Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 186: Crazy turnover ends
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 186: Crazy turnover ends

30,000 bottles of intermediate life potion, 30,000 bottles of intermediate magic potion, 1,000 bottles of primary life potion, 1000 bottles of primary magic potion, cost-800 gold!
Go to the blacksmith\'s shop again and bought 200 shields, 200 one-handed swords, and 200 priests\' scepters. It costs 60 gold!
I went to the tailor\'s shop again and bought 500 pieces of armor, 500 pieces of cloth armor, and 500 pieces of common clothes. It cost-150 gold!
Not only did I clean the 1,000 gold flowers I just got, but I also gave away the remaining 10 gold coins. At this point, I dont have any gold coins on my body. I didnt even have a silver coin. There were only more than 20 copper coins like steel. Clean thoroughly.
"Finally done!"
Qin Luosheng wiped the sweat from his forehead after the purchase was completed again. After leaving the goods ordered by ACTO, all the rest were put on the shelves. "This time, such a large quantity should be sold for a period of time, right? The market is always saturated. Even for consumables like potions, you have to spend some time before you come back to replenish them!-I can finally rest, I\'m really exhausted."
Lying on the floor in a "big" shape, Qin Luosheng kept breathing heavily, very tired.
It didn\'t consume much energy to buy goods on the road, but the continuous use of the Starlight Miracle, even if the potion and equipment were piled together, can affect many groups at once, and it made him tired enough.
Potion business, five times the profit!
Equipment business, ten times profit, bottom line.
Because of the uncertainty of the sublimation of the starlight miracle, if you are lucky, you can skip the level and upgrade the whiteboard to bronze, then you will make a lot of money.
This doesn\'t--
In a short period of time, the turnover of Canglong Pavilion has been nearly two thousand gold, converted into RMB, that is-140W+!
It\'s crazy.
Although the big one is three [Member Group Establishment Qualification Certificates], as well as the advanced equipment contributed by the three bosses of Ghost Skeleton, Iron Zombie and Soul, which are sold at once.
But for potions, the shipment rate is higher, the selling is crazier, and there is still a steady stream of things that can be supplied infinitely. Under the long flow of water, this is the most stable and profitable business.
You know, this is basically a non-consumable business, just casually go to the system shop to buy goods, carry it, and there is no technical content.
This method is much better than those hard-working forgers who build their own equipment, and the sad alchemists who make their own potions are not only tired, but also have to risk failure and be prepared for heavy losses.
This is the so-called wall hanging!
Of course, there is no absolute in the world.
Perhaps someone has been able to forge better equipment and refine potions with stronger effects. However, when mass production is not possible, no one can shake the position of Hidden Dragon Pavilion.
Take a step back and say--
Even if it can be produced in large quantities, the price is definitely more than the price sold in Hidden Dragon Pavilion.
There is no way, those deputy professional players who burn money to get started, they also want to eat well.
With such a large investment in the early stage, coupled with the fact that the materials are so expensive nowadays, the prices of the products that have been worked so hard have been sold at low prices. Isn\'t it a waste of work, or even a loss? Idiots do this kind of thing.
"Well, let me take care of it. What do I do next?"
Qin Luosheng was lying on the ground unwilling to move. Although he was physically exhausted, he didn\'t want to do anything else, but his mind hadn\'t stopped working.
"The current priority must be the five-day bounty mission. Undoubtedly, Cliff Ridge is definitely going to be there. Although the level of gold absorption of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion today is not the same as before, you must also consider luxury houses. Maintenance costs, but talent is rare."
Qin Luosheng thought: "Since the system dared to give a salary of 1,000 gold/month, naturally the mysterious task publisher was worth the price. The ten-year contract, taking into account the subsequent inflation and currency depreciation, this one comes and goes. It just saved a billion (funny)."
Slide your finger to open the map, and you can see the location of Clifford Mountain at a glance.
"It\'s a headache."
Even though there is very little information about Cliff Ridge on the public map, especially inside and deep within Cliff Ridge, there is basically no information, but just looking at the general 25-level monster territory on the periphery, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help his scalp. Tingling.
Several previous experiences told him how cruel level suppression is in the world of Destiny. The difference is within 5 levels. That\'s okay, but once this number is exceeded, especially when it exceeds level 10, it is absolutely an insurmountable gap.
Fortunately, although there is only level 16 now, the mission time is limited to 5 days, and there is still a lot of time for him to level up. As long as the level is raised to level 20, he will have a little confidence.
The goal of the mission is to collect sunflowers, not to smash the monsters in the cliffs, relying on the ability of the shadow warrior, as long as you don\'t enter the monster\'s nest and be besieged, basically nothing will happen.
"Leave the task aside for now, wait these few days to see how effective the leveling is, and then make a decision."
Qin Luosheng opened the virtual interface and looked at the backstage of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, whose income was soaring. He touched his chin and thought: "Now, Hidden Dragon Pavilion\'s reputation is basically on the right track. You only need to hire Its good for the NPC clerk to look at the store, and to replenish goods from time to time, it can run perfectly, and energy can be saved here."
"Of course, just being complacent like this is not enough. If you want to run better, earn more profits, and gain more popularity, you must maintain a more appropriate relationship with players. Then, consignment services and acquisition services, Also put on the agenda."
Thinking about it, Qin Luosheng opened the system\'s recruitment list again
Appraiser: Salary is 100 gold/month!
Qin Luosheng:...
"I bought it, it\'s only 100 gold, a small amount."
If it was an hour ago, Qin Luosheng would definitely swear, but now, a small case.
"Ding, do you hire an appraiser, 100 gold/month?"
The familiar Great Changed living person appeared again, and a gray-haired old man suddenly appeared in front of him.
"Old Man Liu has seen the master\'s house!"
Oh, did you finally bring your own name this time?
"You don\'t need to be polite, I, Hidden Dragon Pavilion, will rely on Mr. Liu a lot in the future."
Talents are rare, and NPCs are intelligent. Even if they have a charisma value of MAX, even if they are the owner of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, Qin Luosheng will not give him a big deal. He replied politely.
"Don\'t worry, the master will live up to your expectations."
Old Liu smiled.
"In that case, I will leave it to Lao Liu."
Qin Luosheng said: "In terms of appreciating treasures, Liu is always an expert. I am a layman, so I don\'t want to point fingers at all. However, I am here to formulate a range-whiteboard equipment, our Hidden Dragon Pavilion does not accept it. At the beginning, the received price is 10% lower than the market price."
"What about the goods that I received?" Liu Lao asked, "At what price?"
"Temporarily put it in the warehouse on the second floor. I will deal with it for a while before selling it." Qin Luosheng said, "Also, such as rare scrolls, recipes, drawings, and various materials, including high-grade ingredients. Spend a high price, um, the highest cannot exceed 20% of the market price. If it exceeds this number, then there is no need."
"That\'s good!" Nodded, Qin Luosheng set the authority to allow Liu Lao to mobilize the funds in the store when receiving the goods, and then said to him: "I will trouble Lao Liu from now on. If you do it well, there will be dividends at the end of the month."
"Thank you, the old man will go down and start working."