Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 162: 0 cut
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 162: 0 cut

"Your uncle!"
Looking at the information returned by Probe Technique, Qin Luosheng felt a pain in his head.
Strengthening the 3-star elite is nothing!
With 20W+ health and 3200+ attack power, this is nothing!
The key is--
There are two or three thousand of these special ones, that would be so fucking!
"Do your best. You can kill a few, and how long you can block it!"
Qin Luosheng sighed and drew out [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], preparing for a **** battle to the end, "Anyway, I am a player, and dying once is nothing. In any case, the girl who flirts with me has tears Keep it safe. If you run away at this time, isn\'t it a scumbag? How can I bear the title of a scumbag who has no girlfriend?"
"Good boy, he really brought it!"
Gu Qingfeng, who was beating Luoqin wildly, looked at Qin Luosheng, who was alone with thousands of resentful spirits, and couldn\'t help but praised: "Today\'s feelings, I have written down Gu Qingfeng, and there will be rewards in the future."
"Brother Gu, I\'m afraid this matter is not your turn!"
Ye Guhong smiled and said, "Look, we have always seen the eldest lady above the top, have we ever shown such a look?"
Gu Qingfeng smiled when he saw it: "It\'s very, very good, the eldest lady has grown up too!"
"Asshole! Luo Li belongs to Luo Qin, only I am worthy of him!"
I heard the two old ghosts Gu Qingfeng and Ye Guhong there
, Luo Qin\'s mentality exploded in an instant, and roared: "Just rely on that ant-like kid? Ha ha ha! Regardless of his strength, praying man\'s arm as a cart, watching my grieving army, how to tear him to pieces."
"To shut up!"
Gu Qingfeng shouted: "What are you? You dare to covet the eldest? That kid is not worthy, are you worthy? You really laughed off Laozi\'s teeth."
"Old dog, do you dare to insult me?"
Luo Qin roared: "That kid, what qualifications does Luo Qin have to compare with me? In front of me, he can\'t even move. It\'s so useless and worthy of being on par with me?"
"He is not as strong as you, I admit it!"
Gu Qingfeng sneered and said: "But so what? Men and women matter, what depends on strength? Just you, an improper, selfish idiot, even if the lady is blind, she will never look at you."
Luo Qin: "You..."
Gu Qingfeng let out a cold snort, while beating continuously while attacking his heart quietly, he continued, "What about that kid who is not strong enough? Compared to you, he has a sense of responsibility, a sense of responsibility, courage and determination, and awe-inspiring righteousness. Even if he knows his life, he must face it bravely and never abandon it. Such a man is the most attractive to a woman. A hero saves the beauty and crosses life and death. Life should have a lot of time, happy, happy!"
"Brother Gu\'s words have won my heart!"
Ye Guhong also agreed: "This kid is definitely worthy of the eldest. Even if the Lord of the City is opposed, my Gu Ye Guhong will support him. It doesn\'t matter if you are weak, you can become stronger by cultivation, and my City Lords Mansion does not lack him. Some resources. But there is no spirit, no courage, lack of the qualities that a man and a fighter should have, no matter how strong it is, it is still a waste of people to look down on. Are you saying that, Luo Qin boy?"
"Two old dogs, looking for death!"
Being held up by Gu Qingfeng and Ye Guhong, there was a burst of yin and yang. Luo Qin, who was already unstable, was completely furious. The bloodshot eyes became denser. His thin body was further swallowed, and the distance completely lost his reason. The fear wheel is all controlled, not far away.
Luo Qin ran away, offering sacrifices to the Wheel of Fear with his soul and body, in exchange for more power. At this time, Gu Qingfeng and Ye Guhong, who were comfortable enough, became strenuous, and no longer had the energy to fight and talk.
The battle above is in full swing!
The battle below has also started!
"This Nima is too difficult!"
Qin Luosheng faced thousands of resentful spirits alone, each of which was comparable to a 20th-level bronze BOSS, with powerful strength. Fortunately, these resentful spirits were unconscious existence, and because they controlled Luo Qin, they were dragged by two big bosses. , After issuing the order to kill him and Luo Li, there was no time to take care of it.
in this way!
This is where the current situation is.
The resentful spirit only relies on instinct, and the slow action is really like a walking dead. Only those in the front who are in direct contact with Qin Luosheng will activate the fighting posture.
"No, it\'s still too much!"
Even if he held the double swords and retreated after the battle, Qin Luosheng still couldn\'t hold it. Without him, there were too many.
Even if the location is a small road, if you stand in a line, you can only stand up to seven Wraith Spirits, and only five can fight him. It is not a major issue and can be easily resolved.
Kill one and immediately add another one. There is an endless stream and never rest. If this goes on, even if you don\'t get killed, you will be exhausted.
The pressure of the army is not something that can be countered by individual ability. Qin Luosheng kept swinging his sword and beheading, and also kept retreating.
Uncountable number of swords swung!
Uncountable how many wraith spirits were killed!
The stamina was consumed wildly and dropped rapidly.
Continuous swinging of the sword caused muscle soreness. The swing of the sword became slower and slower, and gradually, he couldn\'t even lift his hand.
"No, completely lost!"
Qin Luosheng\'s arms dropped, and a huge sense of exhaustion and unbearable soreness hit him, making him exhausted and reaching the limit, and he has no combat effectiveness.
"Sorry, I still haven\'t been able to protect you!"
Looking at the same place, as if the army of resentful spirits had never been reduced, Qin Luosheng smiled bitterly, turned his head, and glanced at Luo Li who was looking at the dim light. He grinned, the sunshine still bright as before: "I\'m leaving now, good Take care!"
"Really, it\'s a bit uncomfortable!"
Exhausted and exhausted, Qin Luosheng had no strength. No matter how unwilling he was, he could not violate the feedback of his body, could no longer resist, and only closed his eyes and waited for death.
Without the resistance of Qin Luosheng, the resentful spirit army commander drove straight in, and a rotten hand with rich corrosive toxins stretched towards him.
Just like the piglet Qin Luosheng, he was about to be torn off his skin, digging into the flesh, grabbing the internal organs, crushing bones, and dying tragically on the hands of a group of walking dead.
It\'s about to die!
"Light ruling!"
Suddenly, a cold burst came from a distance, changing the situation of the battle.
Before Qin Luosheng opened his eyes, a soft ray of light poured down on his body, not only dispelling his fatigue, but also taking away the hands of many resentful spirits that were about to touch him. Blocked outside.
"Hahaha, old man Li, it\'s too late!"