Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 210: Golden Gear Ghost Boots
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 210: Golden Gear Ghost Boots

"Ding, you successfully killed the 17th-level enhanced silver BOSS ghostcold-blooded, gain experience: 60W+, 1500 reputation!"
Qin Luosheng let out a sigh of relief when he heard the familiar system prompt.
Perfect control died of cold blood, and did not give him any chance.
that\'s nice.
If singled out, Qin Luosheng is completely fearless, afraid that the cold-blooded servant specializes in picking soft persimmons and assassinating the crispy skin of Qingsi and Mumu.
After all, it is a thief-type BOSS, and it is in his own territory. Once hidden, he is determined to engage in sneak attacks, and there is really no way to take him.
This guy is too anxious. If he sees through Qin Luoshengs "fishing trick" of using Qingsi to save Mengwas dad, he cant bear to turn his attention from the two priests to the other crispy skin, then even if he cant win, at least Can kill more than two people and reduce the team.
After all, there is no wisdom, just a little bit of instincts in his lifetime. In addition, they are immortal monsters. They naturally hate the two priests who are full of light power, which leads to wrong judgments and falls into a trap.
Several golden lights flashed, and someone upgraded again with the huge experience points contributed by cold blood.
Even though the contribution rate is not high (injury percentage, injury-bearing percentage, final blow, etc.), it is not as good as Qin Luosheng, but after all, the level is not bad, there is output, and the experience value has not been reduced much. After a few BOSSs are down, the upgrade is normal. Thing.
"The further you go, the harder it is to increase this level. This Nima from level 18 to 19 actually requires 200W+ experience points, which is really enough." Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but vomit while looking at the experience bar that had risen by a bit.
"No one touches the corpse?" Qin Luosheng asked, glanced at the few people who were immersed in the joy of upgrading, squatting down on his own, and touching his hand toward the cold blood that was about to cool down.
"I, I, I, let me come!" The most positive one heard touching the corpse is always the little pepper Mu Mu.
I don\'t know why, such a eldest daughter is not afraid to see the corpse. Why does she still like to touch the body so much.
Is this a quirk of the rich?
However, Qin Luosheng shuddered at the thought of the first two BOSS who had been touched by Mu Mu\'s corpse, and the level of equipment produced, and quickly called a stop.
Regardless, Qin Luosheng took the lead and directly finished touching the corpse under Mu Mu\'s angry gaze.
The whole process, moving clouds and flowing water, as fast as lightning, fully demonstrated the wild speed of Qin Luosheng\'s past and present, who was single for more than 40 years.
"You villain!"
Mu Mu\'s eyes were red.
Very wronged.
She felt offended.
As a lucky girl who had already gotten rid of the non-chief and was promoted to the Emperor of Europe (self-thinking), Qin Luosheng\'s behavior reminded her of the dark days that had been ridiculed and humiliated.
Didnt I get one gold and three silvers just now?
Why don\'t you believe me?
I, Miss Mu Mu, disagree!
Just as Mu Mu gritted his teeth and wanted to find Qin Luosheng to settle the account, he suddenly saw a golden light shared on the team channel, and immediately stopped, his eyes full of resentment were instantly replaced by a little star.
"Fuck? Three gold, two silver, one skill book and one scroll?"
"Big guy is awesome! Big guy 666!"
"Tsk tsk, what is Ou Huang? Seen it, this is Ou Huang."
"Boss, do you want a little brother? How about me? Don\'t need anything, just give me a little European style."
"Brother Crying Soul, I\'m going to call the police when you are like this!"
"Dog care, dog care! Chang Wei, you still said you can\'t martial..., cough cough, big man, you still said you didn\'t open up?"
A burst of crazy ghost crying wolf howling.
It\'s no wonder that they are so gaffe.
On the contrary, Qin Luosheng\'s shocking touch was really cruel.
A silver BOSS exploded five pieces of equipment, the explosion rate is already so good, however, this is not the most terrifying, the most terrifying thing is that the quality of this equipment is simply against the sky, three pieces of gold and two pieces of silver.
Excellent rate-300% or even higher!
Inferior product rate-0%!
It\'s not just equipment, it goes without saying that the strengthening stones are normal, but the skill books and scrolls are super extra surprises.
Qin Luosheng was not interested in the silver equipment, so he gave up and was taken away by his teammate ROLL!
Three pieces of golden equipment, a general staff, and a dagger. The former was dazzled by Huo Wu ROLL, and the latter was all ROLL, and was taken by ACTO.
Qin Luosheng has a total of 22 gold coins!
The last piece of equipment-
[Ghost Boots]
Type: Boots
Grade: Gold
Requirements: Level 18, fighter class
"Oh, is there finally something I can use?"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes lit up.
"Brother Crying Soul, these boots..."
Yatu glanced at Qin Luosheng, and seeing his eyes gleaming, he would give up on the spot.
"We can all use this stuff, Brother Yatu, and take a knife, let\'s roll some, see who is lucky!"
Qin Luosheng interrupted directly and started the ROLL system first.
OLL: 58 points!
"It\'s your turn!"
Smiling and raising his hand, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were clear and calm.
ACTO was stunned, then nodded and smiled and rolled.
OLL: 49 points!
"Then, I\'m not welcome!"
The boss set an example, laughed at me, and started ROLL.
OLL: 24 o\'clock!
The victory is divided!
With 59 points, Qin Luosheng won Weeping Soul and took a knife.
"Ding, you get [Ghost Boots]!"
The other seven teammates all gave up ROLL, and suddenly, these 18-level [Ghost Boots] fell into Qin Luosheng\'s backpack.
"It seems my luck is pretty good!"
Qin Luosheng traded gold coins to his teammates one by one, as red envelopes, not many, 10 per person, just like the previous ones given by ACTO, neither full of big heads nor stingy.
Although it is a bit heartache to lose 90 gold coins, Qin Luosheng is still in a good mood because he has got the [Ghost Boots] and has a substitute for the [Bush Hunting Boots] who has been unable to keep up. The skill book that I was watching eagerly was revealed first, "Next is the highlight."
[Cruel Strike (Gold)] Demand: Physical melee occupation.
"Golden skill?"
The youngest and most uncomfortable popular, he called out first. Because of his surprise, even his voice was a little out of tune, and he wailed in pain, "Why melee combat is needed? I fuck!"
"Hey, it\'s ours again!"
I didn\'t shake it to the [Nether Shadow Boots], I was a bit disappointed with a knife. I never thought, Liu Yinhua was bright, the equipment was gone, and a gold-level skill book appeared before my eyes.
that\'s nice!