Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 197: Water God-Water Linglong
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 197: Water God-Water Linglong

Qin Luosheng was disappointed.
The number of equipment is too large, a total of six pieces, unfortunately, there is no shadow of gold, the highest grade is only silver, and only 3 pieces, the other 3 pieces, 2 pieces of bronze, and-1 piece of black iron!
"How could this be? It shouldn\'t happen!"
Qin Luosheng was very depressed: "Is it because teammates joined the battle? This is not right. Isn\'t the person who affected the BOSS burst rate and burst, the one who completed the last blow? That\'s me! Is it because my face is too dark? ?"
With a lucky value of up to 16 points, has he ever been so humiliated?
This is the "One Blood" BOSS. Under his hand, it is so unbearable, who is it?
"Forget it, even if my life is bad!"
Qin Luosheng sighed helplessly, no longer entangled.
Perhaps, I am asking too much!
After all, there is a sentence of Mang, Pearl and Jade in front, a mere silver-level BOSS, but the golden equipment broke out, as the second-tier guarding BOSS, the stronger Feng Mu, there is no reason to lose to Ju Mang, isn\'t it?
This gave Qin Luosheng an illusion.
Unexpectedly, this is not necessarily a golden outfit, the previous sentence exploded, it was just a **** luck.
"25, 11, 37?"
What kind of fairy roll points are these?
Qin Luosheng closed himself up on the spot.
Seeing that the three silver suits were taken into the bag by others, there was no more interest in ROLL, and the remaining three pieces of **** all chose to give up.
Qin Luosheng, whose lowest grade is also golden equipment, is normal to not look down on these rags, but the others are surprised.
Even if you are an elite member of Atoge, you can equip this thing with a random burst rate, which is not what you want. Sometimes, even if you have money, it is either out of stock or others don\'t sell it, and you can\'t buy it.
All members of the black iron look down on it, but bronze and silver are different. They are popular items, especially the silver outfit, which is top-level equipment. The ordinary first-line players have one or two pieces on their body, even if it is extraordinary.
After the equipment was allocated, Qin Luosheng also received a bonus of 12 gold coins. Among them, the shadow of the silver dagger contributed 5 gold, which was the most bold.
The third level!
[The corpse of a mercenary (enhanced 3-star elite)]
Level: 16
Health value: 250000
Magic value: 0
Physical attack: 4000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 800
Magic defense: 0
Speed: 280
Skills: None
Introduction: The corpses of ordinary mercenaries follow the mercenaries who used to be the mercenary king. After death, the bones are taken into the tomb of the mercenary king and sleep with them.
Qin Luosheng:...
Still familiar appearance, still familiar formula.
I gave Lao Tzu a skeleton style again, so I\'m almost vomiting, okay?
A group of DX dogs in the planning team came out to be beaten. You are not stealing laziness like this. Will it die if you change the model?
"This hurt is too exaggerated!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care, it didn\'t matter if it didn\'t mean his teammates, even if it was Arto, holding a gold shield, he had a solemn face at the moment, and was frightened by the exaggerated attack power of the enhanced [Mercenary Corpse].
"Is this really an ordinary weird? It\'s almost like a wild bronze BOSS of the same level."
Feng Xing also murmured on the side: "There is also this health value, this defense power, this speed, except that the magic defense is 0, there is no skill explosion, don\'t worry about being second, basically there are no defects."
"It\'s just a skeleton monster. There is no wisdom. It is limited by the system\'s hatred mechanism. We can cooperate a little bit and we can completely kill without injury."
Seeing that morale was a little low, ACTO quickly comforted: "What\'s more, we have a pervert like Brother Weeping Soul. Fighting bosses is the same as killing chickens. Fighting will never exceed 30 seconds. No problem, everyone can rest assured."
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
When did I become a pervert?
You B, how can you defile someone\'s innocence for no reason?
Are you floating, or do you think I can\'t handle the knife?
"It\'s still the old rule, you are free, I will go first."
Regardless of what he said to his subordinates, Qin Luosheng took the lead and rushed forward directly.
In Qin Luosheng\'s eyes, these skeletons are all mobile experience babies. Are they coming to the bowl soon?
Facts have proved that the scum skeleton that made ACTO\'s people worry about is still scum, and it\'s not enough.
Even if this group of guys are a lot stronger than the second level, they are only slightly changed, without a qualitative leap, they can only be slammed by Qin Luosheng.
After some cleaning, another half an hour passed.
Qin Luosheng opened the attribute bar and looked at his 17% experience value, very satisfied.
According to the urinary nature of the system, the third-tier BOSS is dried to death, and the experience value should not be less than the 35W+ that Feng Mu gave, that is to say, if the BOSS is destroyed, you can rise to level 18.
Hidden missions, hidden maps, special monsters and powerful BOSS give high experience. How long will it take to upgrade to two levels? This upgrade speed is almost the same as riding a rocket.
"Pull the blame!"
After looking at each other with Yatu, Qin Luosheng nodded, and Yatu understood, holding his shield forward, and walked into the restricted area.
"Who is it that dare to set foot on the forbidden ground and disturb our sleep?"
It is a familiar tone, familiar lines.
Qin Luosheng was full of black lines, and was completely disappointed with the game planners of Destiny Group who were too lazy to compete.
"Huh, it\'s a girl?"
Atos exclamation voice came into his ears, and at the same time, he who was closest to the BOSS also used a detection technique to share the attributes of the BOSS on the team channel.
[Water God-Water Linglong (Enhanced Silver BOSS)]
Level: 16
Health value: 350000
Magic value: 250000
Physical Attack: 420
Magic attack: 3750
Physical defense: 1500
Magic defense: 2500
Speed: 350
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Shui Linglong, a group of deep-sea murlocs, and a royal family among the murlocs-mermaid, has been offered by the aquarium as a queen since childhood, commanding an area, because of its excellent talent, a high degree of compatibility with water elements, and strength Soaring soaring, annexing many surrounding tribes. By coincidence, the mercenary king led his mercenary group to search for the treasures in the sea, and they met. At that time, it was at the critical moment of Shui Linglong\'s shedding and scaling. Due to the traitor\'s betrayal, the enemy came to him and was rescued by the mercenary king. In order to repay the kindness, Shui Linglong joined the mercenary king\'s team for a period of time to complete a secret mission for him. Once alone, he blocked the evil aquatic invasion alone. The water magic in his hands was shocking and changeable. The whirlpool water pressure, the water corrosion , Ice and no freezing, haze and water vapor, annihilating millions of aquariums in one water area, it is fierce and mighty, known as the "water god".