Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 257: Under the pure dragon source
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 257: Under the pure dragon source

Qin Luosheng, who was about to die, suddenly became irritable.
Seeing the earth dragon, who had stopped because of the release of the range magic and was maintaining the spell, his heart was ruthless, and he stopped walking, and stood in place, starting to be hard with him, his hands were like convulsions, and he cut frantically.

Qin Luosheng, who has the bloodsucking effect of up to 20% of the [Hundreds of Blood Soldiers], hits nearly 40,000 damage per hit. The blood that can be sucked back floats up and down at 8,000 points, perfectly covering the six that pierced the rocks. Thousands of injuries.
A few seconds later.
Earth Dragon also seemed to notice something was wrong, and immediately stopped releasing magic.
"Have you finally stopped? Unfortunately, it\'s too late."
He couldn\'t move when he was casting a spell, he was beaten as a sandbag, and his health was swooping down like a waterfall. In just a few seconds, the health bar dropped from 50% to less than 20%.
"Skills are activated with frequency. Just now you activated the range magic. I don\'t believe it. Now you can activate it immediately, even if your health drops to the 20% explosion point."
Qin Luosheng sneered.
Following the ground dragon\'s attack, he once again returned to the Qin king\'s circumnavigation style, surrounding his huge body, guerilla attack.
A few seconds later.
The earth dragon\'s health dropped to 10%, and at this time, the earth dragon\'s body once again appeared khaki light. Compared with the previous time, the energy was more than twice as active? It can be expected that once the skill bursts out, the land will burst and the land will be destroyed, which will be extremely lethal.
Qin Luosheng, who stopped attacking, sighed quietly: "Are you ready to fight for your life now? No chance. I have waited for this opportunity for a long time.-Long Wei!"
The domineering dragon power shook out, the pure blood of the real dragon in his body completely suppressed the blood of the half dragon of the earth dragon, forcibly depriving him of 10% of his full attributes.
A huge 80,000-point strong wound appeared on the top of the earth dragon\'s head. Instantly, the eyes of the earth dragon dimmed, and the earthy yellow energy that was about to burst out of his body instantly disappeared and disappeared. He roared unwillingly, his limbs trembled, slammed heavily on the ground, and closed his eyes.
"Ding, you successfully killed the 22-level enhanced golden boss Earth Dragon, gaining 180W+ experience points and 3,500 reputation points!"
"Ding, you have upgraded, health +50, mana +10, strength +2, agility +2, and 24 free attribute points!"
Golden light flashed.
Qin Luosheng rose one level again, reaching level 22, which was equal to the earth dragon.
"The experience is really high."
After being bathed in golden light, Qin Luosheng comfortably added all his attribute points to his strength, and looked at the crystal coins and a light ball burst out by the earth dragon, and couldn\'t help but complain: "But the spoils are TMD!"
No matter how small a mosquito is, it is meat.
After complaining, Qin Luosheng picked up everything honestly.
"This, what is it?"
Don\'t worry about the crystal coin, just stuff the backpack, but the light group makes Qin Luosheng look at it twice. Although he doesn\'t know what it is, he feels warm inside while holding it, and there is an inexplicable sense of familiarity.
Pure Dragon Source
Type: Energy
Grade: Epic
Effect: unknown
Introduction: The pure dragon source with dragon energy, with extraordinary special effects!
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
What the hell?
This line is too simple to introduce simply.
Top P use?
Besides the name, what else does Lao Tzu know?
"Should be the energy of the Dragon Race?"
Qin Luosheng guessed: "Perhaps, it\'s similar to the legendary Dragon Ball, inner alchemy and the like? No wonder there is an inexplicable sense of familiarity. It turns out that the resonance is caused by the blood of the real dragon in the body!-But, what is there in this thing? use?"
"Forget it, it\'s an epic thing at all, should the effect be good?" Qin Luosheng was a little depressed when he couldn\'t find the purpose: "When you can always find it in the future, let it go!"
Even the bells and whistles of crystal coins can\'t be collected, let alone the pure dragon source?
In the end, it is an epic-level prop, and there is still a card surface that should be present. Give a certain amount of respect to the word "epic", anyway, it only occupies a space grid, no matter how it deserves its place.
"Ding, the energy that can be absorbed is detected, is it absorbed?"
He threw the pure Dragon Yuan into the backpack, and before Qin Luosheng took a breath, suddenly, the phantom ribbon trembled, driving his waist to squirm continuously, and the movement of lifting the cross fiercely, as if doing something indecent. Immediately afterwards, the system prompt sounded in his ears.
"what\'s happening?"
With a dumbfounded expression, Qin Luosheng quickly opened the backpack space, and saw that the pure Longyuan he had thrown in before was clinging to a simple and tattered scroll, and both were shining brightly.
Reached out and took out the two things.
You don\'t need to look at the pure dragon source, you know it.
Qin Luosheng\'s gaze focused on the tattered scroll.
[Fusion Scroll] A mysterious thing, its function is unknown!
"This thing?"
Qin Luosheng frowned slightly: "When did I have this thing in my backpack?"
After trying hard to think about it, Qin Luosheng still didnt think about it. He just had a slight impression of the fusion scroll. He vaguely remembered that it was a certain BOSS that burst out. At that time, because like Jingchun Longyuan, there was nothing on the introduction. I couldn\'t find a way to use it, so I kept it in my backpack to eat ashes, basically forgetting its existence.
"Ding, the fusion scroll requires powerful energy activation. Are you sure to use [Pure Dragon Source] to activate it?"
Qin Luosheng hesitated.
Is an unknown scroll really worth consuming an epic material?
"Fuck! It\'s activated!"
Without thinking about how long, Qin Luosheng made up his mind: "Anyway, this pure Dragon Origin is also a surprise. It is no different from the one that was picked up by nothing. You can use it after you use it. What about epic? There is something that can make it work, so I should feel fortunate."
"OK to use!"
With an order, Qin Luosheng put the pure dragon source and the fusion scroll together. In an instant, the pure dragon source similar to the Rubik\'s Cube began to melt and turned into the purest energy, submerged in the fusion scroll.
"Ding, the fusion scroll is opened because of energy, restore its effectiveness!"
The light comes quickly, and it goes quickly.
However, within a few seconds, the pure dragon source disappeared completely and became the nourishment of the fusion scroll.
Listening to the success notification sound delivered by the system, Qin Luosheng sighed. This is an epic item. If it fails, it will be a big loss. Fortunately, the dog system did not disappoint him.
Wiping his hands, Qin Luosheng was a little excited and opened the introduction bar of Fusion Scroll
[Fusion Scroll]
Type: Reel
Grade: Epic
Effect: Fusion
Introduction: A unique scroll with the power of fusion!