Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 209: Infinite control chain
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 209: Infinite control chain

After the archer Jumang, the wind magician Feng Mu, the water magician Shui Linglong, and the fire magician Huo Ying, is there another thief now?
How sacred is this mercenary king, so that many masters from all races and completely different personalities can voluntarily join him and work for him. This method, this personality charm, is simply invincible.
"Everyone, be careful, form a group, back to back, vigilant!"
Cut it down with a sword, but rushed into the air, killing the cold blood of Mengwa\'s dad, and the person disappeared in front of his eyes like his "name", like a ghost.
"The crispy crust is in the middle, and Yatu and I have a knife. One person looks at two directions."
In a hurry, Qin Luosheng didnt care about anything else, so he took away ACTOs command and issued an order: "Qingsi, you come to revive the cute baby dad, dont worry, I will protect you and I will never let the boss hurt you. Vellus hair."
Qingsi glanced at Qin Luosheng, walked out of the crispy camp, began to hide magic, and used the resurrection skill [Holy Prayer].
"Snake pace!"
Qin Luo raised his sword alert, his body was tight, and his energy was concentrated to the extreme. At the same time, he quietly released two speed-increasing skills.
Even though Qin Luosheng\'s current speed can surpass the cold-blooded 600 points, this product is a thief and must have the ability to increase speed, so he dare not care.
Judging from Lengxue\'s shot just now, it was not a [] intention to kill people, because Qin Luosheng had clearly sensed it just now that the goods passed by him before.
According to the truth, the closest to the cold blood is his Qin Luosheng, and then Yatu, who will take me a knife...
However, cold-blooded did not attack them, but touched back and killed Mengwa\'s dad. From this point of view, he was a purposeful murder.
Qin Luosheng felt a little unbelievable about this, but he felt that there was no problem.
Isn\'t this logical? ! !
The few who walked in front of them were all heavy-armored professions, with high blood and thick defenses, which was quite difficult to chew.
But the cute baby dad is different.
He is a pastor.
As a thief, its not normal to kill the most threatening priest in seconds first?
The cold light shone again, a ghost suddenly appeared, and the target pointed at Qingsi, who was resurrecting her adorable baby dad.
"Finally appeared!"
Qin Luosheng, who had already been waiting aside, rose violently, using his body as a shield to block Qingsi.
With a dagger, Qin Luosheng\'s health plummeted, and his blood bar was empty by a fifth.
Worthy of being a high offensive and sensitive thief, this injury is truly terrifying.
That\'s it.
The attack is high and the speed is fast, but the limitations are too great to be able to reveal the whereabouts of the person in seconds, then wait for the beat.
"Phantom maze!"
Without the slightest hesitation, Qin Luosheng displayed the collateral control skill of the Phantom Ribbon, the effect was instant, and the cold blood that would not be able to evacuate in the future entered a three-second psychedelic state.
"Feng Shui turns around!"
Taking this opportunity, Qin Luosheng blessed Sirius and the Heart of Courage while watching the development in situ, and said with a misty cold-blooded sneer: "We have suffered a lot in the phantom array you set up just now. Dao still cures its own body, and I also use this trick to retaliate to you."
"Retreat a little!"
Qin Luosheng glanced at Qingsi and the resurrected Mengwa dad, said something, and then shouted at ACTO and the others: "Come in close combat to block this stuff, and you can\'t let the boss run away. Don\'t keep the other full attacks."
I got used to the fighting methods of the previous magical bosses, and ran forward and entered the attack range with great pains. Now there was an automatic door-to-door, and my mind hadn\'t turned a bit.
But in the end, it was an elite master who reacted quickly. Looking at the BOSS who had fallen into the circle of his own team, he greeted him with overwhelming attacks without saying anything.
"Furious blow!"
Qin Luosheng, who was one step faster than his teammates, had already moved a step, and ran behind the cold-blooded, blocking his way. At the same time, [Panlong Lishui] brilliance flashed and directly sent a [Furious Bash], heavy Cut it on the cold-blooded neck, it\'s really a long-lost start.
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing ghosts-cold blood, serious injury effects, and all attributes are reduced by 10%!"
whispering sound
Didn\'t it trigger absolute severe injuries?
What else can the thieves who have been surrounded make up?
"Sword Qi is vertical and horizontal, effect !"
In the case of a quick battle, Qin Luosheng is not stingy with that little mana consumption. Although the second effect of Jian Qi, the damage is only increased by 20%, can it also deal a lot of damage?
The three-second psychedelic effect will end soon!
"Shadow thorn!"
Qin Luosheng, who was already in place for a long time, didn\'t panic and pinched, how could he interrupt the control chain carelessly? At the moment of cold-blooded awakening, Shadow Spear greeted him, causing him to continue to be charged and fall into a dizzy state.
Qin Luosheng yelled to the shadow that was attacking, the latter nodded knowingly, attacked while walking, moved to attack while walking, and left the position of Qin Luosheng who was directly behind the cold-blooded.
Shadow Spike\'s dizziness ended, and Shadow awakened again, but before he could move his body, Shadow\'s backstab followed, and he fainted again.
Qin Luosheng gave a compliment, opened his bow left and right and cut two swords frantically, then stopped, then moved his right hand, from bottom to top, slashed away, "Pick and cut!"
Cold-blooded awakened again, this time no one had the stun skill for him, but there was no stun, and the forced stagnation had it.
A challenge, success let the cold blood go to heaven.
"Crazy attack!"
With his body stuck in the air, his target became bigger, Qin Luosheng did not hesitate to activate the attack speed skill, his hands seemed to twitch, and he attacked like crazy.
Three seconds later!
Qin Luosheng, who finished a "fast stab", glanced at the cold-blooded health value of only over sixty thousand, and shouted: "Brother Yatu!"
"Understood!" Ato\'s big shield stood up and smashed to the ground, watching the cold blood falling from the air, regaining control of the body, and said in a deep voice: "Taunting!"
The unlucky and sad cold blood just prepared to flash away, but unfortunately, there is still time to implement it. The body became stiff, and once again lost control, involuntarily moved towards Yato, and forcibly launched an attack on him.
"Don\'t keep your hands! The ridicule of the shield war can only take effect on the boss for 1 second!"
No need to call Yato, Qin Luo was promoted to DPS (output), and would not let go of the cold blood of life like a candle in the wind.
What a joke.
This is the point. If you don\'t kill the boss directly, should you give him a chance?
This Nima is a thief BOSS who can make a difference. Who wants to lie on the floor without seeing the ghost like Daddy Mengwa?
We don\'t want face?