head on the spot, a heavy "head mallet" hit Qin Luosheng who was shining on his head.
In an instant.
The skeletal shield wall that prevented it from happening was broken in an instant like a piece of paper.
Fortunately, the skeletal shield wall was useless, but it was not useless at all. It still resisted a lot of strength. For that matter, Qin Luosheng was also directly smashed into the air, his body was like a rag that was thrown away. The sacks smashed heavily on the ground.