Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 174: Task reward is coming
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 174: Task reward is coming

Just as Qin Luosheng was looking at this strange place with a bewildered look on his face, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and a sweet-looking little maid came in with a basin.
"My son, you are awake!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng who had opened his eyes, the little maid screamed in surprise. She trot over briskly, dipped the towel into the basin, wrung it out, and wiped his face gently, gentle and professional, and meticulous.
"Where is this place?"
If it weren\'t for a clear mind, Qin Luosheng would have to wonder if he had crossed again, and this time crossed into ancient times and became a young master.
"This is the Luo family!"
The little maid did not conceal it, and she replied: "It is for the adult to send the son back. The son has been asleep for a day."
"Luo Family?"
Qin Luosheng was a little dazed, his mind turned around, then he remembered something, and asked, "Could it be that this is the City Lord\'s Mansion?"
The little maid blinked her eyes, and tilted her head cutely, and replied: "This is the Luo family in Star City, the mansion of Lord City Lord. The son is now in the backyard wing of Luo Mansion."
Qin Luosheng:...
"Is the son awake? Is there any discomfort? Would you like to ask a doctor?"
After wiping Qin Luosheng\'s face quickly with his hands and feet, the little maid was about to go out with the water basin. Before leaving, she deliberately asked.
"It\'s okay, I feel good!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head, refused, and then asked, "Is the Lord of the City here? I want to pay a visit, thank you for saving and accepting."
The little maid replied: "The Lord of the City has ordered that if the son wakes up and there is nothing serious, please ask the son to go and tell him."
"Okay, trouble to lead the way!"
Hearing this, Qin Luosheng immediately sat up from the bed, got out of the bed, and followed the little maid behind.
Open the property bar
Character: Weeping Soul
Grade: LV16
Occupation: Shadow Warrior, Senior Crafter
Talent: Lord of the Stars
Reputation: 5260 (Deputy Reputation: Temple of Destiny 1000)
Power: None
Money: 123 gold, 68 silver and 17 copper
Basic attributes: Strength 700, Constitution 507, Agility 468, Spirit 495
Special attributes: luck 13, charisma MAX, comprehension 8, toughness 18, concentration 13
Health value: 17620/17620
Magic value: 15680/15680
Physical attack: left hand 2464 and right hand 2647
Magic attack: 731
Physical defense: 523
Magic defense: 52
Speed: 554
Dodge: 45%
Crit: 55%
Elemental resistance: water 20%; fire 0%; wind 0%; thunder 0%; earth 0%; light 0%; dark 0%; poison 0%
Skills: slightly
Level 16!
It\'s still level 16, no drop!
Qin Luosheng was overjoyed, and quickly opened the equipment bar again, looking at a lot of equipment, he was even more happy.
"There is no death, hasn\'t been killed by Luo Qin\'s last blow!??"
Lowering his head, Qin Luosheng looked at the [Pray for Life] hanging on his neck, and sighed secretly: "It should be the resurrection of [Pray for Life] that worked, so I saved my life."
"How lucky!"
"The reason why he was forcibly kicked off the assembly line at the time was probably because Luo Qin\'s attack was too domineering, and the wheel of fear was too weird, so he was shocked and fainted after being resurrected."
"Then, the three big brothers of Gu Qingfeng arrived in time and killed Luo Qin. This saved me and sent me to the city lord\'s mansion in a coma."
"Well, it\'s almost true."
After speculation, Qin Luosheng sorted out the incident, and it was probably true.
"Master, here it is!"
While thinking about it, the little maid had already led the way, pointed to the magnificent and luxurious main hall in front, and said softly: "The lord of the city is working in the main hall, son, go in by yourself, and the slave will leave!"
The little maid gave a blessing, Qin Luosheng hurriedly clasped his fists in response, watched her leave under his bright sunny smile, and then turned around and headed towards the main hall.
"My Lord, be well."
Perhaps it was because of the care of the city lord. The guards on the road did not feel embarrassed or questioned. Qin Luosheng entered the main hall with ease and opened the door. Before he had time to feel the luxurious pressure on the face, he saw the end. Sitting in the main hall, the old fox, the lord of the city, was looking at him with a smile on his face. When he was shocked, he immediately retracted his gaze and stepped forward to meet him.
"Thank the Lord City Lord for his life-saving grace and the grace of taking in!"
Holding fists and bowing, Qin Luo received a few thoughtful gifts.
"The soul crying warrior is polite, I should thank you for saving the little girl."
The city lord got up, walked over in person, helped Qin Luosheng who was bent down, and took him by the arm, with a sincere expression of thanks: "If the soul crying warrior had broken through Luo Qin\'s tricks, and rescued the little girl desperately, maybe This old bone of mine is about to be given away to a black-haired one, and it will never be the last. Great kindness, no retribution, please accept me as a courtesy."
"The Lord of the City is polite!"
When the leader sees the courtesy, how can he lose sight of what he wants to eat under his hands? Qin Luosheng hurriedly took the city lord to stop him from bowing, and said, "This is what I should do. I believe no matter who it is, I will not stand idly by when I see these things, the lord city lord is too serious."
"Well, you and I don\'t need to be so polite!"
Aroused by Qin Luosheng, the city lord did not insist on continuing to see the courtesy. He pulled Qin Luosheng into the seat, and ordered the maid to serve tea and snacks, and then said: "This time, my Luo familys love will be rewarded for merit, and if there is a penalty, as a star The city lord of Yao City, I must set an example, and please don\'t refuse the Soul Cry Warrior. I don\'t know what the Soul Cry Warrior wants, but it doesn\'t matter, my Luo family will try to satisfy it."
"Ding, congratulations on completing the triggered hidden mission [Save Luo Li], and you will get a reward: Reputation +5000, and a promise from Starlight City Lord Lorraine!"
The sudden system prompt almost didn\'t make Qin Luosheng jump up.
How difficult is the mass grave and party?
Three extremely powerful 20-level enhanced golden BOSSs have already exploded, not to mention Luo Qin, who controls the wheel of fear, and the terrifying legendary strength after being enchanted.
Even though it was Li Dongliu, Gu Qingfeng, and Ye Guhong who had eliminated Luo Qin, the three old monster NPCs, he watched the whole process of playing soy sauce, but the seeds exploded in the end and blocked Luo Li.
This is so, the difficulty of triggering the hidden task is not low at all.
If it were for another player, not to mention whether he could kill the mass graves and find the path into the hidden map of Luojia Village, whether the little ghosts carrying Luo Li, the ghost bride, could handle it.
Even if it is possible, three consecutive 20-level enhanced gold BOSS will appear one after another, from the golden warrior ghost skeleton of the mean, to the strong flesh shield and iron stiff, to the last perverted magician soul, which one is weak?
Moreover, killing three BOSS doesn\'t count, but Luo Li must be rescued by Luo Qin at last, so that the city lord\'s mansion can accept his love, otherwise, once Luo Li dies, the mission will be a failure.
In this way, is it simple?