Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 175: Palace Osmanthus Cake
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 175: Palace Osmanthus Cake

Is it simple?
It\'s not easy!
The task is so difficult, but this reward is too hip?
No experience, no equipment, no skill book, no recipes, no scrolls, no other treasures, and no treasure maps that need to be searched for by yourself...
What is there?
Reputation value?
committed to?
Ha ha
If it\'s an ordinary player, he\'s already yelling at this moment. Isn\'t it a pitfall? Is there an egg for such B stuff?
This reward is undoubtedly the highest standard in Qin Luosheng\'s eyes.
Because the last time he bought a shop, Qin Luosheng knew very well that at the Fangdu Bureau, a little prestige value can be worth a gold coin. This rewards five thousand prestige, which is equivalent to five thousand gold coins. Isn\'t that high?
There are promises.
You must know that the most difficult debt in the world to pay is the favor debt, especially the favor of a big boss like Star City City Lord. If you manage it, it can bring great wealth.
"This reward is truly incredible!"
Qin Luosheng praised in his heart: "The dog system finally became a human being. It\'s not in vain that I worked so hard in Luojia Village."
"The Lord of the City is too polite. In fact, I was just going to the mass graves to practice, and I accidentally broke into the Luojia Village and did it. It shouldn\'t be the case."
Qin Luosheng said politely: "It is Lao Li who solves Luo Qin, Lao Gu and Lao Ye, they have nothing to do with me."
"The Soul Crying Warrior is too humble!"
The city lord touched his beard and smiled: "If you can\'t think of what you want, let the old man be the lord for you."
Qin Luosheng:...
"Thank you, Lord City Lord, but according to instructions."
The city owner asked: "The housemaster from the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau once reported that you have bought a shop and it is under renovation right now?"
Qin Luosheng was a little surprised. You know these trivial things, as the city lord who manages every day?
"Yes it is!"
"That\'s the case, the old man thinks about it." The city owner continued: "Your shop is tax-free for life. In the future, the property you buy in Star City will have a tax rate of 80%. Well, considering you only came to my Star City, If you dont have a fixed place, Ill be the master and give you a house from the private property of my Luo family. What do you think?"
"Ding, the city lord of Starlight City wants to change the promise into a reward: I currently own a store that is tax-free for life, and the industrial tax rate of Starlight City under my name is 80%, a house, do you agree?"
Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded!
Damn it?
Is it so proud?
Worthy of being the lord of a city, there is a bit of scum in his fingers, and it\'s greasy for us poor B to eat.
This reward seems nothing special. In the eyes of ordinary players, it might be better to give a piece of silver equipment. After all, at this stage, players have very little money to buy potions. Open a shop? That is nothing short of a fantasy. Even if there is a store, what about the supply? Where to find? If you cant sell it, let alone tax, you cant even have the funds to keep the store running.
But in the long run, this reward is simply a gold mine.
Especially for people like Qin Luosheng who owns the miracle of starlight and can make a lot of good things to sell at any time and anywhere. This tax exemption is to give him money.
Not only that--
In addition to the lifetime tax exemption for this shop, the tax rate for future shops opened in Star City will also be reduced to 80%, which saves a lot of money.
The most surprising thing is that the city lord actually gave a house with great pride, which Qin Luosheng never expected. Perhaps the house does not have a special effect for combat players, but for life-based players, it is very valuable.
For occupations such as blacksmiths, tailors, pharmacists, etc., you always need a room for ironing, making clothes, refining medicine, right? You always need to place some unique props and utensils, right?
These are all delicate tasks and cannot be interrupted, otherwise there is a high chance that the results will fall short. You cant find a place to do it anytime, anywhere. The guards wont be polite to you. They will arrest you in a cell for a few days to calm down on the grounds of "affecting the city appearance."
and so--
Those life players who are madly impacting the proficiency of the sub-professionals are going crazy at this stage. They treat the soundproof rooms in blacksmith shops and other places as their own homes, which has caused the rental business to become hot.
Its okay to rent a house once or twice, but these ten times eight times, dozens of times hundreds of times, the accumulated money will be too much, and the rooms are limited. It is not something you can rent if you want, which is very painful.
If you have a house of your own, you will not only save money, but also be free. You can work as long as you want, and as long as you want. That would be a good thing.
Unfortunately, who can afford it?
Before opening virtual currency and real currency exchange, players could not afford to buy a house. Even if there are big men buying gold coins at all costs, they will not spend such a large price to buy a house, invest in other things to make money. Fragrant?
Rao is Qin Luosheng, who has almost zero business vision. In the case where he can only buy one reputation value, he also chose a shop instead of a house. Those who are proficient in business have a choice, let alone.
"Thank you for your love from the city lord, that kid would be more respectful than fate!"
Qin Luosheng wanted to get in touch with the art of refining. Before, he had a headache how to find a place to test the water. Now the Lord of the City suddenly came and sent a house to solve all the problems perfectly. It was so caring. How to keep him from being excited?
"Soul-Crying Warrior likes it!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng accepted, Lord City Lord also nodded with satisfaction, and then gave an order to the maid waiting on the side. The maid nodded and retreated, "Come on, try it. The dim sum of my City Lord\'s Mansion is a must-see in Xing Yao City. The soul crying warrior has been in a coma for so long, he must be hungry too, you are welcome, just treat it as your own home."
Hearing what the city lord said, Qin Luosheng also felt a little hungry. After a glance, the hunger level had dropped to 20 points. Fortunately, it was not in a combat state, otherwise the combat effectiveness would have been cut.
Picking up the exquisite pastry, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t name it, but looking at the appearance and smelling the fragrance made him talkative and greedy.
Palace Osmanthus Cake
Type: Pastry
Effect: Hunger -10, permanent health +20, physical +1
Introduction: The court cakes made of high-quality osmanthus through special craftsmanship are exquisite in appearance, complete in color, fragrance, and special effects.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
Originally it was just an occupational disease, and he involuntarily glanced at it with detection techniques, never thought that he saw such a scene.
Is the City Lord\'s Mansion so awesome?
Can the pastries you usually eat have permanent attributes?
This Nima is too extravagant, right?