Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 146: King Kong is not bad
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 146: King Kong is not bad

"Snake pace!"
"Furious Potion!"
The three amplification skills that have already been cooled down, plus a bottle of potion, are instantly used.
Seeing that the iron stiff had rushed forward, Qin Luosheng did not panic and opened the additional skills of the bushman hunting armor. In an instant, energy emerged, forming an energy shield in front of his body.
Damn it?
The protective shield was broken in an instant, and Tie Zang\'s skinny palm like an eagle\'s claws slashed across his body heavily, taking away nearly 4,000 points of health.
Qin Luo ascended to take a breath, and ignoring the sharp pain in his chest, his figure retreated violently, avoiding the second blow from the iron stiffness.
"Ding, you are poisoned, and your health drops by 500 points per second for 30 seconds!"
House seemingly endless rain!
The sudden sound of the system made Qin Luosheng\'s face green.
"This grandson is sinister enough!"
Qin Luosheng looked at it sticking like brown sugar, a stiff iron entangled to the end, and the corners of his mouth kept twitching: "While speaking, I suddenly attacked, and when I used the amplification skills, I attacked and seized the gap. After a successful blow, he clung to it and didn\'t give the slightest chance to breathe.-Tsk tsk, this is really amazing! Compared to him, the ghost skull guy is a pure little white flower!"
I just want to win with this ability, so I really look down on people a bit!
"Insidious attack!"
With a flash of figure, Qin Luosheng disappeared in an instant, causing Tie Zong to dive into the air.
Not only that!
The effect of the shadow attack caused Qin Luosheng and Tie Zheng, who were facing each other, to shift their shapes and positions, and turned into Qin Luosheng\'s back against Tie Zheng.
"Shadow thorn!"
[Panlong Lishui] made another contribution, the sharp point of the sword pierced into the back of the iron stiff head, with the shadow thorn\'s 150% strength attack, [Life Invocation] 50% extra damage bonus to the undead, and After activating the double attack of Sirius and the absolute critical strike, Tie Zheng\'s strong defense power of up to 3,500 points was as crisp as paper.
Perfectly broke the defense, and also hit nearly 7,000 points of damage!
Big success!
"Is it just this hurt?"
Qin Luosheng was not satisfied with this!
Even if he was faced with Tiezuo, an enhanced gold BOSS that focuses on life and defense, [Ȥ] has been crushed by 4 levels. It is already incredible that it can cause such damage.
not enough!
The increase time of Sirius is only 30 seconds. Once the effect is over, the attack will be greatly reduced. By then, although the defense can be broken, the damage caused is estimated to be less than 3,000 points.
To know!
This GDX of Tiezuo has a life value of 80W+!
Even if the original speed can be overwhelming, it is not obvious after all. It will be very difficult to fight the ghost guerrilla tactics like just now. I dont know how long it will take to wear out the 80W+ health. Under high-intensity combat, physical strength is definitely insufficient.
do not care!
Take one step at a time!
Now there are no tricks, I can only think of strategies while fighting.
"Furious blow!"
How precious is Shadow Spear\'s stun time, Qin Luosheng will never waste it, and how important the prerequisites for the battle are, Qin Luosheng must lay a solid foundation.
Furious blow, apply to play!
One second of charge, just to offset the one second of dizziness from the shadow thorn!
When Tie Zang recovered from the dizziness, the [Panlong Lishui] carrying the violent might had already been severely chopped on his neck.
"Ding, your skill\'s violent blow takes effect, causing the flying general-iron stiffness, absolute severe injury effect, and all attributes are reduced by 20%!"
Labor and capital are indeed the sons of destiny!
Before slashing ghosts and skeletons was also a 20% reduction in attributes that absolutely severely injured, but now it is still the same!
One-fifth of the attributes are reduced, and the next battle will be much easier!
"Sword Qi is vertical and horizontal, effect , open!"
Instant activation!
Under the special effect, Qin Luoshengs attack range immediately increased by 2 meters, and all his attacks turned into long-range sword energy attacks. The attack power was increased by 20% to 120%. The price paid was 100 per second. The magic value of points is endless.
"Crazy attack!"
After opening the distance, Qin Luosheng used the only skill to increase the attack speed. The attack speed immediately increased by 50%. In addition to the 50% of the Shadow Warrior and the 20% of the Bushman Hunter, it is now 120% higher than usual. Attack speed.
Sword energy is soaring, sword shadow is so powerful!
"Poor boy, I looked down on ghost skeletons just now, look, look, what\'s the difference between you and ghost skeletons now?"
Qin Luosheng wielded two swords, sword energy surged, and slashed towards Tie Zong, while watching Tie Zou yelling, carrying like endless sword aura, he tried hard to come to him. Looks, I am in a great mood.
"This is the classic long-range shorthand. It hits you when you doubt life, and hits you completely autistic."
Qin Luosheng smiled: "Don\'t say it, it feels good! I knew I should play an archer or a magician."
One sword 5000!
One sword and 5000!
One more sword for 5000!
Rao Tie Zong\'s health is as high as 80W+, and he can\'t help but consume so much!
If it\'s one sword per second, it\'s fine, but two swords in one second, or three swords in two seconds, or left and right bows, who can stand it?
If it weren\'t for him to chase hard, like a mad dog, scaring the **** little devil back and forth, constantly shifting and stepping, this offensive would have been even more fierce.
Trapped, Trapped, Trapped again!
After being violently abused by Qin Luosheng\'s endless sword qi, apart from the fact that his claws made achievements at the beginning, he couldn\'t even touch a single piece of hair at the back, and Tie Zeng suddenly became annoyed.
Now Tie Zeng finally knew why the little doll in front of him, who seemed to be able to pinch to death with one hand, was able to kill the ghost skeleton. Just this speed, this attack, this attack frequency, even his copper skin and iron bones can\'t resist for long, and after a long time, he has to kneel!
"Little Wawa, you angered me!"
In just ten seconds, Tie Zheng had no idea how many swords he had received, and his body was covered with small scars and densely packed. If it hadn\'t been strong enough for defense and hard enough for his body, he would have become a sieve. That\'s the case, his life value has already fallen by more than half, the long blood bar, half and half, full of one side and empty.
"King Kong is not bad!"
With a roar, Tie Zheng stopped his movements, and a golden brilliance emerged from his body, covering his whole body. In an instant, the haze was dissipated, and golden light lingered down, looking rather sacred, like a Buddha.
"Ding, the flying general-Tie Zheng, use the skill [King Kong is not bad], the defense power is increased by 50%, and the physical attack is resisted by 20%! Lasts 3 minutes!"
Qin Luosheng:...