Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 201: Water Vein Spirit Orb Evolution
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 201: Water Vein Spirit Orb Evolution

"I have an idea, if it can be done, this thing belongs to me, and I will give everyone a satisfactory dividend."
After thinking about it, Qin Luosheng decided to follow his heart and couldn\'t recall the weird memory fragments just now, so he experimented and tried, so he replied with Yato, "If it fails, then this thing belongs to you."
"Okay!" Yato nodded in response.
This thing, for him, is really useless at present, just want to get it and store it as an investment. After all, it is a high-level material, maybe it can be used in the future.
Now, Qin Luosheng is interesting, and has to test it on the spot, giving it to him if it\'s useless, and accepting it if it\'s useful, all said that, how can he not give face?
Yato decided that the other eight members of the Yato Pavilion would naturally not object. They were all combat members and were not interested in materials that were obviously used by the deputy.
"Is it out of water?"
Speaking of Lishui, Qin Luosheng immediately thought of the one-handed sword in his hand, the [Panlong Lishui] obtained from Empress Naga.
Even though the level of [Panlong Lishui] is low, it is an epic-level existence. It not only looks gorgeous, but also has a very strong effect.
Along the way, the BOSS planted under the sword of [Panlong Lishui] has no idea how much. It is full of the blood of the strong, and now it has added a scorpion, echoing with Longwei, and each other\'s prestige.
"no response?"
However, it turns out that Qin Luosheng thinks too much.
When the Lishui Demon Core came into contact with [Panlong Lishui], there was no response, not even the slightest connection pulse appeared.
"Could it be that I wanted something wrong?"
Qin Luosheng felt helpless.
"No, there is indeed something there."
Withdrawing [Panlong Lishui], Qin Luosheng was about to pass the Lishui Demon Core to Yatu, but he couldn\'t help but recall the weird fuzzy picture in his mind, frowning in thought.
"What else has water to do?"
"By the way, aren\'t there still water vein spirit beads?"
Qin Luosheng woke up suddenly and recalled that in the trial ground of the abyss mode, the water vein spirit orb that shined brightly and lived up to the name of "Lingbao".
Apart from anything else, Qin Luosheng took out the Water Vein Spirit Orb that had been hidden, and cautiously touched the Lishui Demon Core.
In an instant!
The Lishui Demon Core and the Water Vein Spirit Orb shook at the same time, and the huge force broke free from Qin Luosheng\'s palm and floated in the air. Both of them were overflowing with dreamy blue and blue brilliance, which contrasted and interfered with each other.
The whole process was beautiful, but it didn\'t last long. After a few seconds, the two merged, and the Lishui Demon Core dived into the Water Vein Spirit Orb and disappeared.
After swallowing the Lishui Demon Core, the Water Vein Lingzhu returned to normal, converging its brilliance, falling from the air, and returning to Qin Luosheng\'s hand.
Qin Luosheng glanced at--
At this moment, the water vein Lingzhu had no change except for its clear blue appearance, which was a little more shining and agile than before.
That\'s it?
Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded.
As the saying goes, as much as expectations, there are as much disappointments.
I originally thought that it could soar into the sky, but I never thought that the thunder was loud and the rain was small, and it ended in a hasty.
"Brother Crying Soul, what is this?"
At this moment, Yatu and others gathered around, locked their eyes tightly on the water vein spirit beads in Qin Luosheng\'s hand, and asked curiously: "It looks like a monster, baby in movies and TV, the scene just now, then The picture is hard to describe in words."
Qin Luosheng was amused secretly.
Lingbaos performance, the **** Yaohua, for the Chinese children who grew up in the fairy-xia martial arts civilization, it is quite shocking, to be honest, who did not have a fairy sword dream or a heroic dream when he was a child?
"Big villain, look at this bead, look at this bead."
Little Chili Mumu squeezed the crowd away and looked at Qin Luosheng\'s hands with high-value, water-veined spirit beads full of watery gloss and spiritual brilliance, with stars in his eyes, anxiously urging, "Hurry up, hurry up."
Qin Luosheng:...
After a glance, everyone was looking at themselves eagerly, and sighed helplessly. I didn\'t want to open the hole card of the Water Vein Spirit Orb and expose it to others. But now, riding a tiger is difficult. It is not easy to touch everyone. meaning.
