Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 164: Magic Wheel·Fear Abyss
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 164: Magic Wheel·Fear Abyss

"Hahaha...For my little Luoqin, not only did the ancient dog known as the patron saint of Xingyao City and the Ye Lao dog jointly dispatched, but also Li Dongliu, one of the nine temples guarding the southwestern part of the empire. Here comes, I lose in your hands, I Luo Qin, not wronged!"
Luo Qin laughed wildly, his mad look like a demon, which made people palpitations, "However, it is not that simple to kill me. Even if I, Luo Qin, become a demon, I definitely want to slaughter the Luo family and destroy the entire star. Cheng, avenge that **** sea of ??blood for my Luo family!Magic WheelFear Abyss!"
The fear magic wheel that had been completely unblocked shook violently, sending out an aura of joy and joy. In an instant, the devilish energy skyrocketed, rushing out wildly, and crazily submerged into Luo Qin\'s body with arms wide open.
Unimaginable violent pain rose up, like Luo Qin who was being tortured, howling like a wild beast, his eyes were bloodshot, letting the magic wheel of fear erode himself.
Under the endless devilish energy, Luo Qin\'s body shape has undergone unspeakable changes. His skin has changed from white to black. There are many mysterious and strange patterns on the body, similar to runes and totems. Just a glance, I feel Dizzy and full of uncertainty.
"Old man Li, stop him, once he is completely enchanted, it will be in trouble!"
Gu Qingfeng, who was solving the grievances on the ground, saw Luo Qin look like this, and he couldn\'t help but recall the scene of the **** storm and the corpses spreading across the ground when he wiped out his old son Luo Jie, as if it happened yesterday.
"Don\'t worry, this devil boy is not his old son Luo Jie. His foundation is unstable and he can\'t overcome any storms."
Li Dongliu frowned slightly when he watched Luo Qin\'s change, but everything was still under control, but he didn\'t panic. He said to Gu Qingfeng and Ye Guhong, "You hold on, keep the Luo family girl and that boy, this devil boy has sex. give me."
After speaking, he turned his head to look at Luo Qin, who was still being corroded by demonic energy and being assimilated by the wheel of fear. He sighed slightly when he saw that he was gradually becoming human and ghost, and he was about to completely degenerate into a demonic appearance. .
"It\'s a pity, the Lorraine kid originally valued you very much, but you have a low self-esteem, think too much, full of resentment towards the world, plus an improper mind, and even go astray."
"The matter of your Luo family was caused by your father Luo Jie. The Lorraine boy has done his best, you can\'t blame him. But you are blinded by hatred, one step wrong, wrong step, and you go further and further on the wrong path. , To the point where it is now irreversible."
"It\'s useless to say more!" Luo Qin roared with a gloomy look: "At this moment, do you still want to mess with my heart with words? Do you really think Luo Qin is young to be deceived?"
"No, I\'m telling the truth, and I just sighed slightly, not for other purposes." The great sacrifice Li Dongliu sighed again, then reduced his compassion, his eyes drenched, and he said solemnly: "You know why I am I haven\'t done anything yet, letting you be alienated by the magic wheel of fear, uniting the two into one, and becoming stronger?"
"Who knows what tricks you are doing!" Luo Qin was a little surprised, but still refused to admit defeat.
"The Dread Demon Wheel is the magic weapon held by the Dread Demon, one of the three demon kings of the Demon Race. It is extremely powerful and possesses unspeakable extraordinary abilities. It once caused great losses to the Allied Forces."
Li Dongliu said: "At that time, the demons had been retreating steadily. On the front battlefield, they were already unable to fight against the coalition forces with unlimited supplies. The reason why they have not completely failed is that they rely on the support of the upper-level strong."
"Originally, the war did not end so quickly. However, the Demon Lord was unwilling to fail and wanted to make a dangerous attack and surprise the enemy\'s rear. Unfortunately, in the end, it fell short. Not only did the Dread Demon\'s surprise soldiers fail to work, they put themselves behind bars and were caught. The three sages were defeated, badly wounded and escaped."
"It is precisely because of the defeat of the Dreadlord and the unknown whereabouts that the precarious Demon race lost another demon king and a large number of elites. It was no longer able to resist, and was finally defeated by the coalition forces. With the remnant defeated soldiers, they withdrew to the demon world, almost extinct. "
Luo Qin said, "What are you talking about?"
"I said this just to let you know that even a strong man with a thorough cultivation base like the Dread Demon will fail. You just hold the Fear Demon Wheel and you think that the world is invincible. It is really a frog at the bottom of the well. It is sad. "
Li Dongliu mocked expressionlessly: "Although I am not as good as the sages cultivated by the goddess bestowed by the gods, you are not the fear of the devil. Even the fear of the wheel is no longer the original glory on the battlefield of the gods and monsters. The horror magic weapon that the ten thousand races have changed their colors."
"You cheated me?" Luo Qin roared sharply, "I don\'t believe it!"
"Believe it or not!" Li Dongliu said: "Actually, you have already noticed it? Otherwise, you would not be so stubborn. Your performance has already betrayed you, and you want to cover up your inner anxiety with anger and violent? You want to hide it from me with such a clumsy trick?"
"Is it right? There is something for you to try."
Luo Qin turned a deaf ear to Li Dongliu\'s words. He waved the magic wheel of fear, feeling the terrifying power hovering in his body that had never been seen before. He was very satisfied and grinned wildly.
That devilish spirit lingers, the demon flame\'s overwhelming [51 fiction] power, combined with the body covered with weird patterns, and the single horn that emerges from the forehead, is a lively demon.
"Don\'t lie to me, I said, I have seen you through!"
Li Dongliu shook his head, completely unaffected by Luo Qin\'s aggressive method. "The Fear Wheel is strong but it is strong. Unfortunately, the Dread Demon King fought with the three sages in the first place. In order to break through, the origin of the Fear Wheel broke out. Today, the magic wheel of fear that has lost its origin is no longer as strong as it was in the ancient times, and is reduced to a general magic weapon."
Luo Qin:...
"In addition, your old son Luo Jie caused the chaos at the beginning and severely injured the Dread Demon and silenced him for these years. The energy accumulated by the Dread Demon wheel finally exhausted and fell again."
Li Dongliu coldly said: "Why do you think Lorraine keeps giving you opportunities? Although he is a good old man, he will never allow anyone to threaten Starlight City. Because he knows that the wheel of fear is just a void Its just a shell, without the source and strength, what can I do for you?"
"I don\'t believe it!" Luo Qin yelled out these three words again, but compared to just now, the mood has changed drastically. He believed it, but a dead duck with a stiff mouth.
"Is it right? It\'s easy to prove it!"
Ignoring Luo Qin\'s rage, Li Dongliu whispered softly: "Look, didn\'t you lose your mind? If the Fear Wheel is as domineering and powerful as the legend records, how can you even be unable to swallow Luo Qin?"
Luo Qin:...