Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 157: Secret entanglement in Luos tragedy
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 157: Secret entanglement in Luos tragedy

"So what?" Luo Qin said: "Didn\'t the strange treasure be handed over to the old Lorraine dog? He didn\'t want it, but gave it to my father. Is it because he regrets it again and wants to take it back, but my father refused. Thats why my Luo family is destroyed?"
"Brother Luo Qin, you misunderstood!"
Luo Li said: "That strange treasure is not a treasure, but a magic weapon."
"Magic weapon?" Luo Qin was a little sluggish: "Could it be?"
"Yes, it\'s the kind of magic weapon you know." Luo Li nodded solemnly, "That is what was left over from the war between gods and demons. It is the demon clan launched a brutal and inhuman sacrifice, offering unimaginable living sacrifices. The magic weapon that is given to the demon **** and begged has an extraordinary power of evil."
"When the magic weapon was born, the world changed color, the sun and the moon were dark, the ghosts cried and screamed, and the Alliance Army of the Destiny Continent, which had started the counterattack, suffered heavy losses and was almost beaten to collapse."
"Later, many races joined forces and paid a huge price. To summon the gods of the race, a little divine power must be injected into the race artifact to be able to resist."
"However, this is just to maintain a balance of power. Once the time delays for too long, it will still be occupied by the demons. After all, the power of the demons is limited, and the magic weapons of the demons are blood and soul, resentment and despair and other negative emotions. , On the battlefield of troubled times, everywhere."
"Finally, the goddess of destiny appeared. Under his stalwart power, those evil magic weapons were either sealed or weakened, and the strength of the magic army declined. Then, ten powerful men from various races were cultivated and given to them. The power of the source, the strength surged, and swept the strong demon clan, which led to the complete defeat of the demon clan. After that, he had no resistance and was driven out of the Destiny Continent."
"However, even if the Demon Race is defeated, its vitality is greatly injured, and it is returned to the barren Demon Realm, it is difficult to make waves, but it has not been extinct. Therefore, the remnants and defeated generals who have not had time to evacuate still retain a hope."
"These defeated soldiers have been hiding in Tibet for so many years. A large part of them have been wiped out, and some have died from serious injuries, but they have not really died. They have hibernated and waited for the opportunity. I want to open the demon world again and continue to invade."
Having said that, Luo Qin also understood, he muttered: "Could it be that the strange treasure brought back by his father is a magic weapon in the legend?"
"Exactly!" Luo Li said: "Moreover, that magic weapon is not a low-level magic weapon. Its owner is the Dreadlord who was once one of the three demon kings under the command of the demon lord. The goddess of destiny once had no choice but to destroy it. The terrible existence that weakens its ability and seals some of its functions."
"Then, why?" Luo Qin\'s voice trembled: "Why would such a magic weapon be obtained by my father?"
"At the beginning of the battle between the gods and demons, the demons fell into a decline in the later stage. The frontal battlefield was crushed. Facing the Alliance army with unlimited supplies, they were not in their own territory after all, and they could not fight a protracted battle. If this continues, they will surely be defeated. "
"In order to solve this dilemma, the Demon Lord could not help thinking of other ways, so he dispatched the Dread Demon, who is the three major demon kings of the Demon Race, to make a detour to cut off the supply source of the Alliance Army, and cut off the connection between the front line and the rear, and attack on both sides. Siege the main force of the Alliance army."
"It\'s just that the demon lord\'s conspiracy did not succeed. The troops led by the dreadlord were discovered. Not only did they fail the surprise attack, they were surrounded and imprisoned."
"The dreadlord is powerful and possesses a magic weapon, the wheel of fear, he broke the siege, was seriously injured and escaped, and his whereabouts have been unknown."
"Without the dreadlord cutting off supplies, the demon clan was quickly defeated. After numerous sacrifices, the remnants were finally able to withdraw to the demon world, but the whereabouts of the dreadlord has been a mystery until the hidden dark demon cave energy riots, which revealed its whereabouts."
"It was a severely wounded body fleeing. After so long, no treatment can be obtained. The Dreadlord has exhausted his lamp and is on the verge of death. Even if he fought hard, he was ultimately lost and died."
"At that time, no one in the Demon Suppression Troop sent out recognized him as the Dread Demon, only that he was an ordinary Demon Clan. After all, the strength of the Dread Demon is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, even children know it, it is definitely impossible to be so weak."
"But your father is different, he recognized it. While starting to investigate whether there are demon remnants, he took away the Dreadlord\'s magic weapon, the fear wheel, and was affected by the magic weapon and controlled his mind."
"Impossible!" Luo Qin yelled: "My father is not that kind of person. Didn\'t he give all the spoils to your father Lorraine? Old Lorraine didn\'t want it, but gave it to him. Yes, It was the old dog of Lorraine. It was him. He saw the harm of the magic weapon, so he gave it to my father because he wanted to harm my Luo family."
"Shut up!" The beloved father was barked by an old dog, and a kind-hearted child like Luo Li couldn\'t help being angry. "You should be very clear whether it is or not."
"At that time, was the spoil your father turned in a fear wheel? It was just a spiritual treasure contaminated by demonic energy, you saw it with your own eyes."
"My dad saw that your father had merit in suppressing demons, and he gave up his life for the Luo family and worked hard, so he bestowed it on him, and wrote a letter to the temple\'s great sacrifice, asking him to take action personally to get rid of the spirit with the mighty power of light. The devil on the treasure, such a generous reward, is not enough?"
Luo Qin was speechless!
"The magic weapon is so terrifying that it is impossible for your father to control it. He uses it as a tool, but he controls it and becomes a slave to the weapon."
Luo Li ignored Luo Qin, did not vomit, and continued to talk about the secrets of the year: "His anomaly cannot be concealed from my father. At that time, my father was still preparing to save him. However, your father has already had a devilish energy in his mind, and fear of the magic wheel. Tied together, there is no way to escape."
"In desperation, Dad invited the temple to offer sacrifices. However, forty-nine temple worshippers took three days. They still could not purify the devilish energy of the wheel of fear, nor could it cut off the relationship between it and your father. Contact, in the end, when the priests were exhausted, the purification formation broke through without attack, and your father escaped."
"Because of your father, your Luo family was affected by the devilish energy overflowing from the Fear Demon Wheel. All were eroded and turned into a demon. Dad sought the help of a great sacrifice and wanted to purify them, but the devil energy of the Fear Demon Wheel was too much. High-level, the priests are also powerless. For the sake of the starlight city without hundreds of surnames, father can only bear the pain and kill them."
Hearing this, Luo Qin was stunned. He didn\'t want to believe it, but he could deceive others, but he couldn\'t deceive himself. He knew that everything Luo Li said was the truth. Without refuting it, he could only be like a devil. "No, this is not true, you lie to me, you are lie to me..."