Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 249: The Trial of Dragon God Opens
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 249: The Trial of Dragon God Opens

Qin Luosheng\'s brain went down, looking at this incredible picture of the Dragon God, he completely lost the ability to think.
"Ding, you activate the dragon **** map and start the trial of the dragon god!"
The system\'s crisp prompt sound suddenly sounded.
Qin Luosheng was suddenly excited and woke up from absent-mindedness.
Damn it.
Scared me.
I almost fell straight into it.
This dragon **** picture is really terrifying, maybe it contains the breath of the dragon **** at the beginning, seeing it like seeing the dragon god, I am impressed by it unconsciously, and I can\'t help but want to worship.
There is a system.
A prompt tone pulled him back from the abyss, without sinking his feet.
"Ding, the trial of the Dragon God is about to begin, the first stage: kill a dragon blood beast!"
The system prompt sounded again. Without waiting for Qin Luoshengs reaction, an energy brilliance sparkled to form a summoning array. In an instant, a huge figure jumped out from the inside, turning from the virtual to the real, transforming into reality, like a lizard, with dragon power inside , Sent a low growl at him.
[Dragon Blood Beast (Enhanced 3-Star Elite)]
Level: 20
Health value: 300000
Magic value: 0
Physical attack: 2500
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 1800
Magic defense: 1500
Speed: 350
Skills: None
Introduction: Dragon-blooded beasts, low-level beasts stained with a trace of dragon blood, are the most inferior existence in the dragon clan.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
That\'s it?
Hey, give me back my nervousness, bastard!
The 20-level enhanced 3-star elites look pretty good, and their attributes are quite strong, completely surpassing the bronze BOSS of the same level.
too weak.
Compared to the only wall-mounted player in Fate Dimension, such a player is really pitiful.
"Is this really the trial of the Dragon God?"
Qin Luosheng had some doubts.
"No, you can\'t be careless. No one knows the urinary **** of the system better than me."
Shaking his head violently, Qin Luosheng threw those unrealistic and messy thoughts out of his mind, "The difficulty of being evaluated as an SSS-level trial is by no means easy. Even if there is no specific knowledge, I refer to those who are also SSS-level. Lord of the stars, this BUG-level talent can tell one or two things."
There seems to be something marked on the trial--
first round! ? ?
Just know where the problem is.
It turned out that the problem was here.
The dog system is dead, my heart is not dead.
This is only the first level. In the initial stage, the dragon blood beasts with the strength of the 20th-level bronze BOSS will guard them.
What terrible things will appear in the following levels?
How many levels are there?
Qin Luosheng\'s face was full of gloom.
I\'m still too young to believe that the dog system is disciplined.
Qin Luosheng was in a daze, but the manifested dragon-blooded beast did not exist. It was summoned, and it had only one will, and that was to kill the tester.
"Up to now, since I have fallen into the pit, there is only one way to go to death."
Qin Luosheng took out [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], with a solemn expression, "SSS-level trial mission, alas, I\'m really a dog. Forget it, do everything, and let the fate."
Ten seconds later!
"Ding, you successfully killed the 3-star enhanced elite-Dragon Blood Warrior, and gained 5000 experience points!"
Qin Luosheng let out a long sigh of relief.
"Could it be that I guessed wrong?"
Looking at the dragon-blooded beast that disappeared into stars, Qin Luosheng stood with a sword in disbelief.
too easy.
I originally thought that the Dragon Blood War Beast would be different from others, but I never thought that it was as real as the data in the introduction.
This experience value is very high, a full 5000 points, and it does not live up to the reputation of the 3-star enhanced elite.
"Ding, the trial of the Dragon God is about to begin, the second stage: kill 3 dragon blood beasts!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
I am sorry.
I\'m wrong.
I should not be optimistic and should not have expectations for the dog system.
MLGBD, can you take a breather?
This can\'t kill me, do I have to rely on wheel warfare to grind me to death?
The familiar brilliance shone, and the three summoning formations appeared at the same time. Under Qin Luosheng\'s gaze, the three dragon blood beasts were realized, and they immediately launched a charge at him.
1 minute later.
Qin Luosheng silently watched the bodies of the three dragon blood beasts being refreshed, with a gloomy expression.
Kill a dragon-blooded beast, easily and freely, in ten seconds.
The three dragon-blooded beasts attacked together, and they cooperated very well with each other. If it weren\'t for the strength to be too weak, and it was not a grade at all, it would not be solved unscathed.
Even so.
It also took a full minute to compare the efficiency of killing a single, and the time spent directly doubled.
"Ding, the trial of the Dragon God is about to begin, the third level: kill 10 dragon blood beasts!"
Convex (ܳܳܳ)!
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
Is this dog system kidding?
One jumped to three, and he endured it.
But this is only the third level. I immediately jumped from 3 to 10. Is it such a large span?
Without giving Qin Luo a chance to scold him, one, two, three, four, five..., ten summoning formations shining again.
A few seconds later, ten manifested dragon-blooded beasts landed, and their eyes locked tightly on him.
Qin Luosheng:...
5 minutes later!
The last dragon blood beast fell under Qin Luosheng\'s sword.
"Huh? Can you explode things?"
Before Qin Luosheng could catch his breath, a little starlight caught his attention.
Bend over and pick up.
"It turns out to be crystal coins!" Qin Luosheng looked disappointed: "What a waste of expression!"
Crystal coins.
Together with the strengthening stone and the spirit crystal, they are called the three friends of BOSS.
Basically every BOSS will explode these three things more or less, either one of them, or two of them, or all three of them. Among them, the enhanced stone exploded the most, and the crystal coin exploded the least.
No eggs!
This thing may be a rare thing for others, but for Qin Luosheng, only the appearance is okay, which is a little collection value.
After all, how many BOSSs he killed, and each one was the kind of weak whiteboard BOSS, plus his double-digit lucky value, the more exploded, the better. Even the most difficult to explode crystal coins, there are many stocks. Too much, naturally it is not surprising.
Although I dont know the usefulness of these three things, but they are produced by BOSS, it should not be a waste thing, Qin Luosheng did not lose it, and all the ones that did not fall were left on him. There were 1,000 space backpack grids with phantom ribbons. Don\'t be afraid to fit.
"This is good news!"
Putting the crystal coin into his backpack, Qin Luosheng showed a rare smile on his face, "I thought it was just an energy manifestation monster with only experience points. I didn\'t expect to be able to explode something. It\'s great. Now I explode the crystal coin. What about afterwards? Maybe something good will be revealed."
"Ding, the trial of the Dragon God is about to begin, the fourth stage: kill 20 dragon blood beasts!"
? ? ?