It just so happened that Qin Luosheng himself wanted to know how the Water Vein Spirit Orb had changed after swallowing the Lishui Demon Core.
Therefore, after some operations, the attributes of the Water Vein Spirit Orb were shared to the team channel
Water Vein Spirit Pearl
Type: Lingbao
grade:? ? ?
Demand: None
Lasting: None
Effect: Strength +50, Constitution +50, Agility +50, Spirit +50
Special effects: [Water Spirit] Holds Water Vein Spirit Orbs, affinity with water elements, increases water damage by 80%, increases water resistance by 30%, and is proficient in water. It can move freely under water without any obstacles, does not reduce power, and ignores water Pressure, and can easily control the water vein!
Incidental skills: [Water Pulse] consumes 1000 mana points, manipulates the water element to form a swirling water scroll, forms a violent water pressure attack on enemies within a 15*15 range, causing 300% intensity damage, and a fixed additional 800 points of water damage. Fire creatures cause an additional 80% damage, and there is a certain chance of causing serious injuries, cutting, and freezing effects. The duration is 30 seconds and the cooling time is 30 minutes! (According to the quantity and quality of water element, the effect will be improved)
Incidental skills: [Essence of Lishui] Summon the Lishui stored in the Water Vessel Spirit Orb. Those who are contaminated with Lishui will suffer from water poisoning, body ulceration, and unsolvable common drugs. Cooling time: seven days!
Introduction: The spiritual treasure of the water system condensed by the spiritual power of the four seas is extremely precious. It is the supreme treasure in the eyes of Shuixiu. It is said that this treasure is only in the hands of the ancient aquatic royal family. It is a treasure for generations and must be owned by the king. , Can easily control the water veins and become the **** of water.
Qin Luosheng: (á㧥;)
ACTO:? ? ?
Mu Mu:)o
Popular people: o
Is this the props & equipment of the boss?
Sure enough, it was beyond our imagination.
It\'s too fierce!
It\'s really too fierce!
This effect, this special effect, this additional skill, still let others live?
They are the top players from the front line to the super front line, but in front of this big guy, they are completely weak chickens. Let alone, this bead called the water vein spirit pearl is completely It broke them all.
"This is really amazing."
Qin Luosheng, who was in ecstasy, didn\'t notice the complicated and sour eyes and a heart of Yatu and others, and he almost jumped out of his chest with joy.
After the evolution of the Water Vein Spirit Orb, the four attributes have increased by 20 points, the effect of [Water Spirit] is enhanced, the power of [Water Pulse Strike] is increased, and an additional skill is added.
[The Essence of Lishui] It should have been brought by the demon core of Lishui that was swallowed and assimilated, even if the skill introduction did not say any data, such as how many meters of the skill range, a few percentage points increase in skill damage, etc.
Even so, this brief introduction, which is as precious as gold, looks even more creepy. Among other things, according to the law of conservation, the 7-day cooling time is enough to explain everything. If it weren\'t too powerful, how could the CD be so long?
"Have a chance, experiment?"
Secretly guessing can\'t do anything, only practice can give us true knowledge. It just so happens that there is still a mercenary king waiting for us? This is the best test subject.
"Brother Crying Soul, I, this, I really don\'t know what to say!"
Yatu\'s face was expressionless. He was really mixed with five flavors. He didn\'t know what expression to show. He only knew that his heart was very confused and sour, as if he had drunk a few jars of vinegar.
Why didn\'t this baby fall into my own hands?
Is this B\'s illegitimate child? Or the father of the mastermind? Why do all good things get on him? MLGBD!
"I don\'t know what to say, so don\'t say it, look good and sour."
In a great mood, Qin Luosheng also made a rare joke.
ACTO:? ? ?
Qingsi and others:...
Listen, listen, is this human?
Really owe it.
If it weren\'t for you, I would definitely attack it now. I\'ll beat you again.
Ive never seen someone like you. If you can speak, just talk more. If you cant speak, close your mouth, OK?
Yato sighed deeply, suppressed the distracting thoughts and greed in his heart, turned around and left without seeing it, "Let\'s go, the next level is up. There is not much time, so try to end today\'s game time." Before, this task was over."