Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 173: Su Ju Lan
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 173: Su Ju Lan

"...The attempt to force J is for sure. Even if the girl doesn\'t sue, we will definitely prosecute the brute for at least one or two years."
Hearing what the police said, Qin Luosheng breathed a sigh of relief, returned to normal, and thanked again and again: "Thank you, uncle police for being fair."
"Okay, let\'s just do it today. It\'s not too early. It\'s thrilling to encounter this. Go back early and have a good rest. Don\'t think about it. This is the case.
The middle-aged policeman smiled and shook his head, called a subordinate, and ordered him to drive Qin Luosheng home.
"Hello! I haven\'t officially thanked you yet, thank you for saving me."
In addition to the police station, Qin Luosheng got into the police car and was shocked to find that the young lady who had just been rescued was already sitting in it. Seeing him coming, he quickly thanked him.
"No thanks, nothing more than a simple effort!"
Reaching out and not hitting the smiley person, even though the young lady gave him a face just now, Qin Luosheng is not that lack of emotional intelligence, so stingy to such an extent, politely responded.
"My name is Su Yuran, a man from the magic city!"
The young lady smiled, blinked her eyes, and said playfully: "I invite you to dinner, thank you for your "easy effort"!"
"Forget it, it\'s not a big deal!"
Beautiful women are all fairies, can deceive, can eat people, Qin Luosheng deeply realized the profound meaning of a certain lady\'s words, and immediately refused.
What a joke!
The first time I met you, I got into this big trouble, and I was almost stabbed with a knife. If there is another intersection, God knows what will happen.
Its nothing in the game, no one knows who I am.
But in reality-
For a beauty like you, it\'s not going to be high. A beauty is a disaster. As a man, yearning is yearning, like or like, but if you don\'t have that ability, don\'t think too much, otherwise, just ask for trouble.
"Well, it is indeed too late today!"
Seeing Qin Luoshengs indifferent appearance, Su Yulan, who had always been held in her palms by others, was a little stunned. Fortunately, her long-sleeved dance made her react quickly with the same smile on her face. She took out her small pink phone, Qin Luosheng shook in front of him, "Give me some contact information? I will meet you later when I have time!"
"This woman, why is it so troublesome?" Qin Luosheng twitched his mouth and refused.
"Don\'t refuse me." Su Yuran spoke first, looking at her pitifully, looking like an abandoned puppy, "Brother, give me a chance."
Did you win?
I surrender!
Unable to help but bewildered, Qin Luosheng finally succumbed to the gentle offensive of the young lady and handed over the phone VX and address.
"You\'re in Building X, I\'m in Building X. What a coincidence, I live in the building opposite you, and the floor is only one floor apart, you can see it when you open the window."
Su Yulan said with surprise on his face: "Everyone is a community, hey, you can move around more in the future. Can I call you to change the light bulb and repair the computer in the future?"
Qin Luosheng:...
Sister, are you tempting me? You are tempting me!
They are all social people, so what are you pretending to be?
Change the light bulb to repair the computer?
I\'m afraid you have ulterior motives!
[] Hmph!
Really shameless woman, greedy my body, you mean.
For the sake of your sincerity, I am not the kind of incomprehensible, hard-hearted man.
and so--
Please step up!
I am very young and have good physical strength. I can visit my door every day, seven days a week.
"Ula Ula..."
The ambiguous atmosphere filled the car. The young policeman who drove might not be able to stand the dog and the man behind, the cold dog food crazily stuffed, who can stand it?
He directly turned on the alarm and stepped on the gas pedal. The police car was racing on the road like an arrow from the string. Wherever he passed, other vehicles gave way, ran through the red light and passed through the alleys, and soon reached the destination and drove people away. After getting off the car, without stopping for a second, he immediately started and galloped away.
"Remember to contact!"
We walked into the community together, and walked home together. In the two opposite buildings, Qin Luosheng and Su Yurui separated. After the young lady shook her phone with a smile, Qin Luosheng took a light step. Back to his own building.

When he got home, Qin Luosheng glanced at the room with the door closed, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he shook his head helplessly.
After a quick shower, Qin Luosheng put on clean and fresh clothes and returned to his room. He relaxed, his head was empty, and he fell on the bed in a "big" shape. He was so limp and motionless, as if he was asleep. .
"This is a strange day!"
Recalling what happened today, Qin Luosheng was quite moved.
First in the game world, sweeping thousands of monsters in the mass graves, then fighting against the three bosses of ghost skeletons, iron zombies and ghosts, then witnessing three super NPCs beating the legendary strength Luoqin, and finally for an NPC girl The child actually gave up his body to block the knife and died tragically now.
Back to the real world, he not only brought the wounds in the game, but also unexpectedly discovered that the equipment in the virtual world was actually realized in reality, and the magic wheel of fear bound him as the master, which was very strange.
I couldnt figure out the secrets, and temporarily abandoned them. After a big meal, I forgot about these and went out to relax, but I came across the "Hero Save the Beauty" section that would only appear in TV dramas and dramas. I also dedicated myself to this for the first time in my life. Enter the police station.
Such an experience, all happened in one day, is simply legendary.
"Is it almost 0 o\'clock?"
Shaking his head, Qin Luosheng broke free from his memories and recovered his clarity. He picked up his mobile phone to check the time and found that 23:55 had already arrived, and there was another day in 5 minutes, and he immediately felt refreshed.
"The game world will be refreshed immediately, so I won\'t sleep today, come all night!"
He got up and pulled the curtains and adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner. After pulling the thin air conditioner on him, Qin Luosheng put on the gaming device, "I dont know what is going on now, I just hope that the fear wheel has nothing to do with it. Yaoyaozi, just as a normal death penalty, drop one level, and don\'t give me the phantom ribbons, spiritual cloaks, etc., or it will be really miserable."
In random thoughts, the time came to 00:00!
"enter the game!"
"Ding, welcome back to the world of destiny, and wish you a happy game!"
Ignoring the voice of the system, Qin Luosheng returned to his consciousness and opened his eyes suddenly. The colorfulness that came into view was the prosperous revival of Xingyao City, but