Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 184: Crazy turnover
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 184: Crazy turnover

Qin Luosheng could imagine that once the things in the shop appeared, they would definitely be scolded as dogs and drowned in countless saliva, but he didn\'t care.
How to make money and be a capitalist if you don\'t be blackhearted?
This is something you love and I want, and it didn\'t force you to buy it, and I couldn\'t control it.
Ordinary people certainly don\'t want to offend customers so much. After all, you are opening a store, and you want a long stream of water, not a shot to change a place, you can get one by one.
Qin Luosheng is different!
Because his products are not unique, but always lead the trend and lead others.
That\'s right, the Starlight Miracle is just such a BUG.
With the power of sublimation in hand, you can do whatever you want.
Don\'t you buy? It doesn\'t matter, as long as the goods are good, some people will pay the bill, not bad for you.
This is the power of the seller\'s market. Once a monopoly is established, you can control the pricing power. Others have no way to argue and can only pay for it.
"Today is a good day..."
Thinking of the upcoming wealth of money, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help humming a song, and in a very good mood, he opened the property bar of the remaining two pieces of equipment that he could use specially
Crown of Obsidian
Grade: Gold
Requirements: LV20, physical occupation
Effect: Defense +180, Constitution +15, Strength +10
Special effects: [Obsidian] Improve the field of view by 50 meters, and have night vision ability.
Incidental skills: [Obsidian Eye] Open the magic eye in the center of the Obsidian Crown, and the targeted enemy will be mentally disturbed and fall into one of the effects of confusion, fear, and stiffness for 3 seconds. The cooling time is 5 minutes!
Introduction: The crown made of obsidian as the core is eroded by the air of death all the year round, and obsidian becomes evil power. If you look directly at it, you will fall into mental confusion.
Bone Heavy Armor
Grade: Gold
Requirements: LV20, fighter class
Effect: physical defense +500, magic defense +100, physique +40
Special effects: [Heavy Armor] Increase defense by 20%.
Incidental skills: [Bone Shield Wall] consumes 300 mana points to form a shield wall composed of bones in front of you, increasing defense power by 50% for 10 seconds, and the toughness of the bone shield wall is 10000 points. Once the shield wall is broken, The skill effect ends immediately, cool down for 5 minutes!
Introduction: The armor is forged from countless hard and lifeless bones, doped with heavy metal alloys, and has a very strong defense.
There are a total of six gold outfits. I didn\'t expect two of them to be used, and the attributes are so explosive.
In this way, [Bushman Hunting Helmet] and [Bushing Hunter] can be retired.
However, not yet.
These two pieces of equipment require level 20 to be equipped. Moreover, before finding substitutes for the handguards and shoes, [The Jungle] is still the mainstream. After all, it is a suit. There are suit attributes and should not be separated.

ten minutes later!
The door of Hidden Dragon Pavilion opened.
Players who had already waited impatiently, swarmed in.
"I\'m dazzled?"
"Your uncle!"
"Is this fake? Isn\'t it fake?"
"Sun, so dark?"
"Brother, come and see, golden equipment, golden equipment!"
"Epic? Epic outfit? What\'s the situation? Who will tell me why there are epic equipment for sale?"
"Where is the boss? Where is the boss? What are you doing? Why don\'t these two epic equipment be sold? Are you afraid that the uncle has no money? Quick, give it to me."
The dazzling array of goods seems to be piled up on the shelves, but in fact there are only a few back and forth, but there are a lot of them.
Even so, all the players present were stunned.
Especially those big guys who originally just came to **** [the establishment of a qualification certificate for the mercenary group], dismiss other things, after all, at this stage, who can produce good goods?
Never thought that this small shop, which is just like that in their eyes, is so defying that even epic-level equipment has been hung up. Is it worth it?
For a time, the whole shop was chaotic and messy, and there were screams and screams everywhere. Of course, there were also a lot of active guys who started shooting at the first time, turning small videos and pictures crazy. Move on the forum to gain attention and clicks.
"Fuck, is it so exaggerated?"
Hidden on the second floor of the shop, Qin Luosheng, who used the authority of the shop owner to watch the situation in the shop, had a tingling scalp.
It\'s on fire, it\'s completely on fire.
The Hidden Dragon Pavilion opened its doors for less than five minutes and detonated the whole world. Numerous small videos and screenshots of the products in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion have been recorded, and the popularity has skyrocketed. One pass ten, ten pass one hundred, in a short time, everyone knows.
Super potion, hundreds of wholesale black iron weapons, high-grade silver equipment, priceless gold equipment, and, never seen, epic equipment...
Crazy, the whole world is crazy, especially the players in the Huaxia War Zone, especially the players in the Star City, no matter what they are doing, they immediately put down their hands and rushed towards the Hidden Dragon Pavilion.
"Brother Crying Soul, I regret it!"
As soon as the call from ACTO was connected, all kinds of miserable sales immediately occurred.
"You have these babies, why don\'t you tell your brother, the price is okay, you make a price, and I will never repay it."
Qin Luosheng:...
Hey, pay attention to your image, big brother, if you are so funny, it is easy to destroy the majestic grandeur in my mind!
At this time, the communicator rang again.
"Hey, I want the [Nether Scepter], you can make a price."
Oh, what a big tone!
Qin Luosheng smiled disdainfully, his eyes swept away, sender: Mu Mu.
Oh, that\'s all right.
Miss Mu Mu, what can I say? Top white Fumi too!
She seems to be the only daughter of the richest man in the imperial capital. She has a wealth of wealth and a rich figure. She buys a mere epic equipment, but the money for a set of cosmetics is considered barren?
"Not for sale!"*2
"This is the treasure of my town store. How can it be sold?" Qin Luosheng said with a smile but a smile, "What\'s more, do you have level 20? Why do you sell it to you? I dare not even put the backpack. For fear of accidentally hanging up and being exploded, I can only put it in the warehouse to eat ashes and pay a storage fee. Why bother? I am also thinking about you!"
ACTO: "..."
"You care about me, this lady likes it." Mu Mu: "You just want to sell it, right?"
Qin Luosheng rolled his eyes: "Not for sale."
"500W!" Mu Mu made a direct offer.
"This woman is crazy?" Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded.
Is this Nima Shenhao? The opening is five million. People dont know that you are talking about Zimbabwean coins.