Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 182: Spend money like water
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 182: Spend money like water

"Are you discounting? That\'s a thank you!"
Originally I wanted to rely on the charm value to flicker, but I never thought that the uncle blacksmith came to the door automatically and spoke actively. That would be fine. It saves a lot of effort. "I want a hundred pieces of equipment of level 10, I dont know. What discount can Uncle give?"
"A hundred? All kinds?"
Uncle Blacksmith suddenly widened his eyes, wondering if he had heard him wrong.
"Yes, it\'s a hundred!"
Qin Luosheng nodded with a smile.
"Shield warriors shield, berserkers one-handed sword and one-handed knife, archers longbow, thieves dagger, priests scepter, magicians magic staff, summoners staff, a total of eight kinds of equipment, each of you Is it a hundred pieces?"
The uncle blacksmith is naturally happy with such a big business, but he is also afraid that Qin Luosheng will make him happy, so he seriously confirms it again.
"of course!"
Qin Luosheng nodded, and then asked: "There are eight kinds, a total of 800 pieces, how much discount can Uncle Blacksmith give me?"
"Play a few off?"
The uncle blacksmith felt a pain in his head. He was touted just now. He was happy for a while and made a promise.
I originally thought that the little brother who had a gold-class armor in front of me should have no weapons. Even if I want to buy it, how many can I buy? It\'s okay to give a discount.
I never thought that it was such a large order, and this quantity was discounted, so I don\'t know how much the small money in my pocket is.
"Look, you have a good relationship with my brother, I will clean up the inventory and give you a 20% discount!"
The uncle blacksmith gritted his teeth and said: "This is the lowest discount, you think about it."
"Uncle is so bold, what can I say? The transaction was successful!"
Qin Luosheng agreed without hesitation.
I didn\'t expect to have a discount, but now I got a 20% discount after a few words. Isn\'t this right? If they regret it later, they won\'t cry.
Maybe if you insist a little longer, you can cut down some points, but it may also anger people and others will not sell it.
and so--
Don\'t be too greedy, otherwise you will be easily beaten up, which will not only outweigh your gains, but also offend others.
"Okay, wait for a while, I will ask my apprentice to go to the warehouse to sort it out."
The uncle blacksmith was a quick-tempered man. Without a word, he pulled an apprentice who was burning and kicked him to the warehouse in the back hall after some orders.
After three minutes, the transaction was successful.
A weapon of 10 silver coins, regardless of type, without deceit, a total of 800, with a total consumption of 80 gold coins, because of the 20% discount, Qin Luosheng gave 64 gold coins.
"It\'s still quite cheap!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the phantom ribbon that had squeezed most of the space, and couldn\'t help but sigh. He completely forgot his poor look just now. A little money drifted away.
"Excuse me, expand my backpack."
After getting the weapon, Qin Luosheng did not go to the tailor shop to purchase the goods, but went to the warehouse management shop not far from the grocery store.
Warehouse management shop, as the name suggests, is a place for warehouse and storage management. At the same time, it is also a part-time backpack expansion business.
"Ding, because your charm is MAX,..."
Qin Luosheng ignored the system prompt, but looked at the cold, unkind NPC suddenly turning into a smile, which was quite relieved.
This charm value is MAX, which is really a big killer.
"Hello, Warrior of Soul Cry, if you want to expand your backpack, here are the following options, you can choose one." The warehouse keeper waved his hand and pulled out a list.
Qin Luosheng looked at it--
The backpack expands to 20 grids and requires gold coins: 1!
The backpack expands to 50 grids and requires gold coins: 10!
The backpack expands to 100 grids and requires gold coins: 30!
The backpack expands to 500 grids and requires gold coins: 100!
Qin Luosheng took a breath.
wdnmd, is it so expensive?
A gold coin can now sell for nearly 7000 RMB, but it can only expand the space of 20 backpacks?
"Give me 500 squares!"
"Thank you for review!"
When the hawker came to the door, the warehouse keeper\'s eyes were bright, and with a big wave of his hand, Qin Luosheng\'s 50 backpack space became 550, a direct increase of 10 times.
"Welcome to visit next time. Our store also has warehouse services to store valuables for you. Only a small amount of care is required to ensure that there will be no loss."
Qin Luosheng, who was walking out of the store, curled his lips and left without looking back.
In fact, he does have a lot of things to keep, most of which are materials. Putting these things in the backpack will occupy the space of the backpack and waste it.
If it was yesterday, the warehouse clerk should still have a big business, but now, there is a five-hundred-square-meter mansion, do I need to send you money for this thing for you to keep? Doesn\'t it smell good in your own home?
"It\'s really costly!"
In a blink of an eye, there were no more 100 gold coins, which was more expensive than buying 800 weapons just now [Baidu Fiction], but Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help feeling a little distressed because of the easy availability of gold coins.
"Well, the future purchases will definitely be larger than today\'s quantity, and the extended backpack is also permanent. The one-time activation is maximized, and the cost-effectiveness is the highest. This little money will be earned back soon."
So comforting himself, Qin Luosheng ran to the more remote stable.
I used to go to the mass graves and run on two legs, wasting too much time on the road. For him, he was short of time, he had to level up, he had to do tasks, he had to set up a shop, and he had to be prepared to use it For those who are busy doing things, it is a crime.
Next, I have to prepare to go to Cliff Ridge, which is 50 kilometers away from Xingyao City. If there is no means of transportation, it would be a waste of time and physical exertion.
Stepping into the stable, a horseman greeted him with a smile on his face.
Seeing the relationship change from being unfamiliar to being intimidated, Qin Luosheng smiled and asked, "I am going to buy a horse to travel. I don\'t know what kind?"
A list immediately appeared-
Bad horse: price 5 gold, movement speed: 300, endurance: poor!
Good horse: price 10 gold, movement speed: 350, endurance: better!
Bay Red Horse: Price 20 gold, movement speed: 400, endurance: good!
Hybrid horse: price 50 gold, movement speed: 500, endurance: excellent!
Hardcore BMW: Price 100 gold, movement speed: 700, endurance: excellent!
Qin Luosheng:...
"???, what is the situation, is this stealing money?! The cheapest bad horse costs 5 gold coins, which is equivalent to about thirty-five thousand. The best hard-earned BMW actually sells for as much as 100 gold, converted into RMB , Um, 70W+! Fuck, dog R\'s game company, are you crazy?!"
Three minutes later!
Qin Luosheng took a sweaty BMW out of the stable with a smile on his face. Not only that, there were also matching saddles, horseshoes, horse ropes, and a lot of high-grade forage in the backpack.
"No money!"
Taking the sweaty BMW back into the mount space bar that was opened for 10 gold coins from the racer, Qin Luosheng looked at the remaining 12 gold coins and twitched his mouth.
If I remember correctly, when I first went out, I had a full 300 gold on my body. Why is there so much left after this round of shopping? Didn\'t buy anything!
"Forget it, go back!"
Originally wanted to go to the tailor\'s wife to buy some goods and sell it, but now it seems that there is no chance.
Auntie, it\'s not that I don\'t take care of your business, I really can\'t do anything.