Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 236: 1JiaZi Premium
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 236: 1JiaZi Premium

The next day.
Qin Luo rose early.
"Daddy, early."
When I came back after buying breakfast, I happened to see the nanny who got up in the toilet. The sleepy look that had remained unchanged for thousands of years made the corners of his mouth twitch unconsciously.
"I have something to go out later. Maybe I won\'t be back for lunch. You can order the takeaway."
After eating breakfast, Qin Luosheng commanded to the .
"Oh, what is daddy going out for?"
The girl asked a rare question.
"...Blind date!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t speak up, but under the questioning eyes of her daughter, he still spoke out.
"Blind date?"
Nun Nun\'s expression shrank, the original sleepiness dissipated in an instant, and her gaze looked at Qin Luosheng with scorching eyes: "I want to go too!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

Huayuan District.
Qin Luosheng looked at this unfamiliar place that existed in the memory of his predecessor with a complicated expression.
"Let\'s go!"
Pulling the daughter, Qin Luosheng and the two walked into the community and found the uncle\'s residence.
"Boom boom boom..."
Knock on the door.
No one answered!
[Biquger] "Come here again?"
The familiar scene made Qin Luosheng look dark.
Back then, my predecessor had travelled thousands of miles, had been on the train for two days, exhausted, and arrived here late at night, the same was true. I knocked on the door for a long time and no one opened. If it weren\'t for the neighbor next door to be affected, thinking he was a thief and calling the police, he probably wouldn\'t even be able to get in that door that day.
"It\'s true that a dog can\'t change eating shit."
Qin Luosheng was not his predecessor, his predecessor was so humble and arrogant, unyielding, not to mention that he was not afraid of being afraid of this day, even a guy with a bit violent temperament after a long stay.
Doesn\'t open the door?
The Lord is not waiting.
MLBGD, really thought it was rare for your broken car that is less than 50W?
Had it not been for the predecessor\'s mother, I would never want to see your relatives.
"Call me to come, but closed the door. Even if it is a stranger, this is not the case, let alone relatives, blood-related relatives, with such a low temperament, it is really eye-opening."
Qin Luosheng smiled playfully.
He is not the **** from the previous life on Earth, he can\'t hold his shoulders or raise his hands. After being strengthened, he is now completely a superman. If you are bolder, summon the Fear Wheel, the security door in front of you is no different from thin paper.
"Let\'s go!"
Looking at Maoyan contemptuously, Qin Luosheng took the hand of the girl and prepared to leave.
With a strong mental power, he could hear Su Yuran\'s faint "Woo" sound, not to mention, there was only one doorway. He had already noticed the prying eyes and heavy breathing behind the door.
"Oh, it\'s Shengzi. Come in, come in, look at us, don\'t have to go to work, get up too late every day, no, I heard you knocking on the door."
The door opened.
A half-aged mistress with exquisite makeup and shrewd face came into view. It was Mu Ping, the so-called big aunt of Qin Luosheng, with a smirk that made him almost spit it out.
Qin Luosheng screamed without a smile, and then dragged her daughter through the door.
"There are slippers on the shoe rack, change them into the house."
Too lazy to pay attention to the false feelings of the eldest mother, Qin Luosheng did not even have any thoughts of imagining and ignoring her. He didn\'t even look at the inferior slippers. He squatted down, picked up two pairs of shoe covers, and put them on her daughter and herself.
"Come on!"
Entering the living room, the uncle was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. When he saw him coming, he didn\'t raise his head, but his eyes were swept slightly, and he said hello, "Sit down."
Qin Luosheng screamed indifferently, and stood there without any intention of going to sit down.
"Hey, who is this girl? She looks pretty watery."
It seemed that there was something wrong with his nephew. Qin Mao put down the newspaper, looked over, and saw the nun who was holding Qin Luosheng\'s hands. A faint flash of surprise flashed in his eyes and asked, "Is it the Lingling girl?"
Ha ha!
"She is the daughter of Lao Lin next door."
Qin Luosheng replied casually, but he was contemptuous in his heart.
You didn\'t go home for so many years, you didn\'t blame the neighbor\'s children for not recognizing it, but Lingling is your niece and predecessor\'s sister, you can\'t even recognize it?
"Lao Lin\'s family?" Qin Mao was a little confused: "Which Lao Lin\'s family?"
"Dad!" Just as Qin Luosheng was about to explain, the next door opened, and a tall girl with an appearance of 80 points came out. Seeing Qin Luosheng, her slender eyebrows wrinkled, she ignored her, just called out. Qin Mao, "I have class at half past nine, so send me to school."
"Okay..." Qin Mao subconsciously agreed, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed it back, and said embarrassedly: "Today, I want to borrow your cousin to go on a blind date. Or, Lulu, you can take a taxi to school. ."
"Blind date?" Qin Lu frowned and looked at the poor cousin who had never seen her.
That\'s right, the nasty look in the memory has not changed at all.
Qin Lu didn\'t like it, but she didn\'t know how to say it. After all, she was still a child who hadn\'t been out of society, and couldn\'t compare to her cheap and shrewd mother.
The heart that was ready to compromise, looked down, and after seeing the girl, he immediately changed his mind.
Qin Lu was jealous.
She was held in the palm of the hand by her parents since she was a child, exquisite and nourished, but unfortunately the congenital conditions are really limited, even with makeup, relying on the proud white skin, she can only score 85 points at most.
In contrast to her enchanting face, she was like an ugly duckling, in front of the noble and beautiful white swan, she could hardly lift her head.
"Dad, the morning class is an open class by Professor Hops, but the school paid a lot of money to get there. There is only one class, which is very important. You don\'t send me there. What if you miss it in a traffic jam?"
Qin Lu said coldly: "My cousin has a blind date, just take a taxi, it doesn\'t make any difference. It\'s better to be honest. If you don\'t have a car, do you want to deceive other girls?"
Qin Luosheng almost didn\'t vomit.
Sure enough, it is the best of a family without entering a house.
The eldest aunt who heard the knock on the door first did not go to work, but she was neatly dressed and had her makeup done. Later, if she didn\'t drive, she would be late. If there is a traffic jam, what is the difference between driving and taking a taxi?
Ha ha.
Is it so bad to find an excuse?
Either there was a problem with his brain, or he was concealed without covering up, and if it was made clear, he would humiliate Qin Luosheng.
"Lulu is right. The courses are important. Old Qin, don\'t you send your daughter to school?" The aunt Mu Ping urged her uncle quickly, then turned around and looked at Qin Luosheng: "Shengzi, look, this is really not By coincidence. How about you take a taxi? Come on, Auntie will pay you the fare."