Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 243: Dragon Emperor Descends
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 243: Dragon Emperor Descends

"Dragons request a truce?"
Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded, feeling as if he had an auditory hallucination.
When will the overbearing dragon clan be subdued?
This is simply inexplicable.
Isn\'t it good to play peekaboo? Seeing that I will be driven into a desperate situation soon. At this time, there is a truce, or is it a request, really stuck with tape?
"Why, it\'s not scientific!"
Qin Luosheng murmured.
Luo Li snorted coldly, and said with some pride: "What about the Dragons? Now is not the ancient times. The era of the Dragons has long passed."
Qin Luosheng hit his hand suddenly.
He was thinking about it.
This is not the real world, the dragon is a fantasy creature, equal to the gods.
In this virtual world, the dragon clan is strong, but it is only one of the ten thousand clan, nothing more.
The current world, but the human race is the first, the dragon race is strong, but also has to subdue to the human race, so blatantly invaded the human race realm, really think that the human emperor is a muddle?
Luo Li said again: "The previous day, Longyuan\'s might have overwhelmed Xingyao City and caused a huge commotion, which has already made the general very dissatisfied. Not only did it fail to converge yesterday, but it intensified, the Dragon Nest opened wide, and hundreds of dragons flew out of Long Island. Intruding into the imperial territory without permission from your majesty is tantamount to an invasion and undeclared war."
Qin Luosheng was very excited.
This dragon clan has always been arrogant, and now I have been swept away by an ant like me, lost his mind, and then by the king of the black dragon clan and the elder of the dragon clan, he is so excited that he has done such a self-digging grave. Naotian helps me too.
"The dragon invasion, even if it didn\'t hurt anyone, but it caused too much turmoil."
Luo Li ignored Qin Luoshengs psychological activities and continued to say: Moreover, the Dragon Clans move is completely disregarding the empire. His Majesty was furious about this and ordered the Dragon Emperor to take care of the clan. Otherwise, hesitate to go to war with the dragon clan. Under pressure, the dragon clan has nothing to do but a truce."
"Then why?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help asking: "Why am I still being hunted down today?"
"Hehe, then you have to ask yourself."
Luo Li said with a smile.
"Ask me?"
Qin Luosheng looked confused: "What\'s wrong with me?"
"what happened to you?"
Luo Li hummed: "You said what\'s wrong with you? Look at what you did, how much damage did you do to the dragons? Hundreds of dragons. Except for the invasion of the demons in the ancient times, and the dragons and birds In the race war, when did the Dragon tribe dispatch so many tribesmen? This kind of power is enough to easily destroy a small country."
Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched: "It has nothing to do with me. You know, I am the victim. I was chased by them."
"Yes, yes, you are a victim." Luo Li gave Qin Luosheng a white look. "There are so many clansmen who have been dispatched, but they are still helpless with you. Who won\'t let the fire? The dragon clan can be very angry. Especially Long Yuan, it is said that you were playing tricks. It\'s as if the energy in the body is disordered and suffered a serious internal injury."
"Deserve it!" Hearing this news, Qin Luosheng was too happy and said bitterly: "Why is he out of breath?"
"Hey, you are enough. In the end, Long Yuan said he was also the Black Dragon King. How could he die so easily?" Luo Li said in an angry tone, "It is precisely because you made him so angry and suffered internal injuries. Time cultivation is not good, which made him more angry, taking advantage of the Dragon Emperor and the Human Emperor to communicate, has not officially issued the order, so seize the opportunity to start a more crazy hunt for you. Well, it is today. . You should have felt that the frequency of chasing and killing today is much higher than yesterday, right?"
"Is there anything else?" Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched: "That means that the Dragon Emperor just came, or gave an order, which let the Dragon Clan die, and you, are you here to inform me that the matter is over?"
"Otherwise?" Luo Li said with a frightened expression: "If there is no order, the little girl would not dare to oppose the dragon clan."
Qin Luosheng was full of black lines.
I believe in your evil.
Can you be serious about acting? Don\'t be so ostentatious.
If you want to be scared, at least take the smile on your face, smile and say scared, do you think I am an idiot? You do this really embarrassing me. Should I cooperate with you against my will, or should I just vomit?
"Oh, then I am really sad."
Who won\'t?
As long as I don\'t feel embarrassed, no one in the whole world can help me!
Hurt each other.
"Huh, no sincerity." Luo Li rolled his eyes and flew over, and said angrily: "Alright, we should go back, the matter has not been resolved yet, but I was ordered to come. It has been delayed for a long time."
"Not resolved yet?" Qin Luosheng was taken aback: "Isn\'t it over?"
"Who finished?" Luo Li said: "It\'s just that the Dragon King met with your Majesty, as if they had reached an agreement to let the Dragon Race to evacuate and stop chasing you. It\'s just that the Dragon Race Secret Treasure in your hand is endless Oh."
"Isn\'t it?" Qin Luosheng wanted to cry without tears, "This is too difficult."
First, Long Yuan chased and killed, and then a hundred dragons encircled and suppressed, and finally a dragon king came.
This dog B system, my heart is not dead!
"Hey, don\'t worry." Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s expression of frustration, Luo Li comforted: "Your Majesty appreciates you so much and won\'t do nothing. Don\'t worry, even if the Dragon Emperor comes, it won\'t kill you. At most, I will beat you up and shut you down for a few days."
"You\'re still laughing." Qin Luosheng\'s face turned green, and he looked at Luo Li who was secretly laughing while covering his mouth, and said helplessly: "I\'m going to be in prison."
"Hmph, who told you to be brave, you even dare to move things of the dragon clan." Luo Li hummed: "If it\'s other things, it\'s just that what you take is very important, otherwise, Long Yuan won\'t mobilize Bailong. Out of the Dragon Nest, now even the Dragon Emperor is dispatched himself."
"Hey." Qin Luosheng sighed, shrugged his head, and accepted his fate. "It\'s time, fate, maybe it won\'t escape this disaster in the end."
"I\'m sorry, my Luo family can\'t intervene in this matter, and my father can\'t protect you." Luo Li apologized.
"Don\'t say sorry." Qin Luo warmed up and smiled peacefully, "I owe you a lot to the Luo Family. If it weren\'t for the city lord\'s great manpower protection, I would have been killed by Long Yuan the day before yesterday."
"Okay, I won\'t talk about this." Qin Luosheng interrupted hurriedly when he saw what Luo Li had to say, "Let\'s go, go back. I should also go to the Dragon Emperor for a while to see what he wants to do with me. ."
"Yeah." Luo Li nodded, her soft eyes became a bit sharp, "I just hope that the Dragon Race will not be too much, otherwise..."