Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 253: Golden BOSS——Dragon
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 253: Golden BOSS——Dragon

After the warrior and the archer, does the magician also come?
The same is facing the remote crispy skin, but why this time, why is it frightened and disturbed?
Qin Luosheng knew the answer.
Because these twenty dragon language magicians chanted one after another, chanting the mysterious and profound dragon language. In an instant, the entire dragon temple was filled with the turbulent power of various elements, and different magics came one after another. .
If there is wind and blade, go ahead.
Soil pierces the ground and restricts the terrain.
Flames danced wildly, bursting forward.
There is ice surging, dense like a honeycomb.
There are thunder formations and airborne bombings.
Qin Luosheng\'s expression changed suddenly.
With this combination, all the five conventional natural elements were assembled without mentioning it, and it was perfectly coordinated and extremely meticulous. With the addition of the dragon language blessing, the power increased wildly, and it almost didn\'t make Qin Luosheng nauseous.
Twenty silver bosses, twenty spell turrets, standing side by side, who can hold it?
One-on-one, you can end abuse.
One-to-two, you can ignore it.
One-on-three, a bit difficult.
One-to-four, with frequent hole cards.
One to five is almost the limit.
One to twenty?
Wait for death!
"The conventional method is definitely looking for death, and it absolutely won\'t work."
With a flicker, Qin Luosheng avoided the bombardment of many magics to the limit. He looked at the group of dragon grammarians heading towards him with a solemn expression. "These twenty magic forts are a fortress that cannot be broken. If I dare It will definitely be blown into a sieve, and will collapse directly in the middle, leaving no dead residue."
If there is no breakthrough, then violence can only be controlled by violence.
With a move of Qin Luosheng\'s finger, a round iron ball suddenly appeared in his empty hand.
It is also an advanced version of the baby that was scoured from Wu Lin, the fire bite pot (fire yao turned out to be a sensitive vocabulary???). I have been reluctant to use it. Today, it is finally his turn to appear.
"let\'s start!"
Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng\'s figure moved, instantly blessing the pace of the snake and the leopard, and the speed soared.
Seeing that Qin Luosheng did not retreat but moved forward, the Dragon Whisper magicians who were moving closer, immediately stopped and began to chant. Soon, carpet-like magic bombardment struck again.
"come yet?"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were shining, and his rushing body was illusory, and turned into seven figures: "Shadow Ghost Building!" (PS: [Shadow Ghost Building] costs 1000 mana, activates Shadow Ghost Steps, and increases the dodge rate to 80% (cannot coexist with other dodge attributes and dodge skills), speed increased by 200%, up to seven shadow ghost clones can be separated in the action (no attack ability and entity, dissipated when attacked), used to confuse the enemy, Duration: 1 minute, cooling time: 10 minutes!)
The seven shadow ghost clones attracted the attention and firepower of the Long Grammarist. Qin Luosheng\'s body turned into a shadow, entering a thief-like latent state, defrauding the Long Grammarists sight, walked away from the periphery, then detoured and approached. Long grammarist square.
The Long Grammarist, who has no emotion and reason, is very violent. Facing the seven shadow ghost clones, he did not hesitate to activate a higher level of power and range than the previous magic. After a bombardment, there was no physical clone. , Completely defeated, dissipated invisible.
That\'s enough.
The existence of the shadow ghost clone had delayed Qin Luosheng enough time, allowing him to quietly approach the square formed by twenty dragon grammarians.
"It\'s so dense, one counts one, don\'t even think about running."
Qin Luosheng sneered and lit the sky-shaking thunder in his hand, "If it is a frontal attack, even if it is a violent output and pays a huge price to approach the throwing range, it is estimated that it will be resisted by your defensive magic similar to a magic shield, right? Its just that, now Im quietly calculating, what can you do?
Eat me a thunder!
The bulging ugliness did not pull a few iron bumps, and Qin Luosheng\'s vigorous throw, successfully submerged into the square of Long Grammarist.
The explosion sound louder than the lightning falling talisman just now, abruptly oscillated in this spacious and silent Dragon Temple.
"Is this real harm?"
Qin Luosheng looked at the center of the sky-shaking thunder explosion with excitement, and looked at the majestic and indifferent dragon grammarians who were still majestic and indifferent for a second. Now that is a miserable one.
Under the powerful explosion, there was no magic skill defense, and no powerful equipment to resist. About seven or eight dragon grammarians at the center of the explosion had been directly killed, turned into a huge amount of experience points, and fed back.
And none of the surrounding radiation can be safe and sound. Broken arms and legs are normal.
A few more have a big hole in their chests. Although they are not dead, they are still lingering, and they will quickly die without using their hands.
Even the outermost part was blown out by the impact of the explosion and suffered serious internal injuries.
Shocking Thunder.
Even though the damage is only a small 1,000 points, this real effect is too buggy and invincible.
The forced damage of 1000 points does not mean that the sky-shaking thunder can only deal 1000 points of damage. Under the real effect, the ones that are blown up do not count. The **** damage of the short limbs is extremely terrifying, like spurting blood, damage per second At least they were around 5000 points, and they were continuous, and the one who suffered the least internal injuries had all attributes exploded and their strength dropped drastically.
"Making a lot of money!"
Qin Luosheng is not an idiot, so naturally he will not let go of this perfect opportunity to beat a dog in the water. Taking advantage of the defeat of the Long Grammarist, he immediately killed him with a sword.
Jianmang Cham!
After blessing the power of Sirius, Qin Luosheng was like cutting melons and vegetables, sending the dragon grammarians, who were already weak in physique and now seriously injured, either with one sword or several swords, all to the west.
After killing the last dragon grammarist, Qin Luosheng let out a sigh of relief.
I took a look at the ground that was blown out by a huge crater by the trembling thunder.
I originally thought that the Thunderfall Talisman was already extremely abnormal, but I never thought that the unremarkable Sky Shaking Thunder was the most fierce cub.
Really hurt.
In a sense, this is the strongest damage in the virtual world. No matter how strong your virtual data is, as long as you are under real damage, you may be able to wipe it lightly, or with a blunt knife. Take your life.
This is not.
Long grammarians used their lives to perfectly interpret this.
"Are all the crystal coins again? Should I be happy, or should I complain?"
There was not much time, and Qin Luosheng didn\'t think much. He quickly cleaned the battlefield, watching the surge of crystal coins in his backpack, full of black lines, and a mouthful of old phlegm stuck in his throat.
"Ding, the trial of the Dragon God is about to begin, the eighth level: kill 20 Dragon Shadow Assassins!